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Chapter 959: Nobody (2)

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Ling Tiansu remained silent with a sullen face. Yun Feng glanced at the second son’s wife. “It’s not your place to interfere with the agreement between Ling Xiaoyun and the Ling family’s master.”

Seeing that Yun Feng’s gaze was fixed on her, the second son’s wife was a bit flustered. “What nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean I interfered? How would I dare? Master, don’t believe what she said. This outsider interfered with the Ling family’s business without permission. She’s too shameless!”

“Who’s the shameless one? You know very well in your mind!” Yun Feng shouted loudly. The second son’s wife’s face turned a bit pale. That was impossible. She wouldn’t know. She didn’t do anything at all. Why was she so sure that she did it?

“What’s going on? Yun Feng, you interfered with the Ling family’s business without permission!” Ling Tiansu finally said as he looked at Yun Feng with a hint of anger in his black eyes. Yun Feng sneered. “Master Ling, you don’t know? The third attack just then was added.”

“What do you mean?” Ling Tiansu frowned. Yun Feng glanced at him. “The attack just then was mixed with the power of space of other people. It was the power of several spaces combined. You really hate Ling Xiaoyun so much?”

Ling Tiansu was stunned. Then, he suddenly turned around and looked at the group of people behind him. Everyone immediately lowered their heads and remained silent. Ling Tiansu’s expression at this moment was very terrifying!

“Who gave you the courage to do this?”

With a furious roar, the ground seemed to shake. Ling Xiaoyun stood there weakly and couldn’t help but feel shocked when he heard that. Then, the corners of his mouth curled up and he put on a mocking smile. Ling Tiansu glanced at everyone here with fury in his eyes. “Who did this? Come out! Don’t think I don’t know!”

The young people of the Ling family immediately trembled and fell silent. The eyes of the second daughter-in-law glittered. She was afraid that those few people would take the initiative to confess because they were afraid of Ling Tiansu. She immediately said, “Master! Doesn’t that bastard deserve to die?”

Ling Tiansu suddenly turned around and glanced at her fiercely like a wolf. The second son’s wife’s breathing immediately tightened! “You’re not allowed to interrupt here!”

Yun Feng’s heart was full of disdain when she saw such a scene. Seeing how weak Ling Xiaoyun was, Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. “Master Ling, can you listen to me?”

Ling Tiansu turned around stiffly. The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up. “Ling Xiaoyun didn’t step into the Ling family’s mansion by himself. He was picked up. He was already severely injured at that time. He had no choice. If it were him, I don’t think he would have taken the initiative to step in.” Yun Feng pointed at Mo Changge and pushed all the responsibility to him. Mo Changge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and smiled awkwardly.

Ling Tiansu was stunned. He looked at Mo Changge, who chuckled. “Well, that’s right. I picked him up. Master Ling didn’t say that we can’t move freely, did he?”

Ling Tiansu’s face twitched again. The members of the Ling family were stunned again. The second daughter-in-law bit her lips hard, knowing that things were very likely to change. Taking the initiative to enter the Ling family and being forced to enter the Ling family were two different concepts.

“If Ling Xiaoyun didn’t step into the Ling family voluntarily, what Master Ling said just then shouldn’t count. Ling Xiaoyun was expelled from the Ling family. Logically speaking, even you have no right to punish him!” Yun Feng’s voice became cold. Ling Tiansu’s eyebrows suddenly jumped a few times. “What do you mean?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “The cause of the matter was nothing more than a duel. Ling Xiaoyun said it was a fair battle, but that bitch said Ling Xiaoyun played dirty. Ling Jiahua is also seriously injured at this moment. None of us knows the truth of the matter. Of course, neither of them can be trusted.”

Ling Tiansu stood there and didn’t say anything. The anger in the second daughter-in-law’s heart rose after being called a bitch by Yun Feng! “What do you mean they can’t be trusted? He was the one who used dirty tricks to hurt Jiahua! How dare you call me a bitch!”

Yun Feng directly ignored this barking bitch. “Since the fairness of this battle remains to be verified, why don’t we do it again? Set a rule in front of everyone and let the two of them fight again! By then, nobody will have any complaints even if either of them dies!”

Ling Tiansu was stunned. Another round? The other members of the Ling family were also stunned. The second son’s wife was shocked. Another round! “Again! Jiahua is seriously injured and can’t wake up. How can we compete?”

Yun Feng burst into laughter. “Then let’s wait for him to wake up! Why? Does the Ling family not even have the courage to compete again? Or is the truth as Ling Xiaoyun said, that it’s an unfair battle?”

“Why should we compete just because you say so?” The second daughter-in-law shouted. Yun Feng smiled again after hearing that. “Why shouldn’t we? Since you said that the battle wasn’t fair, let’s have a fair one! Since you said that Ling Xiaoyun defeated Ling Jiahua with dirty tricks, let Ling Jiahua defeat Ling Xiaoyun with his strength in front of everyone. If you don’t want to compete, are you guilty?”

Yun Feng’s sharp words immediately made the second son’s wife speechless. “You…” After talking for a long time, she couldn’t say anything. She could only turn around and look at Ling Tiansu, but Ling Tiansu’s expression made her completely speechless. “Master Ling! What do you think?” Yun Feng shouted as she looked at Ling Tiansu without fear in her black eyes. Ling Tiansu remained silent, but Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry. “If the Ling family insists on attacking Ling Xiaoyun, I’ll definitely not stay out of it!”

Ling Tiansu narrowed his black eyes! She wouldn’t stay out of it! Ling Tiansu wasn’t nervous about Yun Feng, but Yao Guang, who was with Yun Feng! Ling Tiansu’s heart immediately churned. This was the only way to solve the current situation. Since someone always said that it was an unfair battle, they should fight fairly again!

“Alright, we’ll do as you say!” Ling Tiansu said in a deep voice. The second son’s wife immediately turned pale! Another duel! “Master, this…” This won’t do! Ling Tiansu looked at the second son’s wife coldly. “What does Ling Jiahua need? The butler will send it to you.”

“This… This… Jiahua is seriously injured. He won’t be able to get better in a while…” The second daughter-in-law said uncertainly, but Ling Tiansu smiled coldly. “Why? Will he never get better?”

The second son’s wife moved her lips and didn’t say anything. Ling Tiansu looked at Yun Feng. “One month is the limit. In one month, let these two people fight again in the Ling family. This time, they won’t complain whether they live or die!”

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