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Chapter 61 – Small tricks

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After waiting for a day, there was still no news of Song Xiaofeng’s death. Feng Yu can’t stand it anymore.

He was the target of Song Xiaofeng and being a target does not feel right. Especially when Song Xiaofeng was someone who would try all means to get even and doesn’t follow any rules. Feng Yu was not sure when will Song Xiaofeng attack him.

In a few days, the second batch of used cars will arrive at Bing City. What if Song Xiaofeng sends his men profits? Kirilenko had told him that there were not many luxury cars left. After this incoming batch of cars and another batch sometime later, Feng Yu might have to wait up to two years.

The timing for the next two batches of cars was just lovely for Feng Yu. These two batches should take the whole year for Feng Yu to sell. Next year, there will be an excellent opportunity for Feng Yu to flip his assets a few folds!

But for that to happen, Feng Yu needs to make money from the next two batches of used cars. If Song Xiaofeng were to take away half of his profits, Feng Yu would be losing money. He might as well give up on this business and concentrate on doing exportation business.

Feng Yu was scolding Cripple Wang in his heart for being so slow to act. At the same time, he was also thinking of ways to add oil to the fire.

It turned out that Cripple Wang was furious when he learned that Feng Yu’s company had been smashed by Song Xiaofeng’s men. He was not mad because Feng Yu’s company was destroyed. He was furious because instead of Song Xiaofeng going to apologize to him, Song Xiaofeng still dares to create trouble in his territory. This had made him lose face!

Cripple Wang had already sent his men to inform Song Laosi to bring Song Xiaofeng to apologize to him.

But Song Laosi already had the support of other triad bosses from other cities, and he had self-proclaim to be the number one boss of Bing City. How can the number one boss bring his own nephew to apologize to his enemy?

Song Laosi only sent 100,000 RMB to Cripple Wang and said that Song Xiaofeng was drunk when he gave the order. The 100,000 RMB was sort of payment to settle this matter. Song Laosi doesn’t care if Cripple Wang keeps the 100,000 RMB or the money goes to Tai Hua Trading. He sent the money was just to shut Cripple Wang up.

Under the persuasion of his men, Cripple Wang kept the money. This was considered an act of goodwill from Song Laosi. If Cripple Wang did not accept and kept harping on Song Laosi, they would eventually have to fight each other head-on. Now, Brother Ke was keeping quiet and waiting for the chance to eliminate both of them. Having a war with each other would just benefit Brother Ke, and he will eventually take over Bing City!

As for Tai Hua Trading Company, Cripple Wang just sent one of his men to bring 10,000 RMB over and said that the 10,000 RMB was Song Xiaofeng’s compensation for the damages.

Feng Yu looked at the 10,000 RMB on the table with his eyes twitching.

Let the matter rest? How can he let this matter rest? Why did Cripple Wang kill Song Xiaofeng in his previous life? Why did Cripple Wang not kill him this time?

Song Laosi can still live for a few more years, but Song Xiaofeng must die now!

Feng Yu thought for a while and asked Wu Zhigang to follow him to look for Cripple Wang. He also brought 100,000 RMB with him.

“Why are you here again? Didn't I send the compensation to you? Why? You think the compensation was too little?” Cripple Wang frowned.

“No, no. I am here to thank Master Crutches for helping my company. I had received the compensation from Song Xiaofeng. This is our thank you gift for Master Crutches and your men.” Feng Yu said while pushing the bag containing the 100,000 RMB towards Cripple Wang.

The bag does not have any zipper. The 100,000 RMB can be seen by Cripple Wang and his men without opening the bag.

Cripple Wang looked at Feng Yu. What is this kid thinking? I sent him 10,000 RMB, and he came back to give me 100,000 RMB as thank you gift?

“What do you mean by this?” Cripple Wang asked.

“Master Crutches. I shall be honest. All I wanted was a piece of mind. I know you had already sent words to Song Laosi. I believe Song Laosi will not find trouble with my company because of you. But this time, my company had offended Song Xiaofeng. He is arrogant and does not abide by the rules. I am afraid that he will seek revenge again.” Feng Yu said.

Cripple Wang stared at Feng Yu. In his heart, he thought: “What do you mean? You think that my words have no weight?”  

But he thought about what Feng Yu said and found that Feng Yu actually made sense. Song Laosi was someone that will still abide by the rules of the underworld. But Song Xiaofeng’s reputation was horrible. Furthermore, he was also unhappy that Song Xiaofeng did not even come personally to apologize to him.

If Song Xiaofeng really came back and create trouble for Tai Hua Trading company, it will really cause Cripple Wang to lose face. Does Song Xiaofeng dare to go and find trouble with Feng Yu? No one can be sure.

“Rest assured, Song Xiaofeng will never come to you again.” Cripple Wang said.

“Thank you, Master Crutches, I am relieved to hear that. If you need me for anything in future just let me know.” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu left without even taking a second look at the 100,000 RMB on the table.

“Master Crutches, this kid is not bad. But he is worried about nothing. Song Laosi had already given us the compensation, what’s there for him to worry about?” Cripple Wang’s follower casually said.

Hearing what his follower said, Cripple Wang was not happy. Song Laosi had only sent his men over and not come to him personally. At least Song Xiaofeng should make the trip.

This Song Laosi was getting more and more arrogant. If he still doesn’t do anything, Bing City will fall into Song Laosi hands within one year!


On the way back to the company, Feng Yu kept looking at Wu Zhigang.  

Wu Zhigang felt uncomfortable from Feng Yu’s actions. He asked: “Manager Feng if you have anything on your mind, you can say it to me straight. You are making me uncomfortable.”

Feng Yu said: “Zhigang, I have a task for you, but I am afraid that you are not willing to do.”

Wu Zhigang tapped on his chest and said: “Manager Feng, just let me know what you want me to do, and I will do it. It doesn’t matter if your task is related to the company or your own personal things. One word from you and I will complete it!”

“I want you to get beaten up!” Feng Yu said.

Wu Zhigang asked with an awkward expression: “Manager Feng, don’t tell me you want me to be a sandbag for you to vent your anger?”

Feng Yu shook his head: “The one hitting you is not me. You need to be beaten up by Song Xiaofeng.”

“Why would his men hit me? Didn’t Cripple Wang said that Song Xiaofeng will not come and disturb us again?” Wu Zhigang asked.

“If he doesn’t come and look for us, we can take the initiative and look for him. Sorry, Zhigang. But you will have to suffer a bit. When this thing is over, I will give you 10,000 RMB!”

“Manager Feng, I will not accept your money. It is just a beating. I can still take t. But why do I have to be beaten up by them?” Wu Zhigang still doesn’t understand. 

“It doesn’t matter. As long as you promise me to complete this task. You have to keep the money. This is to compensate you. Tonight, we will go and have fun at the nightclub ballroom to play. Don’t tell anyone about this. Including Brother Li.” Feng Yu instructed.

There was an old saying in Northeast China. “It is either peaceful and quiet or blows up and make the matter worse!”


Night. Feng Yu and Wu Zhigang drove out. Li Shiqiang thought Feng yu was going to the Motor Factory and didn’t ask anything.

“Remember, later when you are getting beaten up, scream loudly. Scream as if you are in great pain.” Feng Yu reminded Wu Zhigang.

“Rest assure, I know what to do.” Wu Zhigang replied.

“You must not fight back and protect your head with your arms. Curl your body up.” Feng Yu said.

“Manager Feng, you had repeated six times.” Wu Zhigang said.

“Do you remember?” Feng Yu snapped.

“Yes. I remember.” Wu Zhigang replied.

After driving to a few nightclubs, Feng Yu found his Land Rover. Autumn Nightclub.

Feng Yu walked in front, and Wu Zhigang followed. He gritted his teeth. Getting 10,000 RMB for a beating was not the main reason he agreed to this. It was doing Feng Yu a great favour that was the main reason. He helped Feng Yu, and he knows that Feng Yu will take care of him in future.

The nightclub was very crowded. Feng Yu scans the area and saw Song Xiaofeng at a corner with his men.

Feng Yu chatted with Wu Zhigang and walked towards Song Xiaofeng’s direction. It was as if they did not see Song Xiaofeng.

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