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Chapter 975: Let’s Go (1)

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“There’s no need to think about anything else. The Ling family only has themselves to blame this time,” said Qu Lanyi coldly. “The reason why these masked people could easily kill the dimension elders and invade the Ling family is because there are people inside the Ling family who cooperate with them. I went to the border of the Ling family and took a look. It’s indeed not bad. An opening was forcibly created in the space alert system around the Ling family. The Ling family’s space alert system can’t be broken from the outside.”

“He’s indeed the second son of the Ling family…” Yun Feng whispered. Mo Changge also sneered. “He’s really willing to kill for power and that position.”

“When people are blinded by power and desire, feelings are already worthless in their eyes.” Qu Lanyi’s deep voice sounded in Yun Feng’s ears. Then, he looked at Ling Xiaoyun. “Ling Xiaoyun, what do you plan to do from now on?”

Ling Xiaoyun swallowed and didn’t say anything. Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth. “As the last descendant of the Ling family, do you really think you have nothing to do with the Ling family?”

Ling Xiaoyun’s temples throbbed, but he didn’t say anything. At this moment, there was a strong distortion in front of the unstable space channel! Mu Canghai immediately used the power of space without another word. Ling Xiaoyun didn’t have time to think about anything else. Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and even Mo Changge all used their space abilities. If they couldn’t get through this distortion, they would all be hanged here!

Even though Yun Feng and the others escaped from the spatial channel that Ling Tiansu risked his life to open, his power had already been exhausted after all. Usually, the spatial channel that Ling Tiansu opened would be able to send everyone out safely, but not this time!

The spatial power of the few of them gathered together and formed a huge force! Space distorted in front of her eyes. Yun Feng only felt that her body was about to be squeezed into a different shape and the organs in her body were also about to be changed forcibly!

The power of space that everyone gathered collided with the spatial distortion forcefully, causing a strong pressure and deformation in the space! Yun Feng saw that all their bodies inexplicably bent and even changed shape! She only heard a loud “Boom!” Then, a rapid suction came. Yun Feng’s body that was forcibly squeezed couldn’t resist anymore and was instantly dragged into the endless darkness by the suction force!

“Master, Master! Xiao Feng!” Before Yun Feng regained consciousness, the anxious voices of the three contracted Magic Beasts came from her mind. Yun Feng moved her eyelids and found that her body was as heavy as lead. There was also an unbearable pain in her body. The black jade pendant on her neck was flowing with warm currents that spread throughout her body. Yun Feng knew that this was the effect of the Array of Life again.

“Master, how are you?”

“Xiao Feng, are you alright?”

The voices of the three contracted Magic Beasts seemed a bit noisy in an instant. Yun Feng grunted in confusion and suddenly opened her eyes. A beam of strong light directly shone into her eyeballs. Yun Feng subconsciously closed her eyes again and touched the place where she was lying with her hand. There was gravel everywhere she touched and she even felt a bit wet.

Could she be by the water? Yun Feng was a bit confused in her mind. After listening carefully, she indeed found the sound of water. She grabbed the ground fiercely with her hand and there was already a handful of wet soil and gravel in her hand. She slowly opened her eyes. After adapting to the sunlight, Yun Feng finally saw where she was clearly.

This was a lake with clear water. Her back was against a tall mountain and three sides were open. There were some dense bushes around her. The dazzling sunlight just then shone through the place where there were trees. Yun Feng happened to be at the edge of the lake. She sat up and looked around. There was no one else except her.

She immediately took out the Finger Spiritual Jade. There was nothing on the Finger Spiritual Jade. Yun Feng took out the Sound Transmission Jade again. Similarly, the Sound Transmission Jade also lost its effect. It seemed that she was separated from the others. Thinking of the huge collision of spatial force, Yun Feng rubbed her head that was still in pain. Under such a collision, the impact could be imagined. It was already good enough that she didn’t lose her life. She just didn’t know how the others were doing.

Qu Lanyi, Mu Canghai, Ling Xiaoyun and Mo Changge were all very strong. They had no problem protecting themselves. After thinking for a while, Yun Feng wasn’t worried anymore. What she needed to know right now was where she had reached through the space channel.

Yun Feng didn’t explore with her mental strength recklessly. She knew that her body had suffered quite a huge blow in the collision of space. Even though her mental strength wasn’t damaged much, her body was different. Just sitting up made Yun Feng feel drenched in sweat. The damage caused by the power of space was obvious.

She took out the Rings of Contract and the three contracted Magic Beasts appeared next to Yun Feng at the same time. The three contracted Magic Beasts were all in human form. Yaoyao was about to jump into Yun Feng’s arms the moment she came out. Yun Feng quickly blocked Yaoyao. Yaoyao immediately noticed that something was wrong with Yun Feng and immediately asked anxiously, “Xiao Feng, where do you feel uncomfortable?”

Little Fire looked like a little boy. It raised its head and looked at the nearby terrain, looking very worried. “Master needs to recuperate. I’ll go investigate if this place is safe.” Yun Feng nodded. “If you find any other creatures, don’t disturb them. We’ll leave.”

Little Fire grinned and didn’t say anything. It immediately jumped into the forest. Lan Yi approached. Yaoyao wanted to treat Yun Feng with the water element. Yun Feng shook her head. “There’s no internal injury. I’ll be fine after taking some medicine.” She flipped her hand and the medicine appeared in Yun Feng’s hand. Lan Yi immediately took it and helped Yun Feng take it carefully.

“Master, are you really alright?” Lan Yi sized Yun Feng up with his dark blue eyes, fearing that something would happen to her. Yun Feng shook her head. “It’s fine. I’ll be fine after two to three days of recovery.”

Lan Yi nodded and sat behind Yun Feng considerately, so that she could lean against him. Yun Feng leaned against Lan Yi’s shoulder and slowly breathed out. She looked at the bright blue sky at this moment. Where exactly was this place? Was it the Central Continent?

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