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Chapter 971: The Person Named Father (1)

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Yun Feng chuckled. “You’ll know when I break the Four Locks of Space!”

“Hahahahaha! You’re dreaming!”

“Do it!” Yun Feng gave an order in her mind and the three contracted Magic Beasts moved at the same time. Three dazzling lights moved forward like lightning and Yun Feng’s body also sped up in an instant, rushing towards the masked man!

The four masked men on the side couldn’t help but feel a bit panicked when they saw that Yun Feng and the Magic Beasts were all going towards the masked man in the center. The power of space in their hands immediately changed. Mu Canghai’s gray eyes glittered and the two powerful power of space suddenly collided! The four masked men all turned to Mu Canghai. Even though they were wearing masks, he could tell the anger on their faces!

“We’re your opponents!” Ling Xiaoyun walked over and stood next to Mu Canghai. He knew that what he could do was to attract the attention of these four masked men to himself firmly!

The masked man was also a bit surprised to see Yun Feng run straight to him, but his body suddenly flashed like a ghost and he had already retreated a hundred meters away. “You’re wrong to think that the weakness is on me!”

“Just wait and see!” Yun Feng shouted coldly as she twisted her wrist gently. The Lord Level wand that her master left for her appeared in her hand! The moment the Lord Level wand appeared, the elemental energy in this space suddenly shook violently!

“A wand at the Lord Level!” The masked man exclaimed when he saw the wand in Yun Feng’s hand. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe you even have such a thing!”

There weren’t many weapons at the Lord Level in the world at all. The weapon in Yun Feng’s hand was the best in every aspect! Anyone would be greedy and want it! Yun Feng certainly understood this in her mind, but she was different right now. If someone had the courage, they should come and take it!

Yun Feng suddenly flipped her wand with a cold smile in her black eyes. “Earth Field!” Instantly, earth elements surged crazily around the wand, trapping the masked man, Yun Feng and the three Magic Beasts firmly in a barrier. The earth elements formed a solid wall, enveloping them firmly!

Seeing this scene, the four masked men in the periphery immediately gathered the power of space and wanted to forcibly break the Earth Field, but Mu Canghai, Ling Xiaoyun and Ling Tiansu’s obstruction made their attacks fail! Ling Xiaoyun burst into laughter. “Although I can’t beat you, it’s more than enough to cause you some trouble!”

The four masked men saw that their joint attack was disrupted, and the power of the attack was greatly reduced. It only caused a slight collision on the wall made of earth elements and didn’t have the ability to shake it at all! The four masked men looked at each other and immediately changed their strategy. With their lord’s strength, it shouldn’t be a problem. As for the few people outside, they would deal with them first!

The fierce battle outside started again, but it was a different scene in the Earth Field. The three contracted Magic Beasts firmly sealed the directions of the masked man’s escape. Yun Feng and the masked man faced each other and didn’t do anything. The masked man in the Earth Field smiled. “You want to break the Four Locks of Space with this?”

Yun Feng’s red lips curled up. “It’s impossible to break the four locked spaces with this, but it’s enough to break you.”

The masked man was stunned. Then, he raised his head and laughed crazily. “Hahahahahaha! This is the best joke I’ve ever heard. Yun Feng, you’re quite bold! What do you think the Four Locks of Space are for? Even if you use the elemental barriers here, you won’t have any chance of winning!”

The robe on the body of the masked man suddenly fluttered and the power of space that was multiplied by four times attacked Yun Feng quickly! Whether it was speed or strength, it was multiplied by four times, but Yun Feng stood there and didn’t even have the intention to dodge!

Seeing Yun Feng’s attitude, the masked man couldn’t help but feel a bit suspicious in his mind. Was she trying to commit suicide? Wasn’t it too unchallenging? However, the next second, Yun Feng suddenly raised the wand in her hand and a cold voice oozed out of her red lips.

“Earth Field, turn into sand!”

The earthy yellow elements in the Earth Field suddenly underwent a strong change. In this space enveloped by earth elements, the faint earthy yellow elements that were originally spreading around suddenly gathered together! The earth elements in the entire space underwent a substantial change in weight, turning into sand!

The seven basic elements in the world could turn to countless forms, like the water element, which could freeze into ice and turn into mist. The same applied to the earth element! The earth element could also be transformed into a physical body, turning into sand!

The earth element in the space instantly turned into the form of sand, and the originally invisible power of space also showed its real form in this world of sand! The power of space that the masked man attacked Yun Feng with had already shown its specific form under the coverage of the earth element in the sand. And because of the coverage of the earth element in the sand, the speed of the power of space suddenly slowed down because of the additional weight!

What? The masked man felt that the speed of his spatial power was slowing down and was very surprised in his mind. Yun Feng was indeed good. It seemed that the outcome of the battle between him and her was truly difficult to determine!

Looking at the power of space that had obviously slowed down and revealed its exact form, Yun Feng sneered and spun her wand again. The next second, ice blue water elements surged out! The moment the water elements appeared, the body of the masked man trembled fiercely! Yun Feng, what a multi-element summoner!

The water element instantly invaded the interior of the earth element that had turned into sand. Under the effect of the water element, the weight of the sand element suddenly doubled! And the power of space stopped in front of Yun Feng under such heavy pressure. Yun Feng punched heavily and the power of space exploded!

The three contracted Magic Beasts were all shocked in their minds when they saw Yun Feng attack like this. Who would have thought that she would use such an attack method? The sandification of the earth element and the effect of the water element made the power of space, which had always been impressive, fall into a disadvantage! The power of space didn’t even touch Yun Feng!

Yun Feng looked at the earth elements that scattered everywhere after the power of space exploded and raised her black eyes. “It seems that this should be my home ground.”

The masked man’s breath tightened and he immediately had a bad feeling in his mind. The Four Locks of Space had always been successful. In the past, almost nobody could beat the power of the Four Locks of Space! This time, he clearly had the advantage at first, but how did things turn out like this?

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