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Chapter 1001: Blood Ray (1)

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This wasn’t difficult for Yun Feng at all. With the Dragon Palace, it wasn’t a problem for her to send as many people as possible. There were no other hints on the notification board. Yun Feng looked carefully again and confirmed that she didn’t miss anything. She retracted her gaze. The three contracted Magic Beasts turned into three beams of light at the same time and entered their Rings of Contract. Yun Feng was about to send Qu Lanyi, Mu Canghai and Mo Changge to the Dragon Palace, when Mo Changge had already walked to the Teleportation Array on the far right.

“Mo Changge, what are you doing?” Qu Lanyi shouted, but Mo Changge didn’t stop. Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly. At this moment, Mo Changge had already walked to the edge of the teleportation array on the right. He turned his handsome face slightly and raised his peach-blossom eyes at everyone.

“It’s not easy to have a chance to be free. I certainly have to walk around.” After saying that, Mo Changge had already stepped into the Teleportation Array! He occupied the center of the Teleportation Array and the light of the Teleportation Array instantly rose!

In the light, Mo Changge slowly disappeared. He chuckled at Yun Feng. “Don’t worry. We’ll meet again.”

“Mo Changge!” Qu Lanyi roared anxiously. This kid was indeed here to cause trouble for Yun Feng! Yun Feng immediately swung her mental strength and was about to drag Mo Changge out, but she was bounced back by the light around the Teleportation Array!

Mo Changge’s body had already disappeared with bursts of light! You Yue was dumbfounded when he saw this scene. This man was too reckless… Yun Feng gritted her teeth. He was truly a troublemaker!

Now that Mo Changge had disappeared in the teleportation array on the right, Yun Feng was faced with a choice. Should she chase after Mo Changge or go back with You Yue? The Yun family needed the Thousand Snow Hall, so they certainly couldn’t let anything happen to Mo Changge. Yun Feng gritted her teeth. Could he not be obedient?

Seeing the complicated expression on Yun Feng’s face, You Yue also knew the conflict in her heart. “Feng, go after him. If you catch up with him, come to the floating island together. The Teleportation Array between the three islands is quite convenient. Remember to come to the You family to find my brother.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. How could she let You Yue go back alone? She had to watch him return to the You family safely herself! However, Mo Changge… “I’ll go after him.” Mu Canghai, who had a cold face, said as he looked at Yun Feng deeply. “Go with him. I’ll go after him.”

“Mu Canghai…” Yun Feng looked at him in surprise. A smile appeared on Mu Canghai’s cold handsome face. “I’ll be at ease if Qu Lanyi stays with you. I’ll go after that troublesome guy and bring him back to you.” After saying that, Mu Canghai had already stepped into the Teleportation Array on the right. Instantly, the light of the Teleportation Array rose again. “Be safe,” Mu Canghai whispered. Instantly, his body had already disappeared from the Teleportation Array.

You Yue was stunned again with a complicated feeling in his mind. He could feel how that cold and handsome man felt about Yun Feng just then. His sister was surrounded by so many outstanding men. This was truly… complicated. You Yue couldn’t help but feel a bit self-mocking. Why was he feeling so complicated? Strictly speaking, he and Feng weren’t related by blood, right? Wasn’t he being too self-conscious?

Mu Canghai disappeared quickly and didn’t even give Yun Feng a chance to reject him. Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but sigh. “You can let him go after Mo Changge. You don’t have to worry about Mu Canghai’s strength. When he finds Mo Changge, they should come to the You family to find you.”

Yun Feng nodded with complicated feelings. Mu Canghai would go after Mo Changge, so she and Qu Lanyi would be the only ones left on this trip. Yun Feng sent Qu Lanyi directly to the Dragon Palace. Seeing that Qu Lanyi suddenly disappeared, You Yue didn’t say anything. He certainly knew that Yun Feng had hidden herself well.

“Brother, let’s go.” Yun Feng smiled warmly. You Yue nodded. The two of them held each other’s hands gently and stood in the Teleportation Array. The moment the Teleportation Array was opened, light surrounded the two of them from all directions. An obvious power of spatial distortion gradually formed. Yun Feng knew that the passage to space had already been opened.

Mental strength surged out of her body quickly and wrapped around You Yue firmly. Yun Feng didn’t know if the spatial teleportation this time would be like last time, but she had to take necessary protective measures. After all, You Yue hadn’t reached the Lord Level yet.

The power of distortion in space had already dragged the two of them into it. Yun Feng held You Yue’s hand tightly and slowly closed her black eyes. The two of them disappeared slowly in the light and the hall returned to peace again.

The teleportation this time was several times smoother than Yun Feng thought. It should be said that she had nothing to worry about at all. In a daze, it seemed that she had already arrived at her destination after a while. The moment Yun Feng’s feet touched the ground, she understood that the teleportation this time had already ended.

There were good and bad spatial channels. The spatial channel Ling Tiansu tore with his life last time was full of instability, and the Teleportation Array Yun Feng used this time was obviously a few levels higher. Its stability couldn’t be compared and it wasn’t dangerous at all. If every spatial teleportation was like Ling Tiansu’s last time, nobody would dare to use the Teleportation Array anymore.

Yun Feng opened her eyes. First of all, she wanted to see if You Yue was with her. After finding that You Yue was safe and sound, Yun Feng immediately let Qu Lanyi out of the Dragon Palace. Space teleportation didn’t affect the Dragon Palace at all. It was quite strange.

“It seems that we’ve arrived in the Central Region.” After coming out of the Dragon Palace, Qu Lanyi looked around at the scenery. Yun Feng was the same. There was a green and lush forest around, as if the place where they were teleported out was a bit too remote.

“It seems that the place where the Spatial Teleportation Array is connected is random.” Yun Feng looked around at the scenery and came to a conclusion. If it wasn’t random, they should have appeared in a place with people, or at least a village. And now, they were in the wilderness.

“It’s good that it’s random. It’s better if there’s no one here. It suits us.” Qu Lanyi chuckled. Yun Feng also nodded and turned around to look at You Yue. “Brother, are you in a hurry to go back to the You family?”

“Feng, do you have any thoughts right now?”

Yun Feng nodded and looked at the dense forest with her black eyes. Even though she didn’t know where she was, nobody came to disturb her. It was indeed suitable for their current situation. “I do have some thoughts. We’ve already arrived in the Central Region right now. With our current strength, we’re at the bottom. Even though I don’t care about power and status, strength can’t be completely ignored when we move around the Central Region.”

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