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Chapter 73 – Infamous

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Feng Yu lifted his left hand and deliberately let those four young gangsters see his watch. In that era, someone who can wear a Shanghai brand watch was not ordinary folks.

Feng Yu looked like a middle-high school student, and yet his dressing tells others that he was rich. Coupled with Feng Yu’s calm and relaxed attitude, the young punks looked at each other and hurriedly paid their bills and left.

All they wanted was to use being drunk as an excuse to harass some girls. If Feng Yu and the rest feared them, they might do something worse. But if they met someone who was firm and fearless, they would run away.

If Feng Yu was telling the truth, his brother-in-law works for Master Crutches, their legs would be broken!

The barbeque stall owner overheard Feng Yu and gave them a bunch of barbeque meat sticks, a few bottles of beer. The stall owner thought to himself: “So young and walked the wrong path. I still thought that they were good students. In future, they will also be gangsters.”

After eating, Feng Yu sent Li Na back while Wen Dongjun sent Fat chick back.

“your brother-in-law is really a gangster?” Li Na asked.

“I was just scaring them, you also believe? If I never lied to them, will them leave?” Feng Yu laughed. Although he was not some good person, he would never join the triads. He could not even finish spending the money he earned from legal means, why would he make from illegal businesses?

Lying on the bed, Li Na tossed and turned, and can’t sleep. She knew Feng Yu’s family well. His family was farmers. Although they were not poor, they were not very rich either.

But why was Feng Yu so rich this year? Drove his own car, eat and wear branded goods, and even had an apartment in the city. Could it be his brother-in-law really from the triads? Then he must not be some good person.

Li Na was anxious. Feng Yu’s money did not come from legal means. Especially Feng Yu kept giving her gifts, and the gifts were quite expensive too. She decided to not accept his gifts anymore.


Sunday afternoon. Feng Yu woke up at 10. He woke up because he was hungry. After eating something in the kitchen, he washed up and left for his company.

It was the day to remit money to Kirilenko, and Feng Yu would never delay. He still wants to work with Kirilenko for the long term.

Tai Hua Trading does not have an accountant. All the finances were handled by Feng Yu personally. Luckily for him, in this era, there was no need for an accounting certificate to take on this post. If not, Feng Yu would have a big headache.

Tai Hua Trading had how much money? How much profits? Only Feng Yu knows the best. Even Li Shiqiang can only estimate, and the rest can only guess.

Next year, Feng Yu would be taking out every single cent from the company and invest in the stock market. This would be more convenient for Feng Yu.  

Another reason was Feng Yu does not trust employing an accountant from outside. There were many instances where the account of the company embezzled with the money and ran off. Furthermore, Tai Hua Trading had so much money in its accounts. Don’t say this era, even in his previous life, there will still be people who would take the risk and embezzle money.

The technology was not advance in this era, and there was no need to register names for train tickets, no CCTV on the roads. Once someone escaped and hide in a small mountain village for a year, and in the second year, he can just spend some money to get a real new identity. This way he will be scot free and live in another city.

Don’t be mistaken. There were a lot of good policemen around, but there will also be some black sheep. Especially in the villages. If the village leader act as a guarantor, the police station doesn’t investigate and claim to be someone’s relative, one can just register a new identity and get a new identity card.

Feng Yu only trusted Li Shiqiang entirely, but he does not know about accounts and doesn’t want to learn. He only told Feng Yu that he entrusted him with the accounts and just want to wait until year-end to get his share.

This era, it was very troublesome to remit money. Although this was not the first time Feng Yu remit money, it still took him, with the assistance of the bank staffs, almost an hour to complete the transaction. Why was it that he needed the approval from the bank’s manager when he was remitting money to another party?

After the bank, he went straight to the used cars refurbishment site. All the refurbished luxury cars look like stacks of money to Feng Yu, and all the discontents from the bank were dissipated.

This period, Wu Zhigang and the rest worked very hard. They brought many people over to view the cars. Some of these people bought the cars on the spot, while some thought that it was priced too expensive for a used car. The used car cost hundreds of thousands? They need some time to consider.

Feng Yu was too optimistic about the market. Although the population in Bing City was a lot, there were not many rich people around. Those that became rich earlier only look at Mercedes Benz and BMW. However, the sales for Rolls Royce and Toyota Crown was not bad.

Feng Yu’s way of marketing through word of mouth was not very useful. There were not enough stupid people around. As such, he went to the newspaper office and paid for a period of advertisements space. He then employed some flight attendant trainees from the vocational school, wearing flight attendant’s uniform and stood beside the cars.

One day one car model, one day one pretty model. This continued for 10 days. 10 different type of cars and 10 beautiful models. These advertisements made those bosses restless.

From the stimulation of the advertisements, Feng Yu estimates that they could sell another 20 to 30 vehicles. But Bing City’s market was only so big, and his sports cars remained unsold.

The road conditions in the era were not as good as the future years, and there was not much expressway around for them to race. The sports cars from the second batch remained unsold.

In another two months, there will be the last batch of used cars arriving. If Feng Yu can’t sell off all these cars within the next two months, he might have some cash flow issues.

“Zhigang, you get one man to follow you to the neighboring province’s Jilin City tomorrow. Do the same advertisement in the papers there.”

“No problem. You can count on me.” When Manager Feng asked them to travel, he would give them a lot of travel allowance.

That night, he played video games with Wen Dongjun before going to sleep.

When he reached his class on Monday, he noticed it was a bit weird. It seems that the other students were afraid of him.

It can’t be. He had not got into fights in school or even got angry. Why did everyone become scared of him?

A few students were whispering to each other. When Feng Yu returned from the toilet, he finally understood what happened.

“There were rumors that his brother-in-law was a gangster and working for the Master Crutches.”

“What? You don’t believe? You think about why Feng Yu dared to stand up against Officer Li? Why after that incident, he did not receive any punishment?”

“You all remember when school starts, and we were all discussing our entry grades? Feng Yu was short of 3 points, and Wen Dongjun was short of 30 over points. They are also not Bing City’s residents. They are from the farms nearby. How could they enter this school?”


“My dad had met Feng Yu’s brother-in-law. He was tall, fit and fierce looking. His fist was as big as a clay pot. There were rumors that he was Master Crutches’, right-hand man.”

“Also, even the Vice Principal was scared of Feng Yu’s brother-in-law. I think Feng Yu will become the big boss of this school in future. We better stay away from him and don’t provoke him. A few days ago, there were over ten gangsters outside the school calling Feng Yu big brother!”

These few students can really make up stories. They just haven’t made up a story of Feng Yu beat up Cripple Wang with one punch and killed Song Laosi with a kick.

Feng Yu opened the toilet door and bared his teeth at these students. Those students hurriedly ran for their lives.

Feng Yu knew who spread these rumors. It must be Fat chick. Forget it. No matter what motives she got, at least there will not be anyone dares to provoke him in school, and no one dares to make a move on Li Na.

Although his reputation was infamous, Feng Yu doesn’t care. That idiot Wen Dongjun still felt very proud, and he even wanted to use Feng Yu’s reputation to stop some other students from getting close to the prettiest girl in the next class.

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