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Chapter 919: The Ling Family Appears (5)

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Yun Feng knew their problem. Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua gave Yun Feng a good impression. After all, Xia Qing and they could be considered friends. The two of them also protected Xia Qing. As for Jia Qingyu, even though she became much more obedient in the later stage, Yun Feng didn’t care about her at all. Yun Feng took action mostly because of the warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team. How would Yun Feng let anything happen to the warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team?

The day the three summoners of the East Continent left, Yun Feng came in person. The three of them were a bit shocked. Yun Feng, on the other hand, walked to the three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team. The warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team immediately straightened their bodies in excitement. Their faces flushed and their lips were trembling. Seeing them trying their best to hold back, Yun Feng smiled. “Alright, my identity is no longer important. Just tell me.”

The three warriors immediately shouted, “Yes, my Lady!”

“These are three sealing talismans. There are three streams of my Lord aura sealed inside. Open them when you cross the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. If there’s anyone who’s ignorant, just open all of them.” Yun Feng handed the three sealing talismans to the three warriors. The three warriors immediately widened their eyes and took them with trembling hands. Oh God, my Young Lady had already reached the Lord Level! If they went back and told their brothers about this, everyone would go crazy!

“Then, my Lady, you…”

Yun Feng shook her head. “I still have a lot of things to do here. Tell Uncle Zhao and Uncle Wang that I’m fine. If you need anything, just look for the Yun family.”

The three warriors nodded desperately. Qian Shaoyao looked at Yun Feng excitedly. She was indeed Yun Feng from the East Continent! She was indeed the person she admired in her mind! Yun Feng turned around and smiled at Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua. “It’s extremely dangerous to cross the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. You must stay close to the warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

Both of them nodded. Jia Qingyu had been standing aside with her head lowered and didn’t say a word. Yun Feng automatically ignored her. She believed that even though nothing would happen on the East Continent for the time being when she returned this time, there would be a change after all. She only hoped that this change wouldn’t affect the Yun family.

The three travelers from the East Continent soon set off. The situation on the West Continent was complicated, so it was better to go back as soon as possible. When they crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, the three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t want to open Yun Feng’s sealing talisman at first. After all, that was something their Young Lady gave them. Wouldn’t it be better if they could take it back? However, once they entered the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, the beasts were restless! Without a choice, the warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team opened one of them and a huge Lord’s aura immediately spread out. The sealing talisman also burnt and was destroyed in an instant.

The restlessness of the beasts was suddenly suppressed. The group of people thought they could be at ease now, but they didn’t expect that it seemed to have rebounded after a while! At this moment, loud roars came from the depths of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. It was finally suppressed a bit. Everyone immediately moved forward quickly. The three sealing talismans were all used up in the end. Yun Feng’s powerful Lord-Level aura saved everyone during the two crises. Everyone escaped from the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range in panic and returned to the East Continent in shock. A certain someone somewhere in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was also panting and couldn’t calm down.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh… That aura just then belonged to that little ancestor, right… The Lord Level, oh God!

The summoners in the Thousand Peak City left one after another. The city seemed unusually cold and even a bit desolate. What was strange was that all the natives in the Thousand Peak City didn’t come back. The outside world was still completely sealed off. When this happened, Yun Feng frowned. The Summoning Union was indeed going to do something big.

On the tenth day after the convention ended, the gate of the Thousand Peak City was suddenly sealed, and the restrictions around the city were upgraded a lot. The isolation level of the Thousand Peak City outside was increased by another level. Among the people who stayed in the city, other than some members of the Summoning Union, there were certainly the three Hall Masters among the five candidates. As for whether anyone else would come here next, nobody knew.

However, the Summoning Union soon sent out an invitation. The five qualified contestants would gather at the place designated by the Summoning Union. Yun Feng vaguely felt that the secret that the Summoning Union had been preparing for would soon be revealed. Why exactly did they gather the five summoners with good abilities?

The invitation of the Summoning Union was very strict. Only those who qualified were allowed to come here. As for those who accompanied them, they were all not allowed to qualify. Yun Feng didn’t have any doubts. She came to the designated place of the Summoning Union. The other four contestants had already gathered here. Yun Feng stood in the corner and thought about what the Summoning Union was going to do next.

Soon, the door was pushed open again and Ling walked in with a faint smile. Behind him was the three Hall Masters, and there was another person behind them. This person didn’t show up at the convention. This should be the first time he appeared.

After everyone entered, Ling smiled and said gently, “Those who can gather here are certainly not ordinary people. The Summoning Union is delighted to see that you can qualify. Everyone has seen your strength.”

The other four summoners also smiled. They were extremely comfortable with this compliment in their minds, but Yun Feng didn’t have any expression at all. The man with a new face couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng again. Ling continued, “You’ve been gathered here because the Summoning Union has something to ask of you. This matter can be big or small. It’s all up to you. If anyone is unwilling, you can quit now. The Summoning Union won’t force you, but you can’t go back on your words once you agree.”

The summoners all looked at each other. Yun Feng was also a bit confused. Even though she wasn’t very interested in this matter, Yun Feng must find out what the man in the hood cared about! The man in the hood was so obsessed with this matter. He wouldn’t give up so easily!

Ling waited patiently for a while. Seeing that nobody objected, he smiled lightly. “Since you’ve agreed, the Summoning Union certainly won’t let you return empty-handed. What you’re about to get is far beyond your imagination, but it’ll depend on your own ability. We’ll talk about the details later. I’ll introduce someone to you first. He’s also a distinguished guest the Summoning Union specially invited for this.”

Ling turned around gently, and the unfamiliar man standing on the side nodded. His square face and facial features made him look fierce. He wasn’t eclipsed at all when he was next to the three Hall Masters. He glanced at these summoners with his deep eyes, looking extremely fierce.

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