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Chapter 72 – Drunken Rage

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Although they tried to keep Feng Yu and Li Na relationship from his sister, Feng Danying, she still found out.

Feng Danying confiscated Feng Yu’s car keys and ordered Li Shiqiang not to drive Feng Yu to school. Anyway, the school was only a 10 minutes’ walk from home. This was her punishment for Feng Yu. Who asked him to not study hard in school and start dating at such young age.

Feng Yu was accustomed to the car and to ask him to walk for 10 minutes would be killing him. Wen Dongjun thought of a way for him. The both of them bought two Forever brand bicycles.

Someone had said before: after you learn how to ride a bicycle, it would be just like walking. Even if you had not ridden a bike for decades, you would still be able to ride once you got on a bike.

Now, the mainstream mode of transportation was still bicycles, and Forever brand was the most popular. All the staffs at Tai Hua Trading ride Forever brand bicycles, and they were proud of it.

Feng Yu carried his backpack, wore his Warrior brand shoes, jeans, t-shirt, a baseball cap, which was only sold at major departmental stores, and a Shanghai brand watch on his left hand. He happily hummed a song and rode his bike to school.

Most of the people going to school or work were riding bicycles. They would ring the bicycle bells as a form of greeting. Feng Yu also felt that, in this weather,  it was not a bad idea to ride a bike to school.

This beautiful picture was destroyed by the appearance of somebody. It was just like dripping a big blob of thick, black and smelly ink on a beautiful painting.

“Why are you riding so slowly? We will be late. Are you eating this bun? If no, I will eat it.” With a bun in his mouth, Wen Dongjun caught up with Feng Yu and gave him a slap on his back.

“You are wiping your hands on my shirt after eating again!”      

Wen Dongjun pedaled hard and soon overtake Feng Yu, and Feng Yu started to give chase. Leaving sound of laughter in their trail.

At the bicycle parking bay, a lot of students were pointing at them. Wen Dongjun felt very proud and waved at them like those superstars.

Feng Yu shook his head and dragged Wen Dongjun to class. Not staying at the school dormitory have its pros too. At least they don’t need to attend the morning self-revision classes, and they got to wake up 1 hour later.

In the classroom, there were a lot of students who were half awake, and some were still yawning sleepily. But when the teacher enters the class, all of them sat up straight and look like they were paying attention.

After class, Feng Yu walked over to Li Na and sat in the seat beside her. “Tomorrow is the weekends. After school, let’s not go to the cafeteria. Let’s go out to eat barbecue and catch a movie at the Cultural Palace.”

“I still have to attend the night self-revision class.”

“There is also no one taking attendance at self-revision classes and what’s wrong with skipping once? That’s it.” Feng Yu decided for Li Na.

When Feng Yu returned to his seat, Li Na’s desk mate, a fat chick, said to her: “He asked you out for movies tonight? I really envy you. Why doesn’t anyone ask me out?”

“You want to join us?”

“Really? It's settled then. We shall go together tonight.” The fat chick happily accepted the invitation.

Li Na was stunned. She was just polite, and she never expects the fat chick to accept her invitation.

During lunch at the cafeteria, Li Na told Feng Yu that her desk mate wanted to tag along that night. Feng Yu turned and looked at Wen Dongjun with an evil smile.

“What? You want me to ride the bicycle with that fat chick? My tires will burst!”

Feng Yu wrapped his arms around Wen Dongjun’s neck and said: “Are we, brothers? My bicycle can’t sit 2 more people. You have nothing to do at night anyway after you were turned down by that girl from next class.”  

“But I also cannot ferry her in my bike. If other students saw me, how can I go after the pretty girl from next class?”

Fat chick’s character was not bad. She was good in her studies too and not short with fair complexion. Her facial features…… can’t really see clearly as all her facial features were squeezed together.

“Later I will teach you some tricks. You can definitely ask her out the next time!”

“You sure?”

Feng Yu felt insulted and replied loudly: “When did I lie to you?”


“One, two, go! Sit tight."

Fat chick sat on the back seat of Wen Dongjun’s bicycle. He felt that he can’t even pedal. He still needs Feng Yu to push him from the back for him to start riding wobbly.

Li Na sat on the back seat of Feng Yu’s bicycle and Feng Yu, with one leg on the ground and the other on the pedal, stepped down hard on the pedal and moved off with ease. He rode steadily following behind Wen Dongjun.

Li Na was wearing a long dress and sat sideways on the back with her arms wrapped around Feng Yu’s waist. She lowered her head and smiled sweetly.

The four reached the entrance of the Cultural Palace. There was a movie poster for a Hong Kong movie , starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao.

The Cultural Palace was still better than the cinemas in the towns, where they only screen those boring domestic films.

Looking at the time, there was still ten minutes till the next screening. Feng Yu and the rest decided to watch the movie first before getting barbeque.

This move was a comedy-action movie. These four really enjoyed it. After the movie, they went to the roadside stalls beside the cinema.

One RMB for ten sticks of barbeque meat. Feng Yu ordered 50 sticks without hesitation. He also ordered a lot of other barbeque stuff. Based on Wen Dongjun and Fat chick’s power, Feng Yu might not get to eat anything if he ordered too little food.

There were too few varieties for these barbeque sticks, unlike the future. There were no seafood related food and vegetables. There was only sliced potatoes, boiled peanuts, and soybeans for cold dishes. But it was still enough for Feng Yu and the rest to eat.

At the table beside them, a few youngsters were looking at Li Na. Li Na had worn a long dress, and with her pretty face, these few youngsters started to have some evil thoughts.

One of them walked over to Li Na with a mug of beer: “Hey girl, drink with me. Later I will bring you to a fun place. You heard of billiards before? I have a billiard hall behind me, and there are two tables there.”

Wen Dongjun and Feng Yu stood up immediately and stopped that youngster.

“Go back and eat your food. If you are not eating, get lost. Stop your drunken rage!”

“Oh, what is this? These two kids want to fight with me? Stepped aside and don’t bother me drinking with this pretty girl. If not, I will kill you!”

The three other young punks stood up and walk up to Feng Yu when he finished his sentence. They started to shove Feng Yu.

“Please don’t fight. Don’t fight.” Li Na was almost in tears. These four men were not to be a mess with.    

Feng Yu reached over and pulled Li Na behind him. He looked at these 4 punks and said: “There are some people, whom young punks like you all, can’t provoke. Get lost, and I will pretend nothing had happened. My brother-in-law works with Master Crutches!”

To pretend, the attitude was critical. When Feng Yu said those words, his tone, and demeanor of the speech startled those youngsters!

Author’s notes: At that time the bicycle was the primary mean of transport and China became the bicycle kingdom. Warrior brand shoes and Shanghai brand watches were the most fashionable brands at that time! Cultural Palace was the place to go for movies, and some schools without school halls would also hold their events at Cultural Palace.

Translator notes: I was merely translating what was written. I absolutely do not discriminate against fat people and does not condone calling people “fat chick.” 

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