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Chapter 963: Nobody (6)

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“We want this duel to be fair. Nobody can disturb them. Nobody!”

Yun Feng’s mental strength formed a thick and high wall of mental strength around the training ground, surrounding Ling Xiaoyun and Ling Jiahua firmly. Everyone in the Ling family was blocked outside by this mental wall! After the second daughter-in-law was repelled by Yun Feng’s mental strength, she stood up from the ground in a sorry state and stared at Yun Feng firmly.

“You’re an outsider. Why do you have to interfere? Yun Feng, you’re not qualified to do this!”


Ling Jiahua’s screams in the training ground didn’t stop. His body was squeezed in the air by Ling Xiaoyun fiercely and his muscles were constantly deformed. “Mother, save me, save me!” Ling Jiahua looked at his mother with bloodshot eyes that were full of fear!

Seeing Ling Jiahua like this, his second wife’s eyes turned red! “Master! Jiahua is going to die!”

Ling Tiansu had been standing there silently. The members of the Yun family, who were separated by Yun Feng’s mental wall, didn’t look any better. Some young people didn’t believe it and wanted to rush forward, but they were all bounced back by Yun Feng’s mental strength without exception.

Realizing that Ling Tiansu was silent, the second son’s wife ran over again and was bounced back fiercely as expected!

“Second Sister-in-law!” The third son of the Ling family couldn’t help but shout. He turned around and looked at his brother. “Brother, you can’t just watch Jiahua die here! Second Sister-in-law only has one son. If he dies, Second Brother’s family will…”

Ling Tiansu’s temples pounded hard a few times, but he still didn’t say anything. He stared at Ling Xiaoyun, who had completely changed, in the center of the training ground. He couldn’t calm the excitement in his heart no matter how hard he tried!

“Life and death are unpredictable in a battle. If Ling Jiahua can’t die, Ling Xiaoyun can?” Yun Feng turned around and glanced at them coldly. The third son of the Ling family immediately shouted furiously!

“Yun Feng! This is the Ling family’s private matter after all. As an outsider, you should know your identity!”

“Private? So, you admit that Ling Xiaoyun is a member of the Ling family? Otherwise, why would it be private?” Yun Feng glanced at him coldly and then turned her head aside. “Whoever wants to die, feel free to try!”

There were still young people who wanted to break through Yun Feng’s mental wall in the training ground. Yun Feng snorted in disdain and didn’t show mercy anymore. The young people who tried to pass through the mental wall were all bounced away fiercely and fell on the ground, spitting out blood!

Everyone in the Ling family was shocked. At this moment, Ling Tiansu finally said, “Nobody is allowed to interfere with this battle! You can’t complain even if you die up there!”

“I only have one son, Jiahua! Ling Tiansu! As the leader of the Ling family, you disregard the lives of the members of your family. You don’t deserve to be the leader! Why? Ling Xiaoyun is back now. Even though I don’t know what’s wrong with this bastard, I do know that you want this bastard to inherit the position of the leader of the Ling family. Even though this bastard is quite capable, don’t forget that he’s already been expelled from the Ling family. He’s not qualified to step into the Ling family or touch anything of the Ling family!”

“Second sister-in-law, are you done?” When the third son of the Ling family saw that his second daughter-in-law was so tactless, he immediately pulled her aside. “Brother, second sister-in-law is anxious. Don’t take it to heart…”

The second daughter-in-law suddenly shook off the hand of the third son of the Ling family and stood up. “Why? I wasn’t wrong! Ling Tiansu! Tell me, are you fit to be the leader of the family? You’re protecting an abandoned son who’s been kicked out. Don’t take advantage of him. If you don’t have the ability, come down and let someone else do the job!”

These words completely shocked the scene. The second son’s wife said angrily as her chest kept fluctuating. Ling Tiansu stood there with a gloomy face, but he didn’t say anything. Yun Feng listened with interest and endless ridicule in her eyes. Was this the sorrow of a large family?

“Plop!” A loud noise came from the center of the training ground. Ling Jiahua’s body suddenly fell from the sky and hit the ground hard. Ling Xiaoyun had already retracted his hand and stepped on Ling Jiahua’s body. Ling Jiahua screamed again and could only let Ling Xiaoyun step on him.

“Jiahua, Jiahua!” The second daughter-in-law didn’t have anyone in her eyes right now, only Ling Jiahua, who was still breathing on the ground. Even though she regretted what she said just then in her mind, she had already said it now and there was no way out! She was going all out right now. As long as Jiahua wasn’t dead, anything was fine! The one who deserved to die was Ling Xiaoyun, this little bastard!

After the strong spatial distortion just then, there were already obvious wounds on Ling Jiahua’s body. Coupled with his delicate skin and the wounds all over his body, Ling Xiaoyun stepped on him and walked over, making him lose the last bit of his strength. He could only lie on the ground, panting like a fat pig that had been struggling for a long time to be slaughtered. Seeing Ling Jiahua like this, the second daughter-in-law’s eyes turned red. “Ling Xiaoyun! Don’t fall into my hands!”

Ling Xiaoyun laughed and ignored the second son’s wife’s threat. He simply walked to Yun Feng. “Yun Feng, you don’t have to do anything about this.”

Yun Feng chuckled. “I’ve never been a busybody.” She waved her hand, and the transparent mental walls around the training ground turned into mental strength and retreated into Yun Feng’s body. Ling Xiaoyun looked at Yun Feng. “I’ll remember your help.”

Yun Feng smiled lightly and didn’t say anything. The second daughter-in-law rushed over and held Ling Jiahua, who was covered in wounds, in her arms. Ling Jiahua grunted a few times and looked at Ling Xiaoyun with hatred in his little eyes. If this mother and son had the chance and the ability, they wouldn’t let Ling Xiaoyun go. This might still be possible in the past, but it wasn’t possible anymore right now.

“Ling Xiaoyun! You’ll die a horrible death!” After checking the injuries on Ling Jiahua’s body, the second son’s wife roared fiercely and then suddenly spat. “You deserve to be kicked out. You deserve to be a loser! Even if you have the ability now, you’re still a loser. Those who gave birth to you and raised you are losers. Argh!”

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