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Chapter 63 – War (Part 1)

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Cripple Wang asked Feng Yu to go back first. He will investigate this matter first before giving Feng Yu an answer. He cannot believe Feng Yu’s one-sided claims.

He asked his men to get those who were watching over Nightclub over. The circumstances were indeed what Feng Yu had said. Feng Yu and his friend had just entered the nightclub, and they were beaten up by Song Xiaofeng’s men. Song Xiaofeng even asked Feng Yu to compensate him 1 million RMB, using Toad’s injuries at Feng Yu’s office as an excuse.

As to how seriously injured was Feng Yu’s friend, it was needless to investigate further. To be beaten up by 4 men for 5 minutes, he must be seriously injured. Furthermore, Song Xiaofeng did not pay for the damages that day. The follower, who was relating the circumstances to Cripple Wang, had eyed the girl which Song Xiaofeng brought back that day first. As such, he exaggerated a lot.

For instance, Feng Yu had mentioned the name of Master Crutches, but Song Xiaofeng still ignored and even asked his men to hit them harder.

Cripple Wang can no longer keep quiet this time. Even this Song Xiaofeng dare to be so arrogant in his territory. This shows that Song Laosi’s power had increased a lot. If he were to keep quiet and let this matter rest, within 1 year, there would be no Master Crutches in Bing City!

“Useless! What did I say before? At our nightclubs, there must be no fights. If there are fights every day, who will come to our nightclubs? Where can we earn money? No money, what are you going to eat?” Cripple Wang scolded the follower responsible for that nightclub.

That follower was smart and asked: “Mater Crutches, do we look for Song Xiaofeng with regards to this incident?”

“Of course! By creating trouble in my territory means not giving me face. Go and bring him over. Let Song Laosi come over personally to bring him back!”


Feng Yu spent the whole night at the hospital taking care of Wu Zhigang. Wu Zhigang does not want to notify his family for the time being.

The next morning, Feng Yu saw a familiar person appearing in front of him. That person is one of Cripple Wang’s men.

“Manager Feng, I represent Master Crutches to visit your injured friend and also bring you a message from Master Crutches. Song Xiaofeng was captured by Master Crutches. We are waiting for Song Laosi to come over.”

Cripple Wang’s man looked over at Wu Zhigang, whose whole body was covered in bandages. Song Xiaofeng’s men were merciless. But what he did not know was that the bandages were requested by Feng Yu. There was no need for these bandages.

But Feng Yu gave them red packets money and said that the more bandages, the faster the wounds will heal. The doctors after receiving the red packets used a lot of dressings on Wu Zhigang. They hope that they could meet these types of ignorant patients more frequently.

“Help me thank Master Crutches. This money is to treat you and your brothers to drink.” Feng Yu said.

After sending Cripple Wang’s man out, Feng Yu woke Wu Zhigang, who was pretending to be in a coma, up. Feng Yu took out the 2 electric fans from under the bed and start blowing at Wu Zhigang. Under this summer heat and thick bandages, it will be easy to get heat rashes.

“Manager Feng, you go back first, I am fine.” Wu Zhigang said.

Feng Yu had not only personally taken care of him for one night and even arranged a single room with toilet for him. This was the treatment for government officials. Feng Yu had spent a lot of this type of treatment.

“I will stay and take care of you. You can’t even go to the toilet yourself.” Feng Yu said while looking at the “mummy” on the bed.

“Time for injection. Turnover and show your buttocks. After this injection and two bottles of drips, you can be discharged. You are his brother? Don’t interfere with the doctors next time if you don’t know anything. There is obviously nothing wrong with him, and yet you asked the doctors to bandage his whole body. You even brought two fans for him. Do you really have too much money to burn?”

A young nurse came in and started criticizing Feng Yu while preparing the injection and drips. Feng Yu suddenly saw Wu Zhigang’s eyes brighten up and started wriggling his body to expose his buttocks.

Feng Yu shook his head. He finally understood why Wu Zhigang wanted him to go back first.

After injection and hanging the drips, Feng Yu went over beside the nurse and said: “Sister, I would need to trouble you to take care of my friend for the next two days.”

“Our hospital treats all patients the same. There are no special treatments.” The nurse said.

Feng Yu whispered: “I will tell you the truth. My friend is here for you. I know his injuries are not that serious. Under this summer’s heat and wrapped in thick bandages? All these are just for him to stay in the hospital for a few more days so he can get closer to you.”

The young nurse face turned red and secretly looked at Wu Zhigang. She thought this guy was an idiot. So, it was because he likes her. For someone who can afford to stay in this type of ward, have two electric fans blowing at him and came to the hospital in a car, his family must be quite well off. She heard from other nurses that Wu Zhigang is not bad looking and his height is about 1.8 meters.  

Feng Yu took out a few hundred RMB notes and handed over to the nurse.

“What do you mean by this?” The young nurse asked unhappily.

“Nothing much. If my friend wants to eat anything, please help him.” Feng Yu replied.

Feng Yu returned to the ward and smiled at Wu Zhigang: “Ok. I had found out that the young nurse is single and she will be on the day shift this week. I had asked her to take good care of you. Whether if you can get her, is all up to you now. I am going back now and visit you later in the evenings.”


Song Xiaofeng was captured by Cripple Wang, and Cripple Wang even sent word to Song Laosi. If he wants to rescue Song Xiaofeng, he will have to go and see him personally. This incident was shocking to Song Laosi. He tried to find out what had happened but he soon found out that Song Xiaofeng and his followers were all captured by Cripple Wang.  

He had already given Cripple Wang 100,000 RMB last time. Cripple Wang had also accepted the money. What did he want now? Song Laosi was furious. His nephew is his only family member left and his Achilles heel. He will not forgive anyone that dares to touch his nephew!

He called a few dozens of his men and left to look for Cripple Wang in his Mercedes-Benz.

Cripple Wang knew Song Laosi was on his way over and he was prepared too. In Autumn Nightclub, there were over thirty men, metal pipes, machete, shotgun, and pistons. If Song Laosi wanted to get Song Xiaofeng back by force, then it will depend on whose life is harder!

A few vans parked at the entrance and a few dozen men alighted from the vans. Despite the summer heat, they were dressed in long sleeves clothes and their clothes were all bulging.

A Mercedes-Benz then came, and the front passenger door opened. Song Laosi’s right-hand man, Li Guangzheng alighted and opened the rear passenger door. At the same time, he opened an umbrella. Song Laosi slowly alighted from the car and looked at his men. He was quite pleased with what he saw.

“So what if this is Cripple Wang’s territory? I had brought so many men with me. If he does not release Song Xiaofeng today, then there will be bloodshed at this Autumn Nightclub!” Song Laosi thought to himself.   

A few of his men were instructed by Li Guangzheng to enter the nightclub first. Song Laosi and Li Guangzheng slowly walked into the nightclub.

Cripple Wang was seated at a table in the middle of the nightclub, drinking beer. When he saw Song Laosi entered, he looked up and sneered: “Song Laosi, you have been too busy. I had invited you over a few times, and you finally show up!”

Song Laosi sat down opposite Cripple Wang, took a gulp of the ice-cold beer on the table and said: “Cripple Wang, just because I turned down your invitations, you captured my nephew. You better give me a good reason for this!”

Hearing the way Song Laosi addressed him, Cripple Wang banged the table with the beer bottle and said: “You want me to give you an account? Your nephew had created trouble multiple times at my nightclub. How are you going to give me an account for that?”

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