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Chapter 972: The Person Named Father (2)

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No, the Earth Field must be broken by force!

The masked man wasn’t stupid. When the situation changed rapidly, he immediately understood that he had to break the Earth Field Yun Feng set up, but how would Yun Feng let him do that? The masked man instantly released a few fierce spatial forces that pounced towards Yun Feng. They were covered by the earth element that had turned into sand and they were like a giant beast opening its mouth, wanting to swallow Yun Feng completely!

Yun Feng didn’t stay where she was anymore. Instead, she rushed over at an extremely high speed and collided fiercely with this giant beast with a huge mouth. Her slender fist smashed down heavily, emitting a terrifying force!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A few explosions sounded. The power of space was completely shattered by Yun Feng. The masked man took this opportunity to turn around and escape. He wanted to escape to the edge of the Earth Field and break out by force. However, the three contracted Magic Beasts had already blocked all his way out!

“I’ve been waiting for you!” Little Fire watched the masked man fly to its side. It suddenly opened its mouth and a dark red elemental ball was ready in its mouth! There were traces of dark elements in the fire elements and the elemental energy inside was even more astonishing!

When the masked man saw this, his body immediately flashed. Little Fire’s elemental attack suddenly burst out, creating a beautiful red fire dragon in the air! The masked man narrowly dodged this attack. Damn it! This Fire Cloud Wolf was a mutated type. Where exactly did Yun Feng contract it?

The masked man changed his direction and planned to break through in another direction. The attack of the power of space could only delay Yun Feng for a while. This was his only chance to leave this place! However, the masked man was stopped again. Yaoyao’s mature and beautiful body floated in the air with a disgusted expression on her charming little face. She swung her blue fishtail fiercely and a water element mixed with sand elements attacked the masked man crazily!

Oh no! The masked man suddenly turned around and ran away with his head in his hands! In this Earth Field, the combination of the water element and the earth element was the most terrifying! The combination of the two elements could completely restrict the advantage of the power of space. The multiplication of the Four Locks of Space was also instantly reduced to zero!

“The race of the Endless Ocean… She has one too!” Seeing Yaoyao’s complete form of a Magic Beast, the masked man only felt shocked. How did she get the beast from the Endless Ocean? Had she even been to the Endless Ocean? Thinking of this, the heart of the masked man couldn’t help but tremble. So, she knew the secret of the Endless Ocean!

“If that’s the case, things will really go wrong.” The masked man cursed fiercely. She had been to the Endless Ocean, so it was very likely that she would know that secret! If she knew, Yun Feng would be a stumbling block for them! If the higher-ups knew that Yun Feng would ruin their business and he didn’t kill her, the punishment from the higher-ups wouldn’t be light!

While the masked man was thinking, a wave of sand and stones attacked fiercely. The area in front of the masked man was immediately blurred and he couldn’t see the road ahead clearly. Then, a wave of pain came from his body! The masked man quickly retreated and looked down. There was already a huge hole in his clothes in front of his chest. Blood was flowing out of the wound on his chest!

The masked man looked up and saw the handsome man with wings on his back and obvious eagle claws on his hands standing there. When the masked man saw the patterns on the back of Lan Yi’s wings, he immediately understood. When he saw the patterns on one side of Lan Yi’s cheek, he let out a weird laugh. “A traitor of the griffin race.”

Lan Yi’s blue eyes suddenly darkened and the wings on his back flapped abruptly, attacking at an extremely high speed. The masked man laughed and dodged swiftly, but the wound on his chest was extremely painful! At this moment, Yun Feng had already dealt with the wave of attacks just then. The masked man stood in the middle and was firmly blocked in four directions. The mask on his face twitched a few times.

“You think you can trap me like this?” The masked man shouted loudly as the black robe on his body suddenly rose. Yun Feng clearly heard a few screams coming from the periphery of the Earth Field! A few streams of spatial power were being forcibly pulled in by the masked man! The four streams of spatial power rushed into the Earth Field from four directions and shattered it! These four streams of spatial power were all absorbed into the body of the masked man. Immediately, the power of space increased!

What happened? Yun Feng clearly felt that the space power of the masked man instantly increased to an almost terrifying level. After the Earth Field shattered, Mu Canghai came to Yun Feng. “The other four masked men fell on the ground just then. It seems that the space power in their bodies was forcibly taken away.”

“They’re all his companions, but he’s so ruthless.” Ling Xiaoyun came close. Ling Tiansu also came close with a pale face and looked at the masked man, who was absorbing their power, with his fierce eyes. “Those four are just his pawns. The current situation is probably even more tricky!”

“Although the Four Locks of Space have been broken, we’ve already fought for so long. Now that he’s absorbed the power of space, his strength will definitely increase greatly. I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you much.” Ling Tiansu said with a deep voice and suddenly coughed. Ling Xiaoyun reached out and held Ling Tiansu’s shoulder. Ling Tiansu’s body stiffened, but he didn’t refuse.

Ling Xiaoyun looked ahead. “Old people shouldn’t show off. There are still young people.”

Ling Tiansu’s expression froze, and then he smiled wryly. Yun Feng lowered her eyes. Now that he had absorbed four forces of space, the effect of the Four Locks of Space had disappeared, but his strength was still multiplied by four times! Under such circumstances, the effect of her combat method just then would be greatly reduced!

The weakness was on him!

“Hahahaha! I want to see how you ants are going to survive!” After absorbing the four forces of space, the masked man suddenly attacked. Yun Feng’s team immediately dispersed and the three contracted Magic Beasts landed next to her. “Master, the situation is a bit uncontrollable right now.” Lan Yi said in a low voice. Yaoyao waved her fishtail abruptly and the powerful water element attack was shattered by the power of space! The remaining power of space continued to pounce on Yaoyao. Lan Yi flapped his wings and saved Yaoyao narrowly.

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