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Chapter 966: Unexpected Turn of Events (3)

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“You want to leave? None of you can leave!” The masked man, who was laughing crazily in the sky, suddenly shouted. Ling Tiansu and the three dimension elders suddenly froze. Strong distortions and vibrations appeared in the four corners of the sky and four more figures came out! These four people were also wearing masks and black robes with the same weird patterns!

The moment the four black-robed men appeared, the black robe on the masked man’s body slowly fluttered down. His arms extended from the black robe, as if he was making a hugging gesture, and the four of them quickly slapped the space with their hands! With a “Buzz…”, an invisible space barrier was formed, firmly covering this area of the Ling family!

“The power of space! How can you possibly master the power of space?” The dimension elders’ eyes widened when they saw this scene. The black-robed man burst into laughter. “We got it the same way the Ling family got it.”

Ling Tiansu’s pupils shrank and he suddenly extended his hands. Two forces of space gathered from his hands and hit the space barrier fiercely. Cracks appeared on the space barrier! The masked man and his companions were all shocked when they saw this scene. Ling Tiansu said in a low voice, “You’re just impostors!”

The masked man felt Ling Tiansu’s insult and immediately shouted furiously, “Do it! Don’t let anyone from the Ling family go, except for this person in front of you and that kid!”

“How dare you!” Ling Tiansu shouted furiously as he rushed forward. The three dimension elders were also enraged. How dare he want to destroy the Ling family? They would never allow it! The fierce battle in the sky became heated. And under the roar of the masked man just then, screams sounded in the area sealed by the space barrier!

The invisible power of space strangulation took countless lives in an instant! Even though the bloodline of the Ling family also had the ability to control space, their perception ability had already been exhausted as their bloodline continued. Under such a fierce strangulation full of killing intent, nobody could survive!

The bodies of the members of the Ling family fell one after another. Immediately, the main house of the Ling family was covered in blood! Those who escaped from the main house of the Ling family also couldn’t escape the fate of death! Ling Tiansu listened to the screams of the members of the Ling family and a strong smell of blood kept coming. The anger in his heart rose again!

“Stop!” Ling Tiansu roared furiously. Even though he knew the fate of the Ling family in the future, as long as he was the leader of the family, he wouldn’t allow the Ling family to walk towards destruction in such a way!

The masked man laughed crazily. Ling Tiansu was now four against five. Both parties had the ability to sense the power of space. Even though there was a difference, the advantage of numbers became more and more obvious as the battle went on. The masked man grabbed an opening and suddenly reached his arm towards Ling Tiansu’s head. Ling Tiansu was shocked. He wanted to turn around, but found that the space around him had already been tampered with!

The masked man’s finger suddenly bent and was about to grab it firmly. At this moment, his wrist was pushed aside by an invisible force, and the force didn’t stop. It directly hit a corner of his mask!

“Crack!” A small part of the bottom of the mask shattered. As the small part of the mask fell off, part of the man’s skin was also revealed. The man in the mask suddenly retreated and looked up at a pair of young black eyes!

Ling Tiansu looked at Ling Xiaoyun, who was standing in front of him, and shouted furiously, “Get back there!”

Ling Xiaoyun didn’t say anything. He just stood in front of Ling Tiansu firmly. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not helping you. I just can’t stand him bullying us with numbers.”

Ling Tiansu froze, but the masked man slowly extended his hand and touched his mask, as if he was confirming if it was really broken. When he found that small gap, the masked man suddenly raised his head and burst into laughter!

“Hahahaha, kid, you’re the person I need! Such spatial perception is truly enviable…”

Without another word, Ling Tiansu rushed past Ling Xiaoyun and said in a deep voice without looking back, “Ling Xiaoyun, if you want to be a hero, don’t get caught. Don’t make me look down on you!”

Ling Xiaoyun was stunned for a moment after hearing that. Then, he grunted coldly and his young body also went forward. However, a smile slowly appeared at the corners of his mouth. “Don’t worry, Master Ling. I’ll definitely let you think highly of me!” After hearing that, a smile finally appeared on Ling Tiansu’s face, which had been tense and serious. The father and son stood side by side. The masked man burst into laughter. “If only both of them could be mine.”

Ling Tiansu and Ling Xiaoyun sneered at the same time. They moved their hands at the same time. The power of space from the old and the young collided, creating sparks. “If you think you can, come and get it!”

The fierce battle in the sky became heated again. The strength of the man in the mask, who was so excited that he was almost crazy, seemed to have increased to a certain extent. Even the four people who appeared in the final stage also rose with the tide. Even with Ling Xiaoyun’s participation, Ling Tiansu still felt difficult, while the man in the mask became more and more comfortable. Yun Feng observed the fierce battle in the sky carefully. The power of space versus the power of space, this was a battle she couldn’t participate in easily. She felt that her understanding of the power of space wasn’t enough. Even if she rushed forward, she would undoubtedly only cause trouble.

“Senior Yao Guang! Senior Yao Guang!” Yun Feng tried to call Yao Guang in her mind. After calling him for a long time, Yao Guang’s exhausted voice sounded. “Kid, what’s wrong?”

Yun Feng was delighted to hear Yao Guang’s voice. “Senior Yao Guang, the Ling family is in trouble.”

Yao Guang’s voice suddenly became silent. In the end, he said impatiently, “What does the Ling family’s matter have to do with me?”

Yun Feng was stunned. Ling Xiaoyun was saved by Yao Guang. Why was he so cold to the Ling family? Yao Guang said tiredly, “Kid, I advise you not to interfere with the Ling family’s business.”

Yun Feng frowned abruptly and glanced at the fierce battle in the sky. “It’s impossible for me to stay out of it.”

“The situation isn’t good, Fengfeng. Ling Tiansu seems to be struggling more and more.” Qu Lanyi looked at the sky and said solemnly. Mu Canghai said thoughtfully on the side, “Although Ling Xiaoyun has extraordinary control of space, he has just released this ability not long ago after all. He’s completely new to controlling the power of space.”

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