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Chapter 920: The Ling Family Appears (6)

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“Allow me to introduce you. This is the leader of the Ling family, Ling Tiansu.”

After Ling’s introduction, the few summoners present were all very surprised. Everyone on the West Continent knew the name of the Ling family. All the storage containers and things related to space were made by the Ling family. The precious jade in Yun Feng’s hand was also made by the Ling family. Only the three Hall Masters had the Finger Spiritual Jade. The gift from the Bright Moon Hall Master back then wasn’t small. The status of the Ling family was certainly different from that of the other families. It was a bit like the Yun family on the East Continent. It wasn’t restrained by the three halls and was an existence above all rules.

For example, Ling Tiansu was the only family leader who could stand alongside the three Hall Masters without losing his momentum.

Thinking of Ling Tian, Yun Feng couldn’t help but think of Ling Xiaoyun, who was related to the Ling family and whom she had met once. She wondered where the member of the Ling family, who had been expelled from the family, was right now. There must be a lot of undercurrents in the Ling family. Such a big family would inevitably encounter such a problem. Ling Xiaoyun, who was defined as a loser, would only be banished one day. This was the rule of survival of a big family. If they weren’t useful to me, they could only be abandoned by me.

Thinking of her Yun family, Yun Feng felt warm in her heart. She was extremely lucky to be reborn in this world and be Yun Feng again. Her family loved her and never left her. Even when her Qi meridians were damaged back then, her brother and father protected her without hesitation. The Yun family was different.

“I’m sure you’re familiar with the Ling family. On the West Continent, all the artifacts related to space came from the Ling family.” Ling smiled lightly. “After introducing the distinguished guest specially invited by the Summoning Union, it’s time to talk about business. This time, the Summoning Union gathered the five of you here for something. This is a secret that the Summoning Union has been hiding for many years.”

A secret? Yun Feng raised her brows. What was the secret that the Summoning Union had hidden for so many years? As a summoner, Yun Feng had some guesses in her mind. The other four summoners also had an idea in their minds and they couldn’t help but show great interest on their faces.

The three Hall Masters couldn’t help but feel surprised after hearing this. It seemed that even the three Hall Masters didn’t know about this matter. Even though the senior members of the Summoning Union were formed by summoners from the three halls, the Summoning Union was an independent organization. This was a very strange phenomenon. Seeing the expression of the three Hall Masters, Yun Feng thought that if the Summoning Union had hidden this secret for so long, why did they expose it at this moment? It seemed that this secret couldn’t be hidden anymore, or rather, they didn’t have the ability to hide it anymore.

“Secrets? There are secrets in the Summoning Union?” The shriveled Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall said sarcastically. Ling chuckled. “You don’t have to think too much, masters of the three halls. Don’t you have any secrets in your mind?” The Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall was speechless. He snorted and didn’t say anything else.

“A secret related to the Summoning Union must be related to Magic Beasts,” said a summoner. Ling pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose. “He is right. This secret is indeed related to Magic Beasts.”

A secret about Magic Beasts. Yun Feng pondered. Did the hooded man know that this secret was related to Magic Beasts? If he did, his goal should be this Magic Beast. The others all looked extremely excited, especially the summoners.

“A Magic Beast? What kind of Magic Beast? We’re summoners of different elements. No matter what, the most beneficial one is a multi-element summoner.” Another summoner said, but his tone was a bit wrong. He directly pointed at Yun Feng. Yun Feng raised her eyebrows. What he said was right. Among the five summoners who qualified, only one of them was a double-element summoner, while the others were all single-element summoners. If this Magic Beast’s element wasn’t something they needed, they would have worked for nothing.

“I’m sorry. The Summoning Union doesn’t know what type this Magic Beast is.”

After Ling said that, everyone was shocked. Even the Summoning Union didn’t know what type of Magic Beast this was? Seriously?

“This secret is quite interesting,” said the Master of the Bright Moon Hall in a deep voice. The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master nodded gently, while Ling Tiansu on the side looked like he didn’t care at all. It really made people wonder why the Summoning Union invited him to come.

Ling began to explain what the secret was. The Summoning Union had existed for a long time. According to the constant changes on the continent, it was also changing constantly. A long time ago, the senior members of the Summoning Union found a giant beast in a secret place. When they found it, the giant beast was sleeping. They didn’t know if it was because it was seriously injured and unconscious, but the summoners all had a strange passion for Magic Beasts. The senior members of the Summoning Union who found it immediately examined it one after another, trying to find out what type it was. However, what was unbelievable was that nobody knew what type it was!

Since they didn’t know anything about it, they naturally couldn’t contract it. The appearance of this giant beast was also the first time that the senior members of the Summoning Union realized that the Magic Beasts were more complicated and far-reaching than they thought. This giant beast was huge and looked extremely powerful. It would be a pity if they abandoned it. The senior members of the Summoning Union decided to seal this giant beast here for investigation. However, they didn’t expect that when they completely sealed this secret place, this giant beast suddenly woke up!

Everything happened in an instant. The giant beast roared furiously. The senior members of the Summoning Union made a prompt decision and immediately sealed this area with all their strength. This giant beast must’ve been seriously injured. The giant beast released powerful energy during the battle with the senior members of the Summoning Union, but the power was obviously greatly reduced. This also made the senior members break out in cold sweat. This giant beast must have an extraordinary background!

After sealing the secret place completely, the higher-ups decided to seal this place forever. Once this monster escaped, its anger could be imagined. It would definitely take revenge! The higher-ups regretted their earlier decision, but this matter could only continue like this.

This giant beast was also very valuable. Rather than letting other people see it, it was better to forcibly take it for themselves. Although the senior members of the Summoning Union couldn’t subdue this Magic Beast, it didn’t mean that such a person would never appear.

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