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Chapter 60– Amulet

Song Laosi had just sent the bosses from other cities out of his villa and was about to go look for Cripple Wang. His righthand man, Li Gwangzheng came up to him and told him that Cripple Wang sent his men to notify them that he will be waiting for them tonight at Jinli nightclub.

Song Laosi’s expression became gloomy. He had yet to look for Cripple Wang and Cripple Wang came to look for trouble with him? Seems like keeping low for the past few months had led to Cripple Wang thinking he was weak.

Although Jinli Nightclub was Cripple Wang’s territory, Song Laosi was not afraid. He had more men and his men were fiercer than Cripple Wang’s men.

Furthermore, Jinli nightclub is also in Bing city. In Bing City, Song Laosi is afraid of no one! If Cripple Wang dares to fight it out with him, then he shall see who dies first!


Feng Yu was accompanying the police officers at the scene, calculating his losses.

The warehouse was almost empty in the first place. There were not many stocks other than a few samples. Also, Song Xiaofeng’s men did not enter the warehouse. They did not even break the lock outside. All they did was to splash paint on their doors and used stones and iron bars to damage the doors.

But Feng Yu let his men create a fake crime scene. His men broke the lock with a sledgehammer from outside and smashed all the samples on the floor. Making the warehouse messy.

“Officer Xie, look at these. Look at all the damages done to our warehouse. I believed that these two months, we had done out part. We had sponsored food and clothes to your station. Now our company becomes like this, someone has to account for this.” Li Shiqiang said loudly.

Feng Yu secretly nodded his head. The previous two deals with Kirilenko had led to a good partnership with his suppliers. Every time the suppliers send their goods, they will also send some free gifts or samples to them.

Feng Yu will then let his staffs split these samples and gifts among themselves. Those remaining, he will send to the Police Stations. Although these gifts were not expensive, they were practical. Those gifts were mainly food products such as rice, oil, cigarettes, etc.

In this era, most people were poor. When the police chief gave out these free gifts and samples to his men, he also felt proud.

“Xiao Li, Xiao Feng, don't worry. Did you all offend anyone recently? We also need a direction if we were to investigate this case.” The Police Chief, Officer Xie said. He had received gifts from Tai Hua Trading Company and he felt embarrassed that such things happened to the company.

“How would I know? We are doing business and we don’t offend people easily. Officer Xie, can you get more people to patrol this area? My request is not too much, am I?” Feng Yu said. He said there was to prevent Li Shiqiang from saying anything about Song Xiaofeng.

Even if Feng Yu or Li Shiqiang mentioned anything about song Xiaofeng, Officer Xie also don’t dare to do anything about it. The most, he would get someone to take the rap. There will be repercussions if this were to happen. Song Xiaofeng will take revenge on them again. If Feng Yu were to act against Song Laosi, he will not want to give Song Laosi to have any opportunities to return to power.

“This ... Okay, I'll go back and speak to the rest.” Officer Xie said.

Officer Xie wanted to leave but Feng Yu stopped him: “Officer Xie, I have a small request from you. Can we have a signage from the Police?”

“A signage? What signage do you want? Our Police Station does not give out signage.” Officer Xie replied. He was feeling puzzled.

Feng Yu sighed. In the future years, placing a Police signage with the police logo and contact number on the door, there will be lesser people creating trouble for that household or business. Many people will think that this business is affiliated with the Police.

Now to ask for a picture was not realistic. But to get a sign from the Police and on the signage wrote the following words: “Partners of the Police, together we will build a safer country” would let others think that this company is under the protection of a certain Police Chief. People who want to create trouble would think twice.

“Officer Xie. It is just an ordinary signage. Just like an Amulet to ward off people who want to create trouble for us. Oh yes, I had prepared 50 Wind and Rain fans for your station to improve your working environment.” Feng Yu explained.

“Eh, you don’t really need to do this.” Officer Xie replied, smiling happily. His office still has no fans and their budget had been tight.

“No…… We are partners to the Police and we are building a safer nation together. This is the least I can do to show my support.” Feng Yu said.

After Officer Xie left, Feng Yu called Li Shiqiang over. Although he had pulled the Police Chief over to their side, they also have to take care of the people under Officer Xie. Especially the patrol officers. These officers should be entitled to “Night patrol allowances”. These allowances will help these officers to get something to eat during their patrols. It would be best if Song Laosi misunderstood that they have strong connections with the Police! Also, they have to build their relationships with the officials above of Officer Xie.

After settling Officer Xie, Wu Zhigang and another staff returned. They had ridden bicycles and they were sweating.

“Zhigang, what did Director Li said?” Li Zhigang asked before Feng Yu can open his mouth.

“Director Li is not willing to get involved in this. But they were willing to give us a signage based on Manager Feng’s instructions. I will put up the signage now. Look, this is the signage. “Partner of Bing City Motor Factory”. But Manager Feng, how can this signage be useful?” Wu Zhigang pointed to the signage and asked.

Feng Yu smiled and said: “Of course one signage might not be useful. But when we have a lot of signages, then it will be very useful.”

These signages were equivalent to an identity. In the future years, many companies wanted to get some form of recognition from the government bodies, such as ‘People’s representative’, ‘Member of some Government committee’, etc. These recognitions act as some sort of Amulet and also proved that the company was doing well.

As long as there were a lot of signages and awards from Government bodies at their door, there will be lesser people creating trouble for them. There was another advantage. These awards and signages will show that the company have lots of connections and will give them more bargaining power when it comes to business negotiations.  

But Feng Yu was a bit disappointed when he heard that the Motor Factory had refused to come forward to help him. A large hydropower station had just been completed and the Motor Factory will be collecting the payments from them. For time being, the Motor Factory was not short of funds. If the Motor Factory was willing to help Feng Yu, all they have to do was to let their superiors in the Government know about this matter and someone will warn Song Laosi to stop. But Feng Yu had other ways. He can get another Amulet from the City Government.

“Deputy Chief Zhang? Am I disturbing you?” Feng Yu asked.

“Oh, it’s Manager Feng. Come in. What brought you here today? Zhang Ruiqiang asked.

“Chief Zhang, I am here to let you know that I will be closing down my trading company. What procedures do I have to do?” Feng Yu said.

Zhang Ruiqiang was surprised. Tai Hua Trading was one of the companies which his department helped to get the permits. Two days ago, the Chief still praised Tai Hua Trading. This month alone, there were already more than 3 million Rubles worth of trades. The department still has the intention to make Tai Hua Trading as an example for other trading firms to learn from.

“Manager Feng, what happened? Did that Russian cheated you?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked worriedly.

“No. That Russian will not do this to me. My company was very profitable. But I am not sure who did I offended and yesterday, my company and my goods in the warehouse were smashed and destroyed by someone. The Police still had not found the culprit yet. Rather than worry day and night, I would rather close down my business. I am preparing to move my business to Shen City. Although it will be a bit troublesome, it will still be better than now.” Feng Yu said.

“Manager Feng, Shen City is quite a distance from the Soviet Union. Furthermore, you will have to start all over again there and it won’t be as convenient as Bing City. You rest assured. I will call Chief Zhao of the Provincial Government and tell him about your problem. He will take note of it and will not let some gangsters harass you.” Zhang Ruiqiang said.

“This ... All right. By the way, the police station gave me an idea. If I am able to put some Government awards on my door, it will be very effective against these troublemakers. Can your Foreign Trade Department give me any awards?” Feng Yu asked.

Zhang Ruiqiang looked at Feng Yu. This should be his real purpose for coming here? But never mind. They had been giving out these types of awards and signages all this while. Also, he had heard about the triads and gangs in Bing City. His superior had the intention of putting him in charge of getting investments in the city and promote international trade. Zhang Ruiqiang had long wanted to drive these gangs and triads out of Bing City.   

“OK, I will get my men to send it over once it is ready. In future, if Manager Feng needs to procure anything, remember to support our State-owned enterprises.” Zhang Ruiqiang said.

“Of course. I will take note of it. Thank you, Chief Zhang.” Feng Yu replied.

The two exchanged some greetings and Chief Zhang also put across some request to Feng Yu which he agreed willingly.

After leaving the Foreign Trade Hall, Feng Yu felt refreshed. With so many amulets, Song Xiaofeng will not dare to touch Tai Hua Trading Company again! And a few more days, Song Xiaofeng will be in an urn!

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