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Chapter 974: The Person Named Father (4)

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While Ling Tiansu attacked with his left hand, he squeezed the air with his right hand fiercely and the space shook. The moment Ling Tiansu retracted his left hand, he pulled his hands apart forcefully like a bow! “Argh…” Ling Tiansu roared as he opened his hands and a spatial channel appeared in front of everyone!

“Master Ling!” Mu Canghai shouted. He knew very well the consequences of what Ling Tiansu did. Ling Tiansu roared, “Go in quickly!”

“You want to leave? Impossible!” The masked man couldn’t help but feel shocked when he saw that the spatial channel was established. He really didn’t expect Ling Tiansu to have the ability to split a spatial channel! The masked man turned around and attacked fiercely. Seeing that, Ling Tiansu roared with red eyes, “Get in!”

Qu Lanyi jumped with Yun Feng without another word. The three contracted Magic Beasts immediately turned into three beams of light and followed them. Mu Canghai looked at Ling Tiansu deeply, then turned around and jumped, leaving Ling Xiaoyun alone. Ling Tiansu looked at Ling Xiaoyun with red eyes. “Go in!”

Ling Xiaoyun’s lips moved. Ling Tiansu couldn’t help but shout furiously, “You have nothing to do with the Ling family anymore! Outsiders don’t need to interfere with the Ling family’s business!”

“You’re not allowed to leave!” Seeing that Ling Xiaoyun was about to leave too, the masked man launched another attack. Ling Tiansu widened his bloodshot eyes and stood in front of Ling Xiaoyun fiercely. Blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth. Ling Xiaoyun was stunned!

Ling Tiansu gritted his teeth and grabbed Ling Xiaoyun’s arm, throwing him into the space channel! The masked man was going to rush into the space channel too. He couldn’t let that kid leave!

Ling Tiansu, on the other hand, burst into laughter. He clasped his hands together abruptly and more blood oozed out of his mouth. His body also swayed a few times! The space channel that had been forcibly opened instantly disappeared! Seeing that the space channel disappeared, the masked man swung his hand and the power of space hit Ling Tiansu’s body fiercely. Ling Tiansu’s body fell from the sky!

Ling Tiansu slowly closed his eyes and felt the howling wind in his ears. The corners of his mouth curled up slowly. Very good. Ling Xiaoyun would never come back.

The Ling family, a family with a lot of influence on the East Continent and the West Continent, had always been living in an enclosed space. And now, the changes that happened in the space where the Ling family was located had already changed the Ling family beyond recognition. There were collapsed houses, messy stones and bricks everywhere, and broken limbs that were exposed from the ruins. A strong smell of blood filled the air. This had become a scene after a massacre. There were corpses everywhere and no signs of life.

A black shadow suddenly fell from the broken wall of the Ling family’s mansion. The man in black robe with a broken mask fell straight down from the sky and landed in front of a deep pit. The person lying in the pit was the leader of the Ling family, Ling Tiansu!

At this moment, his eyes were red and wide open. His gaze seemed to be fixed on the other side far away. There was a seemingly reassuring smile at the corners of his mouth. The skin and flesh all over his body, including his face, were all torn. There wasn’t an intact part. Ling Tiansu lay in the deep pit quietly with his fists clenched and his body completely stiff.

The black-robed man stood next to the deep pit with his mask facing it. He suddenly attacked and a fierce power of space smashed into Ling Tiansu’s body. Immediately, his corpse cracked!

“Ling Tiansu, you were surprising. You ruined my business!” The masked man whispered fiercely and looked around. “Humph! It doesn’t matter if the Ling family dies. It doesn’t matter if you die! As long as that kid is still alive…” The masked man suddenly burst into laughter. “Ling Tiansu, do you think we can’t do anything after you sent that kid away?”

The masked man suddenly jumped into the deep pit and stepped on Ling Tiansu’s head fiercely. Blood flowed out of Ling Tiansu’s eye sockets. “As long as that kid is still alive, we’ll be able to find him. Hahahaha, hahahahahaha!”

“It shouldn’t be like this!” A crazy shout came from the ruins, followed by a stumbling person. Seeing Ling Tiansu’s miserable state in the pit, he immediately knelt on the ground! “This is different from what we said back then…” The man looked at everything in a daze. This man was the second son of the Ling family. After seeing such a scene in the Ling family, he had a mental breakdown.

“Humph! The Ling family is all dead. You should go down and accompany your brother!” The masked man waved his right hand fiercely and a scream came. The man had already fallen on the ground. He looked ahead with lifeless eyes with endless resentment and unwillingness.

“Hm, splitting open the space channel and struggling before he died. It seems that the place this space channel leads to is very likely to the Central Continent…” The masked man mumbled as he stepped on Ling Tiansu’s head fiercely again. “Old man, you’re causing trouble for me!” The masked man suddenly rose into the air and his body twisted fiercely, turning into a distorted black arc and disappearing in the space!

There was no longer any life in the ruins. The Ling family, which was extremely glorious in the past, completely disappeared from this continent on this day. Only Ling Xiaoyun continued the bloodline of the Ling family.

In the space channel that Ling Tiansu risked his life to open, Yun Feng and the others were traveling. The second the space channel closed, the space channel that had been forcibly opened shook and distorted violently. The three contracted Magic Beasts had already returned to their Rings of Contract. Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng’s waist tightly and held her steadily. Both of them looked very serious. Mu Canghai followed them and his face also darkened. “The condition of this space channel is extremely unstable.”

Yun Feng also felt the agitation and instability. She was thinking about something when a thought flashed through her mind. They had all come in. Where was Mo Changge? Was he still in the Ling family? “Yun Feng, are you thinking of me?” Mo Changge’s voice suddenly sounded. His charming peach-blossom eyes also appeared next to Yun Feng. Yun Feng was startled. Qu Lanyi sneered. “He’s terrified of death. He had already come in the moment the spatial channel appeared.”

Yun Feng frowned slightly. Mo Changge chuckled. Ling Xiaoyun, who was forcibly thrown in by Ling Tiansu, also rushed over. However, his handsome face was dark and he didn’t say anything. Seeing Ling Xiaoyun like this, Yun Feng wanted to say something, but she felt that it was unnecessary.

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