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Chapter 71 – Changing the School Culture

“You need to be so close to each other when eating?” Officer Li shouted.

“Sitting close together meant that we are dating? Who said this? You or the Principal? You have never stood close to female strangers? Does that mean that you are dating every time?” Feng Yu replied.

Roar ~ ~ ~ ~

All the students burst out laughing, especially when they saw Officer Li’s face turned red with anger.

“You dare to talk to me this way? Who is your form teacher? I will make sure you get demerit points!”

“Whatever. Li Na, have you finish eating? Let’s go to the library.”

Feng Yu’s indifference attitude angered Officer Li further. He wanted to reach out and grab Feng Yu, but he remembered Feng Yu had brushed off his hand earlier, embarrassing him. So he grabbed Li Na’s arm instead.

“Ah!” Li Na screamed out.


Feng Yu slapped Officer Li’s hand.

“Anyhow grabbing a female student’s arm. According to what you just said, can I interpret as you are molesting her?” Feng Yu asked.

More and more students crowded around. Initially, it was those who had finished eating. But now, those who were eating stopped and joined the crowd to watch the “battle” between the righteous freshman and the evil Officer Li. Too exciting!

There were even some at the back, cheering Feng Yu loudly. Anyway, they cannot be seen by Officer Li as there were a lot of onlookers in front of them. These students were unhappy with the Disciplinary Office but dare not speak up. Finally, someone dares to stand up against Officer Li and the Disciplinary Office. How can they not cheer for Feng Yu?

Feng Yu held Li Na’s hand and make their way out of the crowd. On the way out, he winked at Wen Dongjun, and he got the message. Wen Dongjun then incites the other students to block Officer Li’s path.

No matter what, this matter had blown up!

“Are you two dating?” The form teacher asked sternly. These two students were the ones that the Vice Principal told him to take special care off. Why did they clash with the Disciplinary Office?




Feng Yu and Li Na gave two different answers at the same time.

Li Na looked at Feng Yu in shock. Her relationship with Feng Yu was more than ordinary friends, but they both did not cross the line or at least they had not verbally admitted to being in a relationship.

But Feng Yu said it out now, and it was still in front of their form teacher.

“No, teacher. We are really not dating.” Li Na denied with her beet red face.

Feng Yu sighed. This girl must be taught.

“Fine. Teacher, we are not dating.”

The form teacher looked at Feng Yu speechless. From Feng Yu’s expression and tone, how can one believe that they were not dating?

These two students just can’t let others stop worrying about them. Entering Bing City’s top high school and it was still a countrywide triple-A rated high school. Yet they were not concentrating on their studies to get into a good university. What’s the difference between them and those at those vocational schools?

After university, they would be elites, and they would get good jobs. Can’t they settle down at that time? Why must they date during high school?

“The both of you, write a self-reflection letter. I will speak to Officer Li. You two will apologize to him, and we will let this matter rest.” The form teacher said.

“We can write the letter, but we will not apologize!” Feng Yu said. He thought of how Officer Li grabbed Li Na’s arm, and he was still angry. He will not apologize!

The form teacher tried to persuade Feng Yu for a long time, but Feng Yu was adamant to not apologize. Finally, he was suspended. He can only return to school when he relents.

Feng Yu was ecstatic. Does that mean if he does not relent for one month and he can stop going to school for one month?

Anyway, his goal was to study liberal arts now and business management in university. These subjects only require him to memorize and skipping one month of the class makes no difference.

But after the form teacher left the office, Li Na burst into tears. Since kindergarten till now, she had never been suspended. Her classmates would laugh at her, and if her parents knew about this, they would be disappointed with her.

“Eh, what are you crying for? How nice it would be to be suspended for a few days. Anyway, the syllabus now is not that hard. We can read up ourselves. Ok, ok. I will think of something. Tomorrow, everything will be fine.” Feng Yu said.

Li Na looked at Feng Yu with tears rolling in her eyes: “What can you do? You certainly will not apologize to Officer Li.”

Li Na was in a dilemma now. On one side, she wants to go back to class and not get punished, but on the other hand, she does not wish for Feng Yu to bow down and apologize. She knew Feng Yu was a very proud person.

“My brother-in-law and Vice Principal Sun are good friends. I will ask him to speak to Vice Principal Sun.”


“Since when did I lied to you? Stop crying. You are turning into a kitten.” Feng Yu took out a handkerchief and wiped Li Na’s Tears.



Li Na laughed: “You are the kitten.”


Once again, Li Shiqiang came to Vice Principal Sun’s office, and Vice Principal Sun welcomed him warmly.

“Mr. Li, thank you for your contributions to the school and the students. Why are you here for today?” Vice Principal Sun was curious. Didn’t the new basketball court construction complete? Could it be Li Shiqiang is going to donate something else? That would be great. He still does not know that Feng Yu was suspended from school.

“Vice Principal Sun, my brother was suspended. I want to know what happened.” Li Shiqiang said.

“Your brother was suspended? How come I am unaware of this? Don’t worry. I will call and ask.”

Feng Yu’s form teacher appeared in Vice Principal Sun’s office and reported the whole circumstances to him. He felt that the punishment meted out to him was not wrong. Openly talking back to the teacher and the penalty was only to write a self-reflection letter and apologize to the teacher. How can this punishment be wrong?

Li Shiqiang crossed his legs and said: “Vice Principal Sun, I think there is no need to apologize, and only the self-reflection letter will do. My brother is not dating. He is not dating! Right. I want to donate 100 Wind and Rain fans to the school. I think this hot weather will last for another month.”

Vice Principal Sun laughed and said: “Mr. Li, I also think that the self-reflection letter is sufficient. That Officer Li is also in the wrong. He can’t assume male and female students having lunch together as dating.  It could be pure friendship.”

The next day, Feng Yu and Li Na returned to class as if nothing had happened. The two self-reflection letters had only less than 100 words, and they just reflected about the food they wasted at the cafeteria that day.

When Officer Li read the letters, he tore them into pieces. But the Disciplinary Master told him something, and he cooled down.

Vice Principal Sun said that it was okay to scold the students, but he must also allow male and female students to be friends. He cannot be too strict and stringent. Officer Li was not satisfied, but he can’t do anything as his superior had already spoken. He can only let the matter rest. Soon, he noticed the school’s culture had changed.

In the past, after class ended, male and female students rarely mix together. But now, male and female students were participating in activities together.

During meal time, male and female students sat together and chatted happily. In the mornings and evenings, there were male and female students taking strolls together in the school fields.

Every time he questions these students, they would reply him that they were only friends!

In the end, Officer Li gave up catching these students. Worked so hard but got nothing in return. Later, he noticed that since he gave up finding these dating students, there were a few students that got into relationships. And those couples that were dating encouraged and helped each other in their studies to get into Universities. Their grades improved instead.

Of course, these were all afterword.

The day Feng Yu stood up against Officer Li was named as “Liberation Day” by some students. A few decades later, it remained as a legend in the school. But the version was the N edition.

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