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Chapter 964: Unexpected Turn of Events (1)

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As soon as the second daughter-in-law said this, Ling Xiaoyun suddenly turned around. His handsome face, which was still calm just then, was full of anger at this moment! He waved his hand fiercely and the second daughter-in-law was instantly pulled away by a strong force, flying backwards and hitting the pillars in the four corners of the training ground fiercely. She vomited blood fiercely and her body slid down like a kite with a broken string.

“Mother, mother!” Seeing this scene, Ling Jiahua immediately struggled and wanted to crawl over, but he didn’t have the strength to do so at all. He looked at Ling Xiaoyun fiercely with his little eyes. “How dare you hurt my mother! You little bastard! Argh!”

Another scream came!

Ling Xiaoyun’s attack was extremely fast. Nobody had expected that. The members of the Ling family, who were still immersed in the miserable state of the second daughter-in-law, only saw a black shadow flash in front of their eyes. Ling Jiahua’s body flew back quickly. The members of the Ling family only had time to see his terrified and even distorted face and the little eyes that were so wide that they almost popped out of their eye sockets!

“Argh!” Ling Jiahua screamed. Ling Xiaoyun waved his hand again, unleashing the invisible power of space! “Crack!” Ling Jiahua’s body hit the same pillar. His head and spine didn’t have any chance to resist at all. After a few crisp cracks, Ling Jiahua was dead.

Ling Jiahua’s lifeless body landed on the ground heavily next to his mother, who was still alive. When she saw Ling Jiahua’s dead body, her eyes widened abruptly. Coupled with her messy hair, it was very scary!

The third son of the Ling family was stunned when he saw this scene. “Ling Xiaoyun, how dare you!” The third son of the Ling family roared and was about to attack. The other members of the Ling family also turned around at this moment. Ling Xiaoyun killed a member of the Ling family in front of their eyes! Many people were also enraged in an instant. Ling Xiaoyun, who was in the middle of the training ground, was full of anger. He didn’t care that he had already become the target of everyone!

He didn’t care if other people insulted him! He didn’t care about being called animals or losers! However, nobody could insult his mother!

When the members of the Ling family were about to attack, Yun Feng suddenly stood next to Ling Xiaoyun and looked at all the members of the Ling family coldly with her black eyes. She clasped her hands and a ball of elements with different colors appeared in her hands!

Fire, water and wind. These three elements constantly intertwined, bit and roared, forming a kind of color that seemed to want to dazzle other people’s eyes. The elemental ball of these three elements kept emitting a terrifying pressure that enveloped the entire venue!

Ling Xiaoyun’s eyes widened when he saw the item in Yun Feng’s hand. He looked at Yun Feng in disbelief. Was that… the fusion of elements? She could fuse different elements together! And… she fused three elements. She had multiple elements!

“W-What’s that?”

“Why do I feel panicked… Do you feel that way…”

“What kind of monster is Yun Feng? She fused different elements together. Isn’t she afraid of self-destruction?”

“Who knows? She must be a lunatic!”

“Whether she’s crazy or not, she fused three elements. Did you see that? She has multiple elements!”

The members of the Ling family, who wanted to attack, immediately stopped attacking. The third son of the Ling family looked at Yun Feng dumbfoundedly. Feeling the terrifying power that kept bursting out of the fused elemental ball, his heart was a bit trembling!

“The duel isn’t over yet! Why? Does the Ling family go back on their words?”

Most of the members of the Ling family couldn’t help but swallow and took half a step back. They all looked at the bright ball that kept rolling in Yun Feng’s hand vigilantly. Ling Tiansu roared with a sullen face, “Ling Jiahua is dead. This battle has already ended. Ling Xiaoyun, go!”

“Brother! We can’t let that bastard go!” The third son of the Ling family was anxious after hearing that. How could he let Ling Xiaoyun go?

Ling Tiansu stared at the elemental fusion ball in Yun Feng’s hand and his face twitched a few times. “Yun Feng, enough is enough.”

Yun Feng burst into laughter. “As long as the Ling family knows what to do, I’ll certainly know when to stop.” She waved her fair hand and the elemental ball that intimidated everyone just then immediately disappeared. The members of the Ling family were also inexplicably relieved.

Yun Feng originally wanted Ling Xiaoyun to leave quickly, but he had already turned around and walked straight to Ling Tiansu. His steps were extremely firm and he didn’t stop at all! He walked slowly under the knife-like gaze of the Ling family. He was so persistent.

Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown. What was Ling Xiaoyun doing? Didn’t he know that a group of wolves was staring at him? Even though the power of space he unleashed was very strong, he didn’t have a chance of winning against so many people. She didn’t have a second chance to help him!

“What are you doing?” The third son of the Ling family couldn’t help but step back when he saw Ling Xiaoyun walking straight over. Apart from Ling Tiansu, everyone else around him kept stepping back because of Ling Xiaoyun’s movement. Ling Tiansu stood there steadily and looked at Ling Xiaoyun with a deep gaze. Ling Xiaoyun slowly walked over and stabilized himself five steps in front of Ling Tiansu.

The father and son looked at each other just like that. Ling Tiansu said in a deep voice, “You only have one chance. Leave quickly before I change my mind!”

Ling Xiaoyun was silent for a while. Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but frown. The man only had one chance. If Ling Xiaoyun didn’t know how to seize the opportunity, he wouldn’t ask Yun Feng to help him a second time! Ling Xiaoyun suddenly straightened his body and gazed into Ling Tiansu’s eyes. “I didn’t come back for anything, not for the Ling family, not for you.”

Ling Tiansu’s temples throbbed again and his lips trembled, but he didn’t make a sound.

“I only wanted to give myself an answer when I came back this time.” Ling Xiaoyun said slowly and clearly. His voice echoed in Ling Tiansu’s head like a bell. “Why?” Ling Xiaoyun’s black eyes glittered. He finally asked why.

Ling Tiansu’s pupils shrank quickly. He clenched his fists, which were hidden in his long sleeves. Blue veins bulged, as if the blood inside was about to burst out of the veins! Ling Xiaoyun looked at Ling Tiansu attentively without any expression. He was here for an answer.

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