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Chapter 967: Yun Feng Joins (1)

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Yun Feng raised her head and looked over. That was indeed the case. Ling Xiaoyun’s explosive power was indeed strong, but his speed and technique were far inferior to others! He hadn’t mastered his strength yet!

“Humph!” Yao Guang snorted coldly. “I only saved that kid back then because he was very talented. If he relied on this to do whatever he wanted, he deserved to die. I saved him once. I won’t do it again.”

“Senior Yao Guang…” Yun Feng was stunned. She was about to say something when Yao Guang’s voice came again. This time, there was obvious confusion. “Apart from the Ling family, who else can master the power of space?”

Yun Feng’s eyes darkened. “It seems that you’re right.”

Yao Guang was silent for a while. “What’s the purpose of these people?”

Yun Feng sneered. “They’re going to capture the person who has the strongest sense of space in the Ling family.”

Yao Guang suddenly burst into laughter. His unpleasant laughter kept echoing in Yun Feng’s mind, which made Yun Feng frown again. “How dare they covet my ability? These people are quite bold.”

Yao Guang was indeed related to the Ling family! The ability in the bloodline of the Ling family came from Yao Guang! Yun Feng was about to say something when Yao Guang’s voice came again. “It’s definitely impossible for me to do anything. My strength hasn’t recovered at all. However, I can give you some guidance.”

“Argh!” A scream suddenly came from the sky. Yun Feng and the others immediately looked up and saw that the body of a dimension elder was torn into pieces!

“Hahahaha!” The laughter of the masked man sounded. The four people around him who were also wearing masks suddenly pressed their hands, as if their control of the space around them became stronger! Ling Tiansu and Ling Xiaoyun’s faces darkened. With the death of a dimension elder, their situation became disadvantageous again!

“I’ll go help!” After saying that, Mu Canghai nodded at Yun Feng. Yun Feng immediately nodded. Mu Canghai had already jumped up and joined the battle in the sky. Seeing Mu Canghai rush up, the masked man immediately swung the black robe on his body and an invisible power of space rushed towards Mu Canghai crazily. Mu Canghai only smiled coldly as light flashed through his gray eyes and the invisible power of space was bounced aside!

He thought Mu Canghai was nothing at first, but what happened just then shocked the masked man a lot! The masked man looked at Mu Canghai steadily. When he saw his gray eye, the body of the masked man suddenly shook and the four masked men around also trembled fiercely!

“That eye…” The masked man mumbled. Mu Canghai smiled coldly and the power of space had already swung over mercilessly. Ling Tiansu and Ling Xiaoyun couldn’t help but feel surprised when they saw Mu Canghai join the battle. Ling Tiansu shouted loudly, “This is the Ling family’s business!”

The moment Mu Canghai attacked, a powerful space distortion force moved forward at the speed of light. The masked man seemed to be thinking about something and was hit by this force fiercely, flying backwards! Mu Canghai slowly retracted his hand and didn’t look at the father and son of the Ling family. He only said expressionlessly, “I’m not helping the Ling family. I’m helping Yun Feng.”

Ling Tiansu was stunned for a moment. In the end, he raised the corners of his mouth and didn’t say anything else. Ling Xiaoyun looked down and then raised his head to look at Mu Canghai. “Even if you join us, our chances of winning aren’t high. The other party seems to have set up an extremely powerful spatial barrier. In this barrier, our spatial perception in our bodies will be inexplicably suppressed.”

“Indeed. We only have a 50% chance of winning! If we can kill one of the four people, we can turn the situation around!” Ling Tiansu said with a serious expression. This fierce battle also let him figure out some of the details on the masked man’s side and find a breakthrough point!

Mu Canghai looked at the masked men standing in the four corners. It was indeed as the father and son of the Ling family said. Once they used the power of space, they would be inexplicably suppressed. It was impossible for them to win under the situation where their strength wasn’t equal. The only thing they had to do right now was to break this space barrier!

“Then just kill one of them.” Mu Canghai’s eyes suddenly turned cold. His body flew towards one of them without hesitation. He waved his hand abruptly and the power of space smashed over heavily without hesitation. The corners of the mouth of the person who was attacked curled up and revealed a smile!

He raised his hand slightly and a powerful spatial force surged out of the masked man’s hand at the same time. In an instant, it collided with Mu Canghai! Mu Canghai’s eyes widened and his body quickly retreated, dodging the aftermath of the collision.

“The space barrier built by these four people seems to multiply the space power of these four people by four times at the same time!” Ling Tiansu smiled wryly and reached out to support Mu Canghai. Mu Canghai was silent for a while and his face was gloomy. The power of the four of them was multiplied by four at the same time. No wonder Ling Tiansu’s side had been suppressed!

In terms of individual strength, these four people weren’t their match at all! However, it was a different story if they had four times the power at the same time!

Mu Canghai looked at the four of them again. How could he break through this stalemate with four times the power at the same time?

“Kid, do you know why Ling Tiansu’s side has been in a passive position?” Yao Guang asked slowly. Yun Feng couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Yao Guang was still in the mood to ask questions at a time like this. He indeed didn’t care about the life and death of the Ling family.

“Senior Yao Guang, please be straightforward.”

“Hm! You little girl, you really don’t give me any respect at all!”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth. There was no time to talk nonsense with Yao Guang anymore. The situation in the sky hadn’t changed much after Mu Canghai joined. There must be something wrong! Qu Lanyi suddenly glanced at a corner and turned cold. He quickly whispered something in Yun Feng’s ear. Yun Feng was stunned. Qu Lanyi had already flashed and left, disappearing from the arena.

“Kid, did that guy discover something?”

Yun Feng suddenly came back to herself. Thinking of what Qu Lanyi said to her just then, she still didn’t believe it in her mind. However… since Qu Lanyi said so, it couldn’t be wrong. “Senior Yao Guang, you don’t have to worry about the Ling family.”

“Yun Feng, why are you standing here? Mu Canghai has already gone up to help. Aren’t you going up?” Mo Changge finally walked over leisurely. He had been standing aside and watching for a long time. He didn’t do anything until Qu Lanyi left. Since Yun Feng and Yao Guang had been communicating telepathically, they didn’t make any sound. Outsiders only saw Yun Feng standing there alone without saying or moving.

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