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Chapter 1025: Extremely Splendid (1)

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Qu Lanyi smiled thoughtfully. “You’ll give them a chance? Just because he’s here?”

Yun Feng shook her head with a hint of coldness on her face. “As I said, I only care about You Yue. As for the You family, it has nothing to do with me at all. If they dare to talk about You Yue, don’t blame me for taking You Yue away from the You family!”

Qu Lanyi stopped stroking his chin and looked at Yun Feng with his black eyes. “He’ll leave there sooner or later, when he’s completely disappointed.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything. She turned around and looked out of the window. “By then, it’ll be up to Second Brother. If he wants to leave, I certainly won’t let him stay here alone. Besides…” Thinking of the remnant soul in You Yue’s body, Yun Feng’s heart tightened. Right now, she was extremely sure that it belonged to her brother, Yun Qi. Since it belonged to Yun Qi, she certainly wouldn’t let him stay in another family! Besides, the You family didn’t satisfy Yun Feng. Such a family would let You Yue down completely sooner or later.

“There’s no need to think about anything else for now. Just let nature take its course. However, after the You family found out that you made this bottle of potion, they’re probably both happy and sad.” Suddenly, they thought of something and Qu Lanyi smiled mischievously. “If they know that you’re a master-level pharmacist, they’ll probably laugh and cry.”

The You family was also in an uproar at this moment. When the news spread like wildfire, the senior members of the You family were also full of enthusiasm. Right now, they needed this auctioneer more than any other family. Whether he was a pharmacist or not, he couldn’t be an ordinary person if he could take out such a potion! The You family had just moved to Yue City and needed this help. If they could befriend this person, the You family would be like a tiger with wings! If this person was a pharmacist, even the Gong family would treat the You family differently!

The You family’s master certainly sent someone out to find out more information. Because the reward the auction house asked for was too high, the You family wanted to find the person themselves. However, a few days had passed and this person seemed to have evaporated in Yue City. There was no clue at all! They must find him before the other families did! The You family’s master was anxious and everyone in the You family was discussing this news.

“Have you heard? A master-level Life Potion appeared in the Auction House!”

“Is this person a pharmacist or not? This person is quite mysterious.”

“Master, I don’t think we can find him even if we send someone to find him. If this person is really a pharmacist, I really want to meet him!”

“Yes, it’s an honor to know such a person! If I can be friends with such a person…”

“Hey, hey, what are you daydreaming about? It’s already good enough that we can see such a person. You even want to become their friends…”

“Tsk! I was just saying. I can’t even fantasize about it?!”

Outside of a remote yard of the You family, the conversation between the two of them sounded. The young man, who was practicing in the room with his eyes closed, slowly opened his black eyes with a glint of light in them. “A master-level Life Potion. Are they talking about… Feng?”

You Yue stood up, pushed the door open and walked out. This was a rather simple yard. Ever since You Yue returned to the You family, the senior members of the You family didn’t greet him at all. Instead, they directly abandoned him in this remote corner of the You family. It was quite far away from the main house of the You family, as if they were letting You Yue fend for himself. You Yue didn’t care. Perhaps he was used to living alone. He didn’t care at all about being ignored in such a large family.

Yun Feng hadn’t come to the You family since that day. There was always something wrong in You Yue’s mind. He would worry about Yun Feng from time to time. How was she? Had she left Yue City? If she had left Yue City, why didn’t she come to say goodbye to him? Was there any danger elsewhere? Instead of worrying about himself, You Yue put most of his attention on Yun Feng.

You Yue also learned the news that everyone in Yue City knew through the discussion of others. His first impression was Yun Feng. After all, she had taken out a master-level Life Potion in the cave. It was impossible for a second pharmacist to visit in such a short time, let alone a master-level pharmacist. You Yue was 100% sure that the auctioneer was Yun Feng.

“Why is Feng auctioning this? Is she in urgent need of something?” Thinking of this, You Yue couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious in his mind. He had been staying in the You family these few days and didn’t go out. The You family seemed to have forgotten him. At this moment, You Yue pushed open the door and walked out. Since the news was here, it meant that Feng hadn’t left Yue City yet. You Yue was more or less a bit gratified in his mind. Feng would leave here sooner or later. He should stay with her during this period of time.

“Hey! Are you the one who came back from the Outland?”

You Yue stopped and saw a young man standing on a high wall next to him, looking down at him from above. You Yue couldn’t help but frown. “Yes.”

The young man jumped off the wall and sized You Yue up quite arrogantly. “Tut-tut, why did you come back to the You family?”

You Yue was stunned. The young man’s gaze had been very presumptuous, as if there were thorns. You Yue couldn’t help but look cold. “As a member of the You family, I should come back to share the burden of the family.”

“Huh? You’re talking about sharing the burden? Hahahaha!” The young man suddenly burst into laughter. Then, the door of the yard next to him was pushed open and another two or three young people walked out, looking a bit younger. You Yue’s eyes darkened. These people were all stronger than him!

“Did you hear that? A peak Lord said he wants to share the You family’s burden!” The young man burst into laughter. The others also laughed mockingly. After laughing, the young man suddenly punched You Yue. You Yue felt the pain and took a few steps back. “Listen up! In the You family, you’re just at the peak of the Lord Level and you still dare to speak so presumptuously. Why don’t you think about yourself? Sharing the family’s burden? With your strength, you’re only fit to carry my shoes!”

You Yue covered the place where he was hit with his hand and straightened his body without saying anything. Seeing that You Yue was silent, the young man immediately lost interest and the anger in his mind was finally vented. “Alright, it’s useless to talk to such a person. Let’s go! He really thinks he’s something. I wonder what Master is thinking. We should just give up on such a person. What do we need him for?”

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