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Chapter 970: Yun Feng Joins (4)

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Ling Xiaoyun chuckled. “Master Ling, as I said, I won’t let you despise me!”

“Tut-tut, how touching. Are you done?” The masked man floated in the air and faced Ling Tiansu, as if he was giving them time to discuss. This posture was like an eagle watching its prey struggle fearlessly in its hunting range.

When the masked man saw Yun Feng’s unfamiliar face, he couldn’t help but sneer. “Why? There’s no one else and they just send a random person up. Hm, you won’t be able to win no matter how many people come. Master Ling, I advise you to surrender obediently. I’ll even leave some lives for the Ling family.”

Ling Tiansu’s body swayed a few times, looking like he was struggling. The masked man burst into laughter. “Master Ling, I didn’t kill you with that attack. You’re indeed tough! I wonder if you can still hold on if I do it again.”

Mu Canghai looked at Yun Feng. When Yun Feng said that just then, Mu Canghai thought that she would definitely have an idea in her mind. He also had a belief in his mind that she would definitely break the current situation completely! As Mu Canghai expected, after hearing what the masked man said, Yun Feng chuckled and stood in front of Ling Tiansu and Ling Xiaoyun! This move made the masked man a bit unhappy. “You’re not strong enough.”

Yun Feng’s red lips slowly curled up. She glanced at the masked men in four directions with a deep smile in her black eyes. “The Four Locks of Space isn’t perfect.”

After hearing this, the expression of the masked man changed abruptly. Even the four masked men raised their heads abruptly! They all focused their gaze on Yun Feng at the same time! “Who are you?” The tone of the masked man became low. The four masked men who constructed the Four Locks of Space were obviously much more vigilant. Who was this girl that knew the Four Locks of Space?

“The Four Locks of Space?” Ling Xiaoyun whispered in confusion. Ling Tiansu, however, narrowed his eyes. “Four Locks of Space… This is the Four Locks of Space?” After a long time, Ling Tiansu raised the corners of his mouth and his body swayed. “No wonder. It turns out to be the Four Locks of Space… If she knows, it means that Lord Yao Guang told her.” Ling Tiansu thought in his mind as he looked behind Yun Feng. It seemed that the key to turning the tide of the battle was all on Yun Feng! Thinking of this, Ling Tiansu couldn’t help but laugh at himself. He was getting old. It was truly useless for him to rely on someone else to save his life.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.” Yun Feng chuckled and flipped her fair hand. Three Rings of Contract of different colors appeared in her palm! She slowly put them on her slender fingers one by one. Ling Xiaoyun and Ling Tiansu couldn’t help but widen their eyes. A three-element summoner!

The masked man couldn’t help but take a step back. He stared at Yun Feng firmly behind the mask. The other four people were also dumbfounded when they saw the colorful rings on Yun Feng’s finger! Yun Feng suddenly raised her arm and three bright colors flew out of Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract and landed next to her!

“Remember my name. Yun Feng, a summoner!”

“Yun Feng?” The masked man seemed to know something after hearing this name. An eyeball suddenly appeared on the small part of the mask that fell off! That eyeball stared at Yun Feng with the same scorching light! “You’re that Yun Feng?”

Yun Feng sneered. The three-color light next to her gradually disappeared and the three contracted Magic Beasts all appeared! “Little Fire, Lan Yi, Yaoyao, cooperate with me to attack that masked man later. Block all his escape routes!”

Yun Feng sent a telepathic message to the three contracted Magic Beasts, and they all nodded. Little Fire’s excited voice came. “It seems that we’re going to fight again!”

Lan Yi suddenly realized something when he saw the patterns on the clothes of the masked man. “Master, he seems to be with that hooded man?”

Yaoyao looked at the masked man with her blue eyes and obvious disgust appeared on her little face. “Xiao Feng, I hate him.”

Yun Feng nodded. “They should be together. What exactly does this organization want? What exactly are they planning to do when they need the space power of the Ling family?”

“Why are you thinking about this? Knock him down first!” Little Fire burst into laughter. The Fire Cloud Wolf’s body was already ready to attack! Yaoyao also nodded. She hated this man from the bottom of her heart. Blue light flashed and the ancient power awakened in her bloodline! The wings on Lan Yi’s back suddenly spread, revealing the huge blue patterns of a griffin!

“Three contracted Magic Beasts, one more tempting than the last.” The greedy voice of the masked man sounded. The other four masked men were a bit shocked when they saw this. Ling Tiansu and Ling Xiaoyun also had the same expression. Ling Xiaoyun widened his black eyes and looked at the three Magic Beasts next to Yun Feng in disbelief. W-What kind of Magic Beasts were those? Ling Tiansu’s black eyes glittered again and again. At this moment, he finally understood why Yun Feng was valued so highly by the Summoning Union. Even the Hall Masters of the three halls were anxious to get her!

“Genius… A real genius,” Ling Tiansu mumbled. Ling Xiaoyun, on the other hand, remembered the time when he was in the Masang School of Magic. Although Yun Feng was also very outstanding at that time, Ling Xiaoyun was the kind of person who didn’t listen to anyone. He had never thought that she would have already grown to such an astonishing level after so many years! Even though he accidentally released the power of space, he was still far inferior to that girl!

“Master Ling, Ling Xiaoyun, we have to find an opportunity to kill one of the masked men! As long as we kill one of them, the Four Locks of Space will be broken!” After observing for a while, Mu Canghai also realized something. After all, he had inherited Yao Guang’s ability and his understanding of the power of space was different from that of others.

“They’re four times strengthened. How can we kill them?” said Ling Xiaoyun with a frown. Mu Canghai, however, put on a smile. “We certainly can’t kill them, but it’ll be a different story if Yun Feng opens a gap for us!”

Yun Feng and the three contracted Magic Beasts were already prepared to attack. The eyeball in the hole of the mask on the masked man’s face rolled a few times excitedly and suddenly disappeared! “You said the Four Locks of Space has a weakness. Where is it?”

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