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Chapter 960: Nobody (3)

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The second son’s wife immediately trembled! How could he do that? It was too short!

Yun Feng curled up her lips and smiled. “Alright, one month it is. Some people should hide their intentions in their stomachs. It won’t be good if they expose themselves.”

The eyes of the second daughter-in-law glittered a few times and the resentment in her heart rose again! One month, damn it! Yun Feng, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill! Hm, how much better could that little bastard recover after taking two attacks from Ling Tiansu in one month? As for Jiahua… it certainly wasn’t a problem!

The second daughter-in-law didn’t say anything else. The matter was settled just like that. The members of the Ling family immediately dispersed. Ling Xiaoyun stayed with Yun Feng to continue recuperating. The second daughter-in-law glared at Yun Feng fiercely before she left. Yun Feng couldn’t be bothered with her at all.

The two dimension elders left with Ling Tiansu, as if they wanted to discuss something in secret. The farce finally ended. Ling Xiaoyun was helped into Qu Lanyi’s room again. At this moment, he couldn’t hold on anymore and fainted.

“Hold on. Let him hold on.” Mo Changge sat on the side and said as he looked at the unconscious Ling Xiaoyun. He tapped his fingers on the handle. Qu Lanyi checked Ling Xiaoyun’s injuries and confirmed that he was fine. Mo Canghai sat on the other side. “Is one month enough?”

Yun Feng smiled. “That’s enough. Ling Xiaoyun doesn’t need recovery. He needs to be cornered.”

After examining Ling Xiaoyun’s injuries, Qu Lanyi sat next to Yun Feng and glanced at Mo Changge with her beautiful eyes. “Is Ling Jiahua’s injury really like what the bitch said? He’s unconscious? Ling Xiaoyun probably didn’t let Ling Jiahua escape unscathed, but it’s a bit exaggerated that he’s still unconscious today.”

Mo Changge chuckled and looked at Yun Feng. “Yun Feng, I’ll tell you if you want to know.”

Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth and held Yun Feng’s waist with one hand. She raised her brows and looked at Mo Changge. The smile on Mo Changge’s face froze for a moment. Yun Feng slapped Qu Lanyi’s hand away. “What’s the situation with Ling Jiahua?”

Seeing that Qu Lanyi’s arm was slapped away, Mo Changge smiled. “He’s alive and vigorous right now, but he’s been cooped up in his room.”

The few of them sneered after hearing that. If that was the case, that bitch was really smart. She said that Ling Jiahua was seriously injured and unconscious, and wanted Ling Xiaoyun dead!

“One month. This bitch is probably enjoying herself,” said Qu Lanyi coldly. Yun Feng, however, snorted in disdain and glanced at Ling Xiaoyun, who was unconscious on the bed. “Enjoying herself? Just let her enjoy herself for a while. She’ll cry.”

The Ling family’s mansion calmed down a bit because of Yun Feng’s suggestion to have another fair battle. The matter about Ling Xiaoyun became the topic of discussion for everyone in the Ling family again. The abandoned son who was expelled back then came back. His second battle with Ling Jiahua made the Ling family’s territory boil.

If you want to fight, just fight! Even though Ling Jiahua didn’t have a strong understanding of the ability to control space, Ling Xiaoyun wouldn’t be his match at all if he used the power of space! The second son’s wife had always claimed that the battle back then was unfair and that Ling Xiaoyun played dirty. Naturally, the members of the Ling family were on their side. Everyone agreed that they must teach Ling Xiaoyun a lesson in this battle and watch him lose fair and square!

During the one-month, when all the members of the Ling family were waiting anxiously for this battle, Ling Jiahua’s yard was a different scene. Ling Jiahua, who was supposedly badly injured and unconscious, was sitting by the bed at this moment. His cheeks were red and healthy and his eyes were bright. His slightly chubby body made him look tender and he should be eating well.

“Mother, what do you mean fight again? I’m not fighting! Why is that bastard still alive?” Ling Jiahua said furiously as the flesh on his cheeks shook a few times.

“Do you think I don’t want that bastard to die? You were injured so badly by him back then and now, your father is imprisoned. I’ve thought of countless ways, but someone interfered and couldn’t kill that bastard!”

“It’s all because of Yun Feng. What a troublemaker!”

“That’s right. If it weren’t for her, that little bastard would have died countless times!”

“Mother, can’t you think of a way to get rid of him secretly?” Ling Jiahua’s narrowed eyes glittered as he looked at his mother with anticipation.

“Kill him secretly? He’s with Yun Feng right now. I can’t reach him even if I have ten more hands!”

“Then what should we do? If we fight… I can’t beat him at all…” Ling Jiahua remembered the battle with Ling Xiaoyun last time. If his father didn’t come to help him, he would probably have been beaten to death by Ling Xiaoyun!

“What do you mean you can’t beat him? How much can that bastard recover in one month? Don’t forget that he endured two attacks from Ling Tiansu. Even if he recovers in one month, you can still beat him easily!”

“Really? That’s true. Master’s two attacks either killed or crippled him. Is that bastard retarded? He even took Master’s attacks. Hahahaha! He deserved to be beaten to death by me this time!”

His second wife chuckled. “Jiahua, you obviously have the upper hand in this battle. You can’t miss this opportunity. You must kill this bastard! Duel? Alright, let’s kill that bastard. I’ll see what Yun Feng has to say!”

“Mother, I’ve never understood. That bastard has already been expelled. Why must you and father let that bastard die? What does his death have to do with me?”

The second son’s wife rolled her eyes at Ling Jiahua. “What do you know? There must be something behind his expulsion back then! Why did Ling Tiansu not let that bastard die again and again? He thought others couldn’t see it, but I did! There must be something on that bastard. Your father and I have searched for so many years, but we still haven’t found this bastard. Ling Tiansu must have sent him away secretly! Since he’s so concerned about this bastard, it proves that the position of the leader of the Ling family will very likely belong to that bastard one day!”

“What? How is that possible? Isn’t that animal a loser?”

“Do you know if he’s a loser or not? We have to get rid of this troublemaker forever before anything happens. He came to us himself. Of course, we can’t let him go!” Speaking up to this point, the second daughter-in-law’s face was full of resentment. “Why should Ling Tiansu be the leader? Your father’s strength isn’t bad and he’s countless times better at socializing than Ling Tiansu! The position of the leader should have belonged to your father! The Ling family has developed so much and your father has done a lot! Why should Ling Tiansu enjoy all the glory and wealth alone? You want to give the position to that kid? Dream on!”

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