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Chapter 62 – Everyone can act

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Song Xiaofeng was grounded at home for the past few days by his uncle Song Laosi. Although Song Laosi’s villa has everything, he still felt bored.

Today, he was finally allowed to leave his uncle’s villa, and he immediately brought his men to the nightclub. He just likes the feeling of playing with different girls. In his words, “Every girl has her own flavor.”

Just when he saw a target and was about to send his men to pull the girl over, he saw someone that was in his mind for the past few days.

Since this kid appeared in front of him, it would be a waste to not get some money out of him.

Song Xiaofeng still has to pay for Toad’s medical expenses. Since he happens to meet Feng Yu here, he decided to ask Feng Yu to pay for Toad’s expenses. Anyway, Feng Yu had indirectly caused Toad’s legs to be broken by Cripple Wang.

Feng Yu was looking for a place to sit with Wu Zhigang when he saw two men appeared in front of them.

“You two. Master Song asked you to get over there!” One of the two men said.

Feng Yu and Wu Zhigang’s eyes met and without uttering a word, followed Song Xiaofeng’s men. Song Xiaofeng was leaning back into a sofa with crossed legs. He was holding a glass of Whiskey.

“Isn’t this Brother Feng? How come you are here today?” Song Xiaofeng asked.

“I just happen to pass by and decided to come in for a drink. Master Song, you are here too. Bring the tab for Master Song’s table to me.” Feng Yu said enthusiastically.

“No need. I, Song Xiaofeng don’t have the habit of letting others buying me drinks. But my brother, Toad was injured at your office a few days ago. How are you going to settle this matter?” Song Xiaofeng said while shaking his rock glass. He doesn’t even look at Feng Yu.

Feng Yu look over to Wu Zhigang, and he knew what to do. Wu Zhigang stepped forward and shouted: “He is not injured by us and our company was trashed by your men!”  

Song Xiaofeng coldly glanced at Wu Zhigang. He doesn’t need to say anything, and his men rushed up. All it takes was one glass bottle, and Wu Zhigang was on the floor. The four men surrounded him and start raining blows on him.

Wu Zhigang already knew he will be beaten up. With the protection padding protecting his stomach area, he wrapped his arms around his head and curled up to defend himself. Even if he is injured, the injuries will also not be too severe.

Wu Zhigang screamed loudly when on the floor. He shouted for mercy.

Feng Yu also shouted at Song Xiaofeng: “Master Song, ask them to stop. How much compensation do you want? Just let me know. If I can afford it, I will give it to you. He is going to die soon!”

Song Xiaofeng closed his eyes. One hand holding the rock glass and the other swaying around in the air. His expression was like he is enjoying some music and his hand swaying to the rhythm.  

He likes to listen to the screams of those who don’t obey him. The more miserable, the more excited he is.  The satisfaction he got from these screams is far better than sex!

The beating carried on for about 5 minutes. Wu Zhigang’s cry was getting weaker. Suddenly, Song Xiaofeng raised his left fist, like the ending movement of a music conductor.

His men stopped and stood back behind Song Xiaofeng. Feng Yu hurriedly went over to check on Wu Zhigang. He started to regret. This was not what he expected.

He thought Song Xiaofeng’s men would just beat up Wu Zhigang for a while and stopped. He did not expect the beating to carry on for so long. Wu Zhigang was beaten up severely. His face is full of blood, and his body was trembling non-stop.

When Feng Yu looked at Wu Zhigang’s eyes, the latter was still able to blink, and his eyes were still very clear. Feng Yu felt relieved. At least, Wu Zhigang had not injured his brain.

“Earlier you said you wanted to compensate for Toad’s injuries. How much do you think a man’s leg is worth?” Song Xiaofeng asked slowly while slipping on his whiskey.

“100,000 RMB” Feng Yu quoted a price. Now the average annual income in Bing City is not more than 1,000 RMB. 100,000 RMB is the lifetime wages of many people!

“100,000 RMB? Humph, you think we are beggars? At least 400,000 RMB! I will not bargain with you. Two legs and the other injuries, total 1 Million RMB and I will let this matter rest!” Song Xiaofeng sneers. He knew Tai Hua trading had made a few million last month. 1 Million RMB shouldn’t be a problem for Feng Yu.

1 million? Feng Yu sucked in a deep breath and said: “Master Song, isn’t 1 million too much?”

“Too Much? Then how much do you think your two legs are wort? Why not I break both of your legs, and we let the matter rest?” Song Xiaofeng said with disgust. Some people just can’t grasp the situation. Feng Yu still wanted to bargain with him? If Feng Yu always behave this way, he will break his legs now and still ask for compensation!

“Fine! I will pay 1 million. Give me three days to raise the money, and I will send it to you!” Feng Yu said unwillingly.

Looking at Feng Yu, Song Xiaofeng was elated. He was able to vent his anger and still got a sum of money coming in. After paying Toad’s medical expenses, he will even have at least a few hundred thousand left.

Like swiping a fly, Song Xiaofeng waved his hands to ask Feng Yu to get lost. He then pointed to a pretty girl who was leaving the dance floor. Tonight, she is the one!

The nightclub business was not affected even when Wu Zhigang was beaten up by Song Xiaofeng’s 4 followers. Everyone pretended not to see. Only a few more daring customers, looked over to find out who was the one who had provoked Song Xiaofeng.

Feng Yu really despised these twisted people. They thought that people like Song Xiaofeng were very awe-inspiring? When he is in prison or dying on the streets, they will understand that these are all stupid and not prestige.

Feng Yu helped Wu Zhigang out of the nightclub. When their car had left the area, Wu Zhigang began to groan.

“How are you? Do you have any fractures? Don't worry, we are reaching the hospital soon.” Feng Yu said.

“It's okay, I got the padding on.” Wu Zhigang said and pulled out two plastic boards from underneath his clothes. Luckily Song Xiaofeng’s men had used their legs to stomp on him. If they had used their fist, they would have felt the plastic paddings. With the paddings protecting him, Wu Zhigang did not sustain serious injuries.

After the hospital examination, Feng Yu was relieved. Wu Zhigang only sustained minor injuries. After 2 injections, he is allowed to go home. All he needs was to recuperate at home for 2 months.

“Zhigang, don’t tell anyone about what happened. Rest assured, Song Xiaofeng is finished.” Feng Yu said.

That night, Feng Yu went to a few places to look for Cripple Wang. He finally found him relaxing in a pool of a bath centre.

Cripple Wang frowned when he saw Feng Yu. “This kid again! Did he think that after giving me 100,000 RMB, I am to solve all his problems?”

When Feng Yu saw Cripple Wang, he put on a pitiful look on his face and said: “Master Crutch, you got to help me.”

“What's the matter?” Crippled Wang asked.

“Master Crutch, today I went to the nightclub with a friend to relax, but we met Song Xiaofeng there. He asked his men to beat up my friend and me for no reasons. My friend is seriously injured and is currently still lying in the hospital. I was also beaten. You look at my injuries.” Feng Yu said.

“He beat you for no reasons?” Cripple Wang asked. He did not believe what Feng Yu had said.

“We were at Autumn Nightclub. You can ask your men. We had just entered the nightclub, and we were immediately beaten up by Song Xiaofeng’s men. Song Xiaofeng also said that even if Toad’s legs were broken by Master Crutches, but it happened at my company. So I have to pay him 1 million RMB as compensation. My company is still new. Where can I raise such a big sum of money?” Feng Yu replied.

Cripple Wang’s faced changed. On the surface, Song Xiaofeng had beat up Feng yu and his friend. But actually, it was a slap in his face. “Humph, Song Laosi, this time it is your nephew that didn’t play by the rules. I will not hold back on him!”

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