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Chapter 921: Contracting Yaoyao (1)

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Ever since then, the giant beast seemed to have fallen asleep again. Perhaps because it was injured twice, it calmed down. This made the senior members of the Summoning Union much more relaxed. They had enough time to find summoners with potential. Many years had passed. Although there were geniuses, they obviously weren’t qualified.

Time passed slowly bit by bit. The giant beast in the sealed space seemed to be waking up again. After such a long time of recuperation, once the giant beast woke up, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Speaking of this, everyone understood that there was indeed a deeper purpose behind the Convention this time.

“Is that giant beast showing signs of waking up?” asked a summoner. Ling sighed softly. “It’s like this. Even though the seal on that space has been strengthened many times, it’s useless. That giant beast has been recuperating inside for such a long time and its power is no longer comparable to before. Once it breaks the seal, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

“The Summoning Union wants to send us inside?”

Ling pushed his glasses. “Indeed.”

The scene suddenly fell into silence. The power of the giant beast was unknown. It was unknown if they would be killed after they entered that sealed space. Thinking of this, the summoners all looked a bit conflicted. This giant beast must be very powerful. It would be great if they could contract with it. The giant beast was severely injured, so its ability would certainly be reduced. Contracting wasn’t a problem. The point was… If they found out that the class of the Magic Beast was not what they needed after entering and they died inside, wouldn’t they have wasted their time?

It was very difficult to choose whether or not to go. Yun Feng didn’t care. No matter what, she had to go in and find out. If the man in the hood cared about this Magic Beast, she would stop him until the end!

“Once the giant beast breaks through the seal, with its hatred for summoners, it will definitely go on a killing spree. By then, the fate of the summoners can be imagined. You’re also summoners. If you can go in and subdue this giant beast in its current situation, you’ll not only be able to get a rare beast, but also make a huge contribution to the entire summoners’ world. The Summoning Union will automatically give you an elder seat with real power.”

The expressions of the three Hall Masters changed slightly. The Union of Summoners had set too many decoys! It seemed that things had already reached the point where they had to be resolved. If the giant beast wreaked havoc, the West Continent would definitely be in chaos.

The summoners were still silent, but the solemn expression on their faces was a bit loosened. Magic Beasts, honor, status! These were things that everyone wanted! It wasn’t easy to get such an opportunity. Even though there was a risk of death, it was impossible to get these things without paying a price! The few summoners looked at each other and finally fixed their eyes on Yun Feng. She was the only multi-element summoner, and she was even a Lord-Level summoner!

If they missed this opportunity because they were timid and afraid of death, wouldn’t they regret it if Yun Feng got the giant beast? The summoners thought for a moment with different expressions and a glint of darkness flashed in Ling’s eyes. “Miss Yun, what do you think?”

Everyone immediately fixed their eyes on Yun Feng. Yun Feng smiled in the corner. “Of course, I’ll go.”

Ling curled up the corners of his mouth. What she said obviously provoked the other four summoners. If she said she was going, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing if they didn’t go? The other four immediately expressed that they wanted to go. Ling nodded in satisfaction with a hint of cunningness flashing deep in his eyes.

“Since you’ve already decided, please prepare well in the next few days. The Summoning Union will send you in in three days. Remember, with the current power of the seal, we can only send five people in at most. If there are too many people, the seal will break on its own.”

There were at most five people. No wonder the Summoning Union defined the number of people who qualified as five. After everything was settled, they would gather again in this place three days later. At that time, the leader of the Ling family, Ling Tiansu, would send the summoners in.

Yun Feng returned to her room and found that everyone was waiting for her in the room. Seeing her back, Qu Lanyi smiled gently. Yaoyao, who was playing happily with Lan Yi, immediately pounced on her. Yun Feng extended her arms and caught Yaoyao’s little body. Even though Yaoyao appeared in a mature form last time, she obviously couldn’t control her power well. After that, Yaoyao quickly became a little girl again, but she looked more pleasing to the eye.

Yaoyao liked to stick to Yun Feng. If she wrapped herself around Yun Feng’s body with such a mature body, it would look very strange.

Yaoyao put her arms around Yun Feng’s neck. She hadn’t been sticking her little body to Yun Feng’s arms like this for a long time. She liked lying in Yun Feng’s arms very much. Yaoyao felt that there was always a vague aura of the sea in Yun Feng’s body, or rather, another even deeper aura. Yaoyao liked it very much, so she seized the opportunity to jump into Yun Feng’s arms. Yun Feng was very happy to be close to Yaoyao and hold her tightly in her arms.

After explaining what happened just then, everyone in the room understood. Mu Canghai stood aside and said coldly, “Qu Lanyi and I will enter the Dragon Palace directly. We can come out after entering that space.”

Yun Feng nodded. Qu Lanyi looked at Yaoyao thoughtfully on the side. “Yaoyao’s appearance has already caused a huge commotion. Fengfeng, it’s time to contract Yaoyao. Even though her current strength isn’t enough, the ancient power inherited in her body is enough to protect her from any harm.”

Mu Canghai also nodded. “Yun Feng, contract with her as soon as possible in case things change.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything. She also knew that Yaoyao’s appearance was too astonishing. Even the three Hall Masters were greedy, let alone others. She was temporarily safe in the Thousand Peak City right now. Once she left the city, there would be a lot of people who would come to steal Yaoyao.

Even though Yun Feng won Yaoyao in the auction, she was still an unowned item without a contract after all. If Yaoyao was forcibly contracted by someone, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Master, the ancient power in Yaoyao’s body is very strong. She’ll be fine.” Lan Yi and Little Fire both knew what Yun Feng was worried about. The Electric Python had its strength forcibly increased by Yao Man and it died in the end. Little Fire and Lan Yi still couldn’t forget that scene. Yun Feng was even more so in her mind. This was the reason why she didn’t contract with Yaoyao earlier. She didn’t want Yaoyao to be injured at all, so she didn’t contract with her forcibly. When the Electric Python died in front of her eyes, even though Yun Feng knew that there was ancient power in Yaoyao’s body, she became more and more careful.

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