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Chapter 1002: Blood Ray (2)

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After experiencing so many things on the East Continent and the West Continent, Yun Feng deeply understood that only the strong had a world that belonged to them.

Yun Feng continued, “Besides, after reaching the Lord Level, the path of cultivation definitely can’t be like before. If you want to make a breakthrough and cross this level, you must find a new path. It’ll definitely be a new world above the Lord Level! Brother, when you go back to the You family, you certainly can’t be at the peak of the Monarch Level right now. You should at least reach the Lord Level. What do you think, brother?”

You Yue chuckled and rubbed Yun Feng’s head with his big hand. “Alright, we’ll listen to you. A breakthrough in strength is indeed urgent.”

Yun Feng nodded happily. “This place is rarely visited and is also a quiet place. It’s suitable for cultivation. We’ll cultivate here until the day we break through!”

You Yue agreed, but thinking of the long cultivation time, he couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional. “I guess it will already have been a few decades when we walk out of here?”

Qu Lanyi burst into laughter. “Don’t worry. It won’t take so long. It’s hard to say between us, but with Fengfeng’s talent, it won’t take so long at all.”

You Yue also burst into laughter. “You’re right! My sister is too talented. Everyone will probably be shocked!”

Yun Feng also smiled. She didn’t know how long it would take to leave this place. She was certain that she would definitely break through to the Lord Level when she left this place. She was only at the early stage of the Lord Level right now. How could she cross this path successfully? This was a challenge for her.

The three of them decided to make a breakthrough here, so they certainly had to find a place suitable for cultivation. They looked around and found a rather hidden place, which seemed to be the nest abandoned by a giant beast. It was an extremely hidden cave in the mountain. The cave was covered with licorice and the air was very cold and dry. The three of them agreed that this was the best place for cultivation. They immediately decided to stay here and entered a cultivation state.

After entering the Lord Level, the path of cultivation would be even more difficult. Even if the elemental density on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace was much higher than that in the outside world, this help to Yun Feng became smaller and smaller. After entering the cultivation state, Yun Feng felt more and more clearly that the elemental density in the air of the Central Region was several times higher than that on the East Continent and the West Continent! In other words, the elemental density in the air of the Central Region was almost the same as that of the Dragon Palace!

Yun Feng was surprised at this. In other words, the speed of cultivation in the Central Region was several times faster than on the East Continent and the West Continent! No wonder there were many masters in the Central Region. No wonder the Lord Level was only at the bottom! Yun Feng cultivated by communicating and fusing her mental strength with the various elements in the air, so that she could reach a more unified level. The higher the concentration of elements in the air, the more powerful Yun Feng’s mental strength was!

However, the Lord Level couldn’t be crossed easily just based on this. After reaching such a level, she had to put in more effort for every step she took. Yun Feng knew this very well. Even if the elemental density in the air was very high, it was still too slow for her!

Time passed quickly. The three of them cultivated in the cave quietly. Qu Lanyi was surrounded by a faint light element, while You Yue was a warrior. A layer of fighting energy covered the surface of his body clearly, while Yun Feng was surrounded by elements of five colors, looking extraordinarily gorgeous!

If anyone saw Yun Feng, they would definitely be shocked. The five elements kept circling around Yun Feng harmoniously. The elements were close to each other, forming a five-color halo around her. The sky outside had already darkened, but the cave was full of colors.

Half a year had already passed silently. In this half year, the three of them were still in a state of cultivation where their usual physiological needs had become very small. It was enough for them to circulate their energy around their bodies. In this half year, the cave had been in a state of silence. The three of them sat with their eyes closed and the expressions on their faces seemed calm and natural, but there were changes happening quietly in the cave.

On the originally smooth walls of the cave, a kind of yellow color gradually seeped out after half a year. This yellow color was very light and very faint, but it was very bright. It was as if they saw sunlight when they saw it. This bright yellow color even emitted a faint light in the dark! Naturally, the three people, who had been closing their eyes, didn’t notice this yellow color seeping out at all, but as time passed, the three of them also felt something.

Yun Feng was the first to notice. As time passed, Yun Feng felt more and more clearly that the elemental density in the air increased with time. Even though the increase was extremely small, the effect accumulated increased day by day. Yun Feng’s own cultivation speed was also increasing constantly, making her feel unprecedentedly comfortable! After half a year, Yun Feng had already crossed the mid-stage of the Lord Level. Her cultivation speed could be said to be advancing by leaps and bounds!

Another late night. The black eyes that had been closed opened quietly and a glint of light flashed through them. The five colors around Yun Feng quietly faded. Yun Feng saw that Qu Lanyi and You Yue were still cultivating on the side. Nobody disturbed them. Yun Feng stood up quietly and saw the changes in the cave with one look.

“What… are these?” Yun Feng looked at the changed cave wall in surprise. The yellow color that seeped out of it was especially obvious in the dark, emitting a faint yellow halo. The yellow color oozed out of various places on the wall. Yun Feng walked to the side of the wall curiously and touched it gently with her finger. A golden solution was scraped off by Yun Feng. The moment she touched it, Yun Feng clearly felt the powerful elemental energy contained in the golden solution!

“The elemental energy is so dense!” Yun Feng looked at the golden solution on her finger in shock. After a while, something even more shocking happened. The golden solution directly seeped into Yun Feng’s body through Yun Feng’s finger!

Yun Feng immediately felt that the powerful elemental energy in the golden solution instantly reached inside her body and the mental strength in her spiritual space swallowed all the elemental energy like a hungry beast!

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