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Chapter 1051: The Pharmaceutical Battle (3)

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“That kid of the You family?” The Third Elder raised his eyebrows. The potion elder raised the corners of his mouth. “Yes, but I really don’t like that kid’s personality. He’s as arrogant as a peacock when he’s an advanced three-star student. He has his tail raised high. He doesn’t take my words seriously at all. I really hope that someone with more talent and intelligence will appear and give that kid a hard blow.”

The Third Elder chuckled. “That kid of the You family is quite strong. Coupled with his talent in potions, it’s inevitable that he’s arrogant. The You family only got its current position because of him. With his identity, it’s normal for him to wag his tail.”

“Humph! If it weren’t for the fact that he’s a bit smart in the field of potions, I wouldn’t have bothered to talk to him at all! I think I should just go and hold an admission exam. Otherwise, I won’t be able to find any good seedlings at all.”

“A few people came to the Juxing School a while ago. One of them was a pharmacist. Why? Didn’t she come to you?” The Third Elder looked at the potion elder in confusion. The potion elder was stunned. “Which one are you talking about? There are so many disciples here. How can I remember them?”

“The one from the Gong family who got in through the back door.”

“The Gong family… Hm… I don’t remember. The few members of the Gong family have all learned potions here. Either they’re untalented or they haven’t made any achievements. Their strength is truly inversely proportional to their talent in making potions. Not everyone can become a senior pharmacist.”

The Third Elder chuckled and patted the shoulder of the potion elder. “I’ll have to rely on you for the Golden Cauldron Tree. It’s still a bit difficult to find that person.”

The eyes of the potion elder brightened. “If you really find her, you must let me meet her!”

The Third Elder nodded. “Don’t worry. If we can really find that person, I’ll definitely let you meet him.” Not only you, but also me. All the five elders want to meet them.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye. The disciples of the inner campus were all cultivating in an orderly manner. Occasionally, someone came to look for the place where Yun Feng and the others lived, but they didn’t see Yun Feng and the others, so they just let it go. The battle between the family faction and the civilian faction was like a raging fire. It had never stopped. When they appeared anywhere in the inner campus, they would fight to the death, whether it was their strength or their subject.

In a corner of the house where Yun Feng and the others were, an inconspicuous thing had been lying there quietly for three months. In it, Yun Feng and the others were cultivating under the nourishment of the Golden Cauldron Fluid. Some golden liquid appeared in the bottle under the roots of the ten Golden Cauldron Trees again. That was the Golden Cauldron Fluid that the elders of the Juxing School dreamed of. The Golden Cauldron Fluid was bright golden, like light. The five-color halo around Yun Feng slowly disappeared and the appearance of the Golden Cauldron Fluid also showed a state of stillness. Her eyelashes trembled slightly. Yun Feng slowly opened her eyes with a hint of bright luster in them and the aura around her also changed significantly.

Grade 8 of the King Level. Yun Feng took a deep breath slowly and felt that her body and mind were clear, as if her body had become more transparent and could melt into the world better. Every trace of the flowing elements could be sensed clearly inside her body and Yun Feng could also feel the trajectory of the mental strength in her spiritual space clearly.

She looked up at Qu Lanyi and You Yue on the side. The two of them were still immersed in cultivation and hadn’t woken up. Yun Feng smiled from the bottom of her heart and put away the ten Golden Cauldron Trees, leaving a bottle of Golden Cauldron Fluid that she had just collected and letting it evaporate in the Dragon Palace. Even though there was very little Golden Cauldron Fluid, it was enough for the two of them to cultivate.

A beam of light flew out of the Dragon Palace and Yun Feng came out of the Dragon Palace alone. The dragon-shaped jade pendant also returned to its original appearance. Yun Feng put away the dragon-shaped jade pendant and looked at the sky outside. It was sunny and bright right now. It was time for her to go out for a walk. She didn’t know if she would be able to meet that girl from the Gong family a while back.

Yun Feng pushed the door open and walked out under the warm sunlight. The personal disciples of the five elders were cultivating with the five elders at this moment. Some of them might be at the branch elders’ place, and some inner campus disciples were cultivating on their own. There weren’t many people who were as relaxed as Yun Feng.

Yun Feng walked to the division place. One of the privileges of the students of the inner campus was that they could choose to study in different subjects, apart from cultivation of strength. There were many types of subjects, but the branch of pharmaceuticals was popular. Almost every student of the inner campus chose to study in the branch of pharmaceuticals. They all wanted to achieve something in the field of pharmaceuticals and make a name for themselves. However, it was very easy to become a pharmacist, but ordinary people couldn’t become advanced pharmacists.

Most disciples chose the branch of pharmaceuticals with ambition. Very soon, a large number of people chose to retreat, because the further they went on the path of potions, the more difficult it was. Without the help of talent, it was extremely difficult to achieve anything!

Rather than spending more effort on pharmaceuticals, it was better to spend more effort on the advancement of one’s strength. The pharmaceutical branch was also the largest and most lively branch of the Juxing School. When Yun Feng walked into the pharmaceutical branch, she happened to be in time for a pharmaceutical show. Yun Feng was also very surprised to see the person standing on the pharmaceutical platform. She wasn’t unfamiliar with that person. It was Hua Ling, who promised Yun Feng back then but broke her promise.

Many disciples were gathered around the pharmaceutical platform. Hua Ling was focused on making potions on the pharmaceutical platform. Yun Feng also walked into the crowd and stood a bit further away, watching Hua Ling’s movements on the pharmaceutical platform. She was concocting advanced two-star potions. Even though she seemed very proficient, the distribution of the ingredients hadn’t reached the precise level yet. Some of the concoctions were wrong.

“Senior Sister Hua Ling, go for it!” Some disciples shouted on the pharmaceutical platform. Hua Ling on the platform was already dripping with sweat. Yun Feng watched from afar and thought in her mind that she was probably going to fail this time. As expected, Hua Ling shook her hand at the last step and all her efforts were in vain. Some of the fat young people watching on the pharmaceutical platform sighed, and some booed.

“Go down! Go down! I’ll show you how a real pharmacist makes medicine! Senior Brother You, show them!”

Yun Feng raised her brows after hearing that. Senior Brother You? Was he that famous genius of the You family? After a while, under the encouragement of many young people, a young man jumped onto the pharmaceutical platform. His hand was a bit elegant and his facial features were quite decent, but there was too much arrogance in his expression, as if he was the only one.

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