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Chapter 969: Yun Feng Joins (3)

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“Yun Feng, Yun Feng?” Seeing that Yun Feng ignored him, Mo Changge couldn’t help but call her a few more times. Yun Feng couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him fiercely. “Don’t disturb me.”

Mo Changge chuckled. “You’re finally talking to me? What are you thinking? Tell me and I’ll help you think.”

Yun Feng didn’t want to talk to Mo Changge at first, but the situation in the sky became more and more intense. With Mu Canghai’s participation, even though Ling Tiansu’s side had a huge boost, the power of the Four Locks of Space made the masked man’s side impregnable and Ling Tiansu’s powerful attacks were also greatly suppressed!

Mo Changge kept disturbing her. Yun Feng was extremely annoyed by him. She said casually, “What do you think I’m best at?”

Mo Changge was stunned. “Were you thinking about that just then?” His peach-blossom eyes were full of doubts. Yun Feng ignored him and looked at the sky with her black eyes. Mo Changge also looked up thoughtfully. After a while, he finally smiled. “What you want to ask is, what’s your advantage over the people up there?”

Yun Feng nodded. Mo Changge burst into laughter. “Isn’t your advantage obvious?”

Yun Feng was stunned. Very obvious? What was her obvious advantage?

Mo Changge blinked his peach-blossom eyes. “Those people up there used the power of space. Even though you can do it too, you obviously haven’t mastered the power of space yet. However, when everyone emphasizes the importance of the power of space, isn’t your advantage very obvious?”

Yun Feng’s brain was spinning rapidly! What Yao Guang said echoed in her mind. All abilities in the Four Locks of Space would be multiplied by four. Whether it was an advantage or a disadvantage, even the weaknesses of the four-sealed space would be multiplied by four. The reason why Ling Tiansu’s everything was strongly suppressed was because of the special ability of the Four Locks of Space!

Increasing one’s own ability by four, and reducing the opponent’s by four! Even if there were a few more masters of the power of space, they would still be affected by the power of the Four Locks of Space! It was like an invisible rule, but Yun Feng was different! The energy of the Four Locks of Space was especially pertinent. The power of space targeted the power of space!

However, Yun Feng could surpass this rule!

“I see…” Yun Feng mumbled as a hint of a smile flashed in her black eyes. There wasn’t only one weakness on the Four Locks of Space. Now, she discovered the second one! As long as the power of space was eliminated in the Four Locks of Space, all the effects of the four locks would be useless!

Everything from nothing, and nothing from everything!

“I see!” Yun Feng suddenly shouted in a low voice. Mo Changge was stunned. What did she understand? “You understand? Tell me.”

Yun Feng raised her red lips and smiled at Mo Changge casually. “This time, I really have to thank you. Thank you.” Mo Changge was confused, but Yun Feng was already clear in her mind. She could forcibly turn the situation around!

“Swish!” Yun Feng’s body suddenly jumped and rushed up! Seeing that Yun Feng also rushed up, Mu Canghai immediately ran over. “What are you doing here? You can’t help with the power of space!”

Yun Feng was about to say something when she heard two screams. The remaining two dimension elders both fell from the sky and lost their lives!

“Damn it!” Seeing that the two dimension elders were dead, Ling Tiansu couldn’t help but have blue veins appear on his forehead. Ling Xiaoyun’s face also darkened. He had already lost one of them earlier, and now there were two more in a row. The two dimension elders shared a large part of the pressure. Now, both of them were dead. Ling Xiaoyun looked around. Could he, Ling Tiansu and Mu Canghai really win?

“Watch out!” Ling Tiansu suddenly shouted as he flipped his hand and attacked with the power of space, deflecting the power of space that was about to pierce through Ling Xiaoyun’s body! At the same time, the robe of the masked man was suddenly flapped and the power of space roared, hitting Ling Tiansu’s chest!

“Ugh!” Ling Tiansu grunted as he took a few steps back messily. A trace of blood slowly flowed out of the corners of his mouth. Ling Xiaoyun’s black eyes couldn’t help but darken when he saw this. He immediately swung his hand and the young and explosive power of space burst out, but the man in the hood dodged it easily!

The Four Locks of Space was a complete dead end for the members of the Ling family, who used the power of space to fight! A complete abyss of death!

“Two more are dead. It seems that we don’t have a chance of winning. We need to plan how to escape now!” Mu Canghai quickly estimated the current situation. Ling Xiaoyun ran to Ling Tiansu’s side and held his body. The force just then was very strong. It was already impressive that Ling Tiansu didn’t die!

“How about we tear the space apart by force?” Ling Xiaoyun said while panting. Mu Canghai smiled wryly. “By force? If Master Ling isn’t injured, we can consider it.”

Ling Tiansu coughed a few times and covered his chest with his hand. “I’m… fine! If tearing the space works, we’ll start immediately!”

“You…” Ling Xiaoyun looked at Ling Tiansu and didn’t know what to say. Mu Canghai looked at Ling Tiansu. “Master Ling, you’ll lose your life if you forcibly tear the space with your current injuries. You…”

“It doesn’t matter! As long as we can send you out… It’s fine. This is the Ling family’s own business. Even if everyone in the Ling family dies here, we won’t drag anyone else down! Hm!” Ling Tiansu spat out another mouthful of blood and his breath became a bit weaker. He looked at Yun Feng. “I promised you… It must be fulfilled before I die.”

Yun Feng frowned. Ling Tiansu… had some backbone and spirit. If it weren’t for him, the Ling family would probably have already been burnt out.

“Master Ling, things might not have reached this point yet,” said Yun Feng in a deep voice, but Ling Tiansu raised the corners of his mouth. “I know best how things are going. The Ling family… is going down the road of no return.”

“Shut up!” Ling Xiaoyun suddenly shouted furiously as he supported Ling Tiansu’s arm steadily with his hand. He looked ahead with his young eyes full of determination and fearlessness! “I’ll tear the space apart. It’s not your turn!”

Ling Tiansu widened his eyes. “What ability do you have to tear space?”

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