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Chapter 922: Contracting Yaoyao (2)

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Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s little face. Yaoyao raised her little face and her beautiful blue eyes were like gems, glittering with luster. “I like Xiao Feng. I’m Xiao Feng’s!” Yaoyao’s current level of intelligence was still that of a child. Facing Yaoyao like this, Yun Feng couldn’t harden her heart.

Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t say anything for a long time, Qu Lanyi certainly understood the complicated feelings in her mind. His wife seemed to be swift and decisive on the outside and had never shown mercy to her enemies, but when she was facing someone or a Magic Beast she cared about, her heart became extremely soft.

Qu Lanyi walked over and squatted on the ground, looking at Yaoyao with his beautiful black eyes. “Yaoyao, do you want to be with Fengfeng forever?”

Yun Feng wanted to say something, but Qu Lanyi shook his head. Yaoyao tilted her head and thought for a moment. “Be together forever… So, I’ll never leave Xiao Feng?”

Qu Lanyi nodded with a smile. “That’s right. You won’t leave Fengfeng. Besides, there will always be a connection between you and Fengfeng. Do you like it?”

Yaoyao’s eyes suddenly brightened after hearing that! “I don’t want to leave with Xiao Feng! I want to be with Xiao Feng forever!”

What Yaoyao said made Yun Feng’s mind spin. If other summoners knew that Yaoyao wanted to be with Yun Feng forever and that a Magic Beast wanted to be contracted by a summoner so much, she wondered what kind of expression they would have.

A thought flashed through Little Fire and Lan Yi’s minds. Yun Feng was the only summoner like this in the world!

“Xiao Feng, I’ll protect you!” Yaoyao looked at Yun Feng with her sapphire eyes. Yun Feng nodded with a smile and held Yaoyao tightly in her arms. The two of them pressed their cheeks against each other as her mental strength slowly flowed out of Yun Feng’s body. Her huge mental strength carried a deep pressure, but everyone in the room wasn’t affected. A dazzling light suddenly flashed on the ground of the room and a huge pentagram instantly appeared under Yun Feng’s feet.

“Array of Contract, open.”

The five colors kept intersecting in the pattern, which was dazzling! Mu Canghai and Qu Lanyi both looked at it in surprise. This was the first time they saw the so-called Array of Contract. Little Fire and Lan Yi looked at each other and smiled. They were no strangers.

Yun Feng slowly let go of Yaoyao. Yaoyao seemed to understand what was going to happen next. She slowly closed her eyes and the ancient power in her body quickly surged out. The transparent water element enveloped Yaoyao’s entire body. At the same time, Yun Feng also closed her eyes.

“Water Contract, appear!”

Four of the five colors of the huge pentagram on the ground gradually disappeared, leaving only clear and bright blue color on it!

The water element that enveloped Yaoyao disappeared and her charming body appeared again, Yaoyao’s mature body! Her huge blue fishtail swayed slowly and there was a faint smile on her alluring and young face. Her blue transparent fins swayed slowly, echoing with the huge blue array on the ground.

Yun Feng slowly opened her black eyes as a beam of dazzling light flashed through them!

“I’ve made a contract. From now on, you’ll be my beast. Contract!” A beam of blue light flashed in Yun Feng’s eyes. The blue Array of Contract under her feet burst out with light again. Yaoyao’s strength floating in the center of the array also rose rapidly at this moment! The peak of the Commander Level, the peak of the Monarch Level, the Lord Level!

Little Fire and Lan Yi were dumbfounded. They had grown up step by step with Yun Feng and had never enjoyed the feeling of advancing at the speed of light. Feeling Yaoyao’s constantly powerful aura, Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t help but shake their heads. They wouldn’t have the chance to experience it anymore. They were truly envious!

Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai were also quite shocked. They noticed that Yaoyao’s strength rose crazily like a spring. Such a speed could only be seen now. Yun Feng’s expression was much more serious than the others. Yaoyao’s strength instantly increased rapidly. Yun Feng was very nervous in her mind, fearing that Yaoyao wouldn’t be able to withstand the pain of the increase in strength. Yaoyao, who was in the center of the array, obviously had the power of ancient times to protect her. There wasn’t any pain on her little face at all. Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel relieved when she saw this.

When Yaoyao’s strength rose to the Lord Level, the last step of the contract was about to be completed! A wisp of blue elements slowly floated out of Yaoyao’s body and wrapped around Yun Feng’s finger. The blue elements wrapped around Yun Feng’s finger tightly and instantly formed a blue Ring of Contract! A small word, “Lord”, was engraved somewhere on the Ring of Contract.

The huge Array of Contract on the ground slowly disappeared. The mature Yaoyao instantly shrank back to her young body. At this moment, there was finally a hint of exhaustion on her face. The ancient power protected her, but the increase in her strength was too rapid and powerful. Yaoyao was more or less affected.

Yaoyao directly revealed her original form as a Magic Beast and nestled in Yun Feng’s arms again. Her little fishtail wrapped around Yun Feng’s waist and she blinked her big eyes. Yun Feng suddenly smiled and looked at Yaoyao with her black eyes. Yaoyao also smiled happily. The two of them were communicating telepathically.

Little Fire and Lan Yi were both very helpless. The telepathic communication between Yun Feng and any contracted Magic Beast was shared. In other words, the two of them could also hear the conversation between Yaoyao and Yun Feng at this moment.

“Xiao Feng, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I heard Yaoyao talk.”

“That’s great! I can talk to Xiao Feng like this. Hehe, Xiao Feng and I won’t be separated, right?”

“Yes, we won’t be separated.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi looked a bit embarrassed. Why did this sound a bit wrong? Master was really like… Yaoyao’s mother at this moment. She was full of motherhood.

Yun Feng and Yaoyao didn’t say anything. The two of them looked at each other with a smile. Qu Lanyi coughed. “Ahem! Can you stop talking silently?”

Yun Feng’s face suddenly flushed. Yaoyao glared at Qu Lanyi, as if she was saying something to Yun Feng telepathically. The next second, Yaoyao’s entire body turned into a beam of blue light and disappeared into the Ring of Contract. Yun Feng caressed the blue Ring of Contract gently with her finger with a gentle expression. Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel upset in their minds when they saw this. Yun Feng, as the owner of their Rings of Contract, didn’t even wear them and even threw them into her storage space casually. What a difference in treatment!

Yun Feng indeed treated Yaoyao a bit differently. After all, Yaoyao was hatched from her water element and had been sticking to Yun Feng since she was born. Yun Feng more or less treated Yaoyao like her own child in her mind, so she certainly treated her differently. Little Fire and Lan Yi could only tolerate this.

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