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Chapter 961: Nobody (4)

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After hearing that, Ling Jiahua narrowed his eyes fiercely. “Alright, I’ll definitely take that animal’s life this time to prevent any future trouble!”

A month passed in the blink of an eye. Everyone in the Ling family knew about the second duel between Ling Xiaoyun and Ling Jiahua. There was no news from Yun Feng’s yard where Ling Xiaoyun was. Everyone in the Ling family knew very well that Ling Xiaoyun was seriously injured. How would he be able to recover in a month? Ling Xiaoyun would definitely lose this duel! If he had any self-knowledge, he might as well take this one month to escape from the Ling family’s territory, but that wasn’t quite possible.

The day of the duel soon came. The location of the battle between the two of them was in the training ground of the Ling family’s main house. This training ground was where all the younger generation of the Ling family cultivated. Today, no one was practicing in the huge training ground. They all stood around the training ground and surrounded it tightly.

The members of the Ling family seemed to have all come out, whether they were young or old. They all came to the training ground. This place, which was usually only lively with young people, became the most lively place in the Ling family today. The members of the Ling family wouldn’t miss this place today, or the battle that was about to be held here!

“That loser still has the face to fight with Ling Jiahua. He’s truly overestimating himself…”

“I heard that he was beaten up by the master that day. He’s probably seriously injured. He didn’t propose this battle. It was Yun Feng. Otherwise, he would have been killed by the master!”

“Oh? So, he’d live in exchange for this duel?”

“He probably only had this extra month to live. Yun Feng’s move isn’t very useful. Ling Xiaoyun is a loser in the Ling family. Who else in the Ling family is a loser other than him? Even though Ling Jiahua isn’t a top figure, he’s more or less strong. Ling Xiaoyun is digging his own grave this time.”

“Why did he come back? Did someone kick him in the head?”

“Who knows? Just wait and see. Ling Jiahua won’t let Ling Xiaoyun go. With his personality…”

“Tut-tut, even though he should be on our side, that Ling Jiahua…”

The young people around the arena began to discuss in private. It was very lively. All the elders of the Ling family were here. Apart from the second son of the Ling family, who was imprisoned, the others all stood behind Ling Tiansu respectfully.

“Are both of them here?” Ling Tiansu asked the butler next to him. The butler secretly wiped his sweat. “Master, Young Master Jiahua is already here, but Ling Xiaoyun… isn’t here yet.”

“Hm, did he hide in fear and take the opportunity to escape?” The second son’s wife said sarcastically on the side. The third son of the Ling family, who was injured, also came. His face was a bit pale, but his body was fine. “Brother, do you want me to take a look?”

Ling Tiansu snorted. “Escape? Let’s talk about it after he gets out!” Ling Tiansu looked up at the empty training ground. His son wasn’t someone who would run away! With Ling Xiaoyun’s personality, how would he possibly run away?

Second Daughter-in-law snorted in disdain and didn’t say anything else. In her opinion and in the eyes of the Ling family, the result of today’s duel had already been decided before it started. The time of the duel hadn’t arrived yet. The training ground was full of excitement and discussions. Ling Jiahua had already been a bit impatient. If it weren’t for his mother who kept winking at him, he probably wouldn’t have been able to sit still.

Finally, the moment of the battle arrived. The butler walked to Ling Tiansu’s side. “Master, it’s time. Ling Xiaoyun still isn’t here. Should we send someone over…” The butler didn’t say anything else, because Ling Tiansu’s face suddenly darkened. He waved his hand and the butler had already got up and left.

“Master, what did I say? Did that kid already run away? Even though he doesn’t have the ability to escape, it doesn’t mean that Yun Feng doesn’t!” The second daughter-in-law said sarcastically. Ling Tiansu didn’t say anything. He just stood there with his body stiffened and the muscles all over his body tightened at this moment!

“Thank you for thinking so highly of me.” A cold voice cut through the sky. Everyone in the training ground was slightly shocked. They subconsciously looked up and saw four figures flying quickly in the sky. They were Yun Feng and the others.

When the second son’s wife saw Yun Feng, she bit her lips hard and cursed secretly. Yun Feng landed from the sky with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth and stood in front of Ling Tiansu. “Master Ling.” Yun Feng greeted him politely. Ling Tiansu looked at her with a tense face, as if he wanted to ask something. Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry. She looked around at the crowd around the training ground. “Haha, this place is really lively today.”

“Yun Feng, where’s Ling Xiaoyun? Perhaps…” The third son of the Ling family panted and asked. Yun Feng chuckled and ignored him. “How would I know where he is?”

“You…” The third son of the Ling family was stunned by what Yun Feng said. His blood immediately surged and his face turned even paler. Yun Feng looked at Ling Tiansu with a smile. “Master Ling, since it’s time for the battle, let both parties fight. Do you not know if Ling Xiaoyun will run?”

Ling Tiansu’s eyes darkened. He looked at Yun Feng deeply a few times and didn’t say anything else. He waved his hand, and the butler immediately stepped forward. “It’s time for the duel!”

Ling Jiahua, who had been waiting impatiently, shivered when he heard the voice. He jumped agilely to the middle of the training ground and looked around. “Hm! That animal really doesn’t have the courage.”

Ling Jiahua stood in the center alone. Seeing that, his mother said coldly, “Who can’t see if the battle back then was fair? Humph!”

There was always a smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth and she didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. She looked at Ling Jiahua in the arena with deep mockery in her black eyes. Ling Jiahua, who was in the center of the arena, waited for a while and still didn’t see Ling Xiaoyun come out. He couldn’t help but shout at the sky, “Ling Xiaoyun! Loser! Bastard! Come out if you have the guts! Come out and fight me if you have the ability! Are you scared, you loser of the Ling family?”

“Is there something wrong with that fatty?” Mo Changge said on the side. The second son’s wife was immediately enraged after hearing that. Yun Feng commented indifferently, “Can’t you see if there’s anything wrong?”

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