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Chapter 1052: The Pharmaceutical Battle (4)

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Yun Feng couldn’t help but shake her head. This was the genius the You family was so proud of? She didn’t expect him to have such a bearing and strength… He was only at Grade 6 of the King Level. It seemed that his special talent in potions made him so arrogant.

Hua Ling couldn’t help but blush on the pharmaceutical platform. She got up and got off the stage in embarrassment. However, the moment she looked up, Hua Ling was completely shocked. It was her! Yun Feng was also sizing up the genius of the You family when she felt the burning gaze of Hua Ling. She turned her head and curled her lips at Hua Ling. The genius of the You family seemed to have said something to Hua Ling. Realizing that Hua Ling ignored him, he followed her gaze and looked ahead. He saw Yun Feng standing behind. He immediately narrowed his eyes and felt unhappy in his mind.

How could she be in the inner campus? Hua Ling looked at Yun Feng in disbelief. Was she also a disciple of the inner campus? However… how was that possible? When she saw her back then, if she was really a disciple of the inner campus and heard that they were students of the Juxing School, how could she be so indifferent? If she was really a disciple of the inner campus, how could she have hurt Senior Brother Kui in the end? Hua Ling stood on the pharmaceutical platform with her mind in a mess. She couldn’t figure out Yun Feng’s identity.

“Hua Ling, shouldn’t you go down?” The genius of the You family on the stage shouted in Hua Ling’s ear. Hua Ling was shocked and finally came back to herself. The students below the pharmaceutical stage burst into laughter. Hua Ling quickly walked down with a flushed face and couldn’t help but look in Yun Feng’s direction.

“Senior Sister Hua Ling, what exactly are you looking at?” As soon as Hua Ling got off the stage, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her aside. It was Yu Xia, who was with her in the cave last time. Hua Ling frowned slightly and thought for a moment before shaking her head. Yu Xia couldn’t help but frown.

“Senior Sister Hua Ling, can’t you work hard? Master originally thought highly of you in the field of pharmaceuticals, but now, this kid of the You family has the upper hand again. I wonder how proud the fourth elder will be!” Yu Xia looked like she expected better from her, but Hua Ling didn’t say anything. Her eyes drifted away again. Yu Xia couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she found that.

“Senior Sister! What exactly are you looking at?” Yu Xia followed the gaze of Hua Ling, but she didn’t see anything. Hua Ling certainly couldn’t see Yun Feng. It was fine on the platform, but she would be out of sight when she walked into the crowd.

Hua Ling retracted her gaze. She felt that Yun Feng’s appearance in the inner campus was a bit strange. She thought to herself that she should think about this question carefully when she got back. “Even though You Bai has a bad personality, he’s indeed quite talented in making medicine. It’s only right that I can’t compare to him.”

“Can you not boost other people’s morale and ruin your own prestige?” Yu Xia roared in anger. The failure of Hua Ling on the pharmaceutical table was already embarrassing enough. Besides, she was the one who started this matter. She had a quarrel with You Bai because she didn’t like his arrogant look. In the end, she found Hua Ling to help, but she didn’t expect to lose!

“Yu Xia, you should more or less change your competitive personality. It’s fine if you don’t like others, but you can teach them a lesson when you have the strength instead of causing trouble right now.”

Yu Xia blushed and was immediately a bit unwilling. “There’s nothing wrong with my personality! If I had known that you weren’t reliable, I would have invited someone else! You must know that if you lose, I’ll have to apologize in person! I don’t want to apologize to him!”

Hua Ling’s expression couldn’t help but turn cold. She helped out of kindness, but caused trouble. There was truly no return for kindness. She immediately turned around and was about to leave. Yu Xia immediately stopped her and apologized. No kidding. Now that the Hua Ling was gone, she didn’t even have her last support. How could she do that?

Damn it! She didn’t want to lose face in front of so many people. She was the last disciple of the Third Elder after all. If she apologized to someone in public, how would she survive in the inner campus in the future? Yu Xia bit her lips and stood there anxiously. What should she do? What should she do?

“Yu Xia, it’s just an apology. Besides, you were the one who provoked him…” Before Hua Ling could finish, Yu Xia immediately pulled a long face and was unwilling. “I’m not apologizing! Why should I apologize? Besides, if I apologize, where will Master’s face be?”

“Yu Xia, this has nothing to do with Master’s face at all…”

“Alright, Senior Sister Hua Ling, I knew it was useless to ask you to come here!”

You Bai, who had been watching the two of them argue on the stage for a while, suddenly smiled. “Yu Xia, why don’t you apologize to me humbly right now? I’ll just forgive you for what you did. If you insist on holding on until the end, you’ll suffer!”

Yu Xia’s face flushed below the stage. “You Bai! Don’t think you can be so arrogant just because you’re a bit talented in pharmaceuticals. If you have the ability, beat Senior Brother Kui in the ranking contest this time!”

“Humph! I think you’re good at stirring trouble. Don’t worry. I’ll beat Tian Kui sooner or later! Open your eyes wide and see how I beat Hua Ling!”

Even though the argument between the two of them was in the midst of a lot of noise, Yun Feng caught it extremely clearly. It turned out that Yu Xia was the one who started it. Yun Feng still remembered that in that cave, this Yu Xia had an unruly personality and didn’t give in at all. Such a person would suffer fiercely sooner or later. The key was that she wouldn’t learn her lesson.

After saying that, You Bai, who was on the stage, immediately started the pharmaceutical process. If he wanted to beat Hua Ling, he certainly had to make advanced three-star potions. Yun Feng looked at You Bai’s movements on the stage. Let alone how unpleasant his personality was, in terms of pharmaceutical level, he was indeed much better than Hua Ling. Whether it was the maturity of his skills, the precise mixing of herbs, and the most important step of fusing the potions, he was a level higher than Hua Ling. It would be easy for him to beat Hua Ling, but with his state of mind and bearing, the advanced three-star level was his highest limit. He wasn’t fated to be a master-level pharmacist.

Whether it was the advancement of strength or the cultivation of other branches, the state of mind was a rather important element. If the increase in strength didn’t change the size of the mind, the subsequent advancement of strength would be restrained by the state of mind. When you climbed a high step, you didn’t only have to match your strength, but also your mind and bearing. It was said that those with achievements had a different temperament from others. If you didn’t have this temperament, you were destined to be stuck in one place.

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