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Chapter 965: Unexpected Turn of Events (2)

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Yun Feng stood there and looked at Ling Xiaoyun thoughtfully, before she heaved a sigh. Ling Tiansu’s body was stiffened. After a long time, his lips finally moved and his voice became much hoarse. “No reason, no why.”

Ling Xiaoyun burst into laughter. “Hahahaha! Alright, I accept your answer. Don’t worry. I’ll never step into the Ling family again.”

Ling Tiansu’s heart was twisted fiercely as a kind of bitter pain spread in his heart. That was good. This child wouldn’t step into the Ling family again and wouldn’t have anything to do with the Ling family anymore. That was enough. This was enough.

“Now, leave the Ling family.” Ling Tiansu calmed his mind and said coldly. The corners of Ling Xiaoyun’s mouth curled up in mockery. Before he could say anything, Ling Tiansu’s expression changed drastically. He grabbed Ling Xiaoyun with his big hand and pulled him behind him. Ling Tiansu’s body protected Ling Xiaoyun firmly. Ling Tiansu stared at a corner in the sky fiercely and shouted!

“Who’s hiding there sneakily? Come out!”

Ling Tiansu’s shout attracted everyone’s attention. Hundreds of eyes immediately looked at the sky at the same time. There was nothing there except the endless blue sky. The third son of the Ling family looked at his brother suspiciously. Ling Tiansu sneered and suddenly squeezed the air. The space that he was staring at suddenly twisted and tore violently!

Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai immediately felt that Mo Changge was looking at the completely distorted space in the sky deeply, as if he was thinking about something. Ling Tiansu exerted more strength in his hand, as if he wanted to tear the space apart completely!

“If you don’t come out, I’ll tear you apart!” Ling Tiansu roared furiously. Terrifying spatial power erupted from his body and a figure suddenly jumped out of the distorted space. Everyone was shocked!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why are you so angry? I’ve just arrived.” The person who jumped out of the distorted space stood in the sky leisurely. The members of the Ling family were all shocked! Yun Feng, who was standing in the training ground, was instantly enraged!

The person floating in the air was wearing a black robe, and the robe was embroidered with the mysterious pattern that Yun Feng couldn’t be more familiar with! The person who took away the ancestor’s soul, the hooded man, had appeared again! However, this man was wearing a mask on his face. The facial features of the mask were drawn very weirdly, making people feel uncomfortable at first glance.

“That pattern…” Mu Canghai said in a low voice. Qu Lanyi’s face was also covered with a layer of coldness. “It seems that we’re in trouble with the Ling family.”

Yun Feng didn’t say a word. She gritted her teeth fiercely and suppressed the anger in her heart as she clenched her fists tightly! Very good, another one came. Even if his target this time had nothing to do with her, she must interfere!

“Who are you? You entered the Ling family without permission!” Ling Tiansu looked at the mysterious figure in the sky and frowned hard. He stood straight with a layer of anger on his face. Someone invaded this place. The dimension elders didn’t warn him. How did he get in?

“Master Ling, are you wondering where those two old guys went?” The person in the air said provocatively, then burst into laughter. “I’ve already dealt with those two old guys.”

“What did you say?” Ling Tiansu was immediately enraged. The members of the Ling family were also shocked after hearing that! The dimension elders were dead! How was that possible? The power of space came out of Ling Tiansu’s body like a sharp sword. The man wearing a mask swayed his body and smiled weirdly as he dodged. “Master Ling, why don’t we talk? Perhaps a few more members of the Ling family can survive.”

Ling Tiansu’s black eyes suddenly darkened and his attacks became even more ruthless. While he attacked fiercely, he flipped his hand and a jade pendant appeared in his hand. Ling Tiansu crushed it fiercely and the space in the distance immediately distorted forcefully. Three powerful spatial forces came from the sky!

Another three dimension elders arrived. When they saw the masked man who appeared in front of them, their expressions all turned cold. Ling Tiansu also jumped up and soared into the sky. At the same time, his deep voice spread to every corner of this area!

“Bloodline of the Ling family, listen up! Leave this place quickly!”

The masked man laughed and his black robe suddenly curled up. “Master Ling, it’s too late.”

Ling Tiansu’s expression didn’t change. “Even if all the descendants of the Ling family die here, you can forget about getting out alive!”

The three dimension elders and Ling Tiansu attacked the masked man together. The body of the masked man seemed to freeze for a moment. “Tsk! How troublesome! I should get as much of the ability of the Ling family as I can… Compared to those cheap bloodlines, I’m more satisfied with you, Master Ling, or… that kid.”

“Shut up! Arrogant intruder, die!” The three spatial elders attacked at the same time. The black-robed man burst into laughter. The black robe on his body rose without any wind and his arrogant laughter spread throughout the space!

This accident threw the Ling family into chaos! Most people in the house of the Ling family gathered in the training ground. When Ling Tiansu gave the order, everyone was still in a daze! It wasn’t until the appearance of the three dimension elders and the fierce battle in the sky that the members of the Ling family finally realized!

“None of the younger generation of the Ling family is allowed to attack. Leave quickly!” The third son of the Ling family suddenly shouted. The most important thing at this critical moment was to keep their bloodline! “All the older generation of the Ling family stay and resist the invaders!” While Ling Tiansu was fighting fiercely, the third son of the Ling family took on the identity of the temporary leader. In such a chaotic moment, what the third son of the Ling family said made everyone know what to do!

“Go, go!” The older generation of the Ling family reacted in an instant and immediately escaped with the younger generation. And this group of hot-blooded young people seemed to be stubborn at this moment. The sense of family buried deep in their blood was completely aroused!

“We’re not leaving!” The young people all shouted. The older generation immediately didn’t care about so much. They knocked the youngsters unconscious and dragged away everybody they could. The older generation all knew in their minds that there couldn’t only be one person invading this time, or the master wouldn’t have given such an order! The Ling family was facing a life-and-death crisis!

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