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Chapter 968: Yun Feng Joins (2)

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“Who’s this kid?” said Yao Guang angrily, as if he disliked Mo Changge. “Little girl, why are all the kids around you so annoying?”

Yun Feng was speechless. What did Yao Guang mean? She glanced at Mo Changge with her black eyes and said, “What were you doing just then? I’ll do it right now.”

Mo Changge was stunned. He shrugged. “I’m just an outsider. I certainly can’t interfere with other people’s business. Besides, it’s the Ling family’s business.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything. Seeing that Yun Feng ignored him, Mo Changge wasn’t angry. He took a step closer and stood next to Yun Feng. “You, on the other hand. Why haven’t you done anything for so long? Don’t you know Ling Xiaoyun? Are you really not going to do anything about the Ling family’s accident?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “I will do something when it’s necessary.”

Mo Changge’s eyes glittered. He smiled at Yun Feng. “You’re standing here without moving or talking. Are you talking to someone?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered coldly, but Mo Changge burst into laughter. “I was just kidding. Are you serious? Is there a person living in your body?”

Yun Feng raised her brows and didn’t explain anything. Mo Changge didn’t say anything else either. Yao Guang’s disdainful voice came. “This kid is really noisy.”

“Senior Yao Guang, you can automatically ignore this person. How exactly can we break this stalemate?” This was the question that Yun Feng cared about the most in her mind. Yao Guang burst into laughter. “The four of them worked together to create a kind of spatial barrier. I have to say that this spatial barrier is very special and its level is quite high.”

Yun Feng’s face froze. Yao Guang continued, “This space barrier is of a very high level. It’s called the Four Locks of Space!”

The Four Locks of Space? Yun Feng recited this name in her mind. The power of space was indeed complicated and the ability it included was so comprehensive!

“The Four Locks of Space have a special ability. All the abilities, including defense, attack, strength, speed and suppression, will be multiplied by four times as long as the person who constructs this space barrier stays in it!”

“What? Multiplied by four times?” Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel surprised. Even though the strength of those four masked men wasn’t as strong as that of the masked man, it was already enough pressure for the four of them to attack together. And now, they were multiplied by four at the same time. The power had been expanded to such a great level! No wonder Ling Tiansu’s side was so passive. No wonder Mu Canghai’s participation couldn’t change the situation of the battle at all after the death of a dimension elder!

“So, whether it’s defense or offense, it can be said to be perfect.” Yun Feng quickly came to a conclusion. This was a rather powerful spatial barrier. It wouldn’t be broken easily with four times the power! As long as this barrier wasn’t broken, they could only face the situation of defeat!

“No spatial technique is perfect. Those spatial techniques that are considered perfect, powerful and indestructible only mean that nobody has discovered its weakness.” Yao Guang’s arrogant voice came with incomparable confidence.

“There are weaknesses in the Four Locks of Space?” Yun Feng asked in confusion. Yao Guang burst into laughter. “Of course! All spatial techniques have weaknesses! Kid, you can multiply all abilities by four. Can’t you figure it out?”

What Yao Guang said made Yun Feng’s originally chaotic head instantly clear! All abilities multiplied by four. No matter how perfect the space technique was, there were weaknesses. In other words, the weaknesses were also multiplied by four!

“The weakness of the Four Locks of Space is also multiplied by four!” Yun Feng said as Yao Guang smiled in satisfaction. “Not bad. Then do you know where this weakness is?”

Yun Feng raised her head again and observed the situation in the sky carefully with her black eyes. The masked man who was hit by Mu Canghai just then turned around again at this moment. Yun Feng’s gaze locked firmly on the man and her red lips slowly curled up. “Since the benefits of the four locked spaces are only effective on the creator, it means that the weakness is on him.”

Yao Guang was silent for a while. “Kid, what a shame. If you had Ling Xiaoyun’s understanding ability, you would’ve gone even further in the power of space.”

Yun Feng smiled indifferently. She didn’t need so many abilities. If it wasn’t her ability, she would never ask for it!

“The weakness is indeed that masked man. Even though the weakness is on him, you should understand that the four people constructing the barrier also serve as his source of spatial power at the same time.”

“In that case, it’s still very difficult to attack him.” Even though the weakness was also multiplied by four, the difficulty would also increase! If the Four Locks of Space could be broken easily, it wouldn’t be so famous.

“It’s indeed very difficult to attack him, but it’s extremely easy for you.” Yao Guang’s voice came. Yun Feng was stunned again. It was extremely easy for her? How could she construe that?

“Senior Yao Guang…”

“Alright, I’ve already told you enough. You can figure out the rest yourself. Don’t bother me.” Yao Guang’s impatient voice sounded again. Then, no matter how Yun Feng called out to him, he didn’t respond anymore. Yao Guang’s hint ended here. Yun Feng frowned tightly. It couldn’t be easier for her… What exactly did this mean?

Somewhere in the Dragon Palace, Yao Guang closed his eyes lazily. An old voice sounded with a deep smile. “You’re so evil. Why don’t you tell her everything?”

Yao Guang snorted. “If that kid can’t think of the answer, she can only blame herself.”

The old voice chuckled and didn’t say anything else. Yao Guang closed his eyes and fell asleep again. He had to recover. Even though he had seen the Ling family, they disappointed him too much. The power of his bloodline was also drying up. Yao Guang couldn’t help but sigh. This was irreversible.

“Don’t think about it. It’s useless to think too much.” The old voice sounded again. The corners of Yao Guang’s mouth curled up and the Dragon Palace fell into silence again.

“Yun Feng, what are you thinking about? You’re frowning.” Mo Changge looked at Yun Feng with his peach-blossom eyes. Seeing that her eyebrows were about to knot, he couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. Yun Feng didn’t answer. She only stared at the sky with her black eyes. The weakness of the Four Locks of Space… is on that man. What is it that’s so easy for me? What should I do?

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