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Chapter 59 – Opportunities to create trouble

Feng Yu instructed everyone to not go out for the coming weeks. If they have nothing to do, stay in the company or at home. His staffs were the family members of the Motor Factory and they stayed at the factory’s dormitory. Song Laosi doesn’t dare to go to their dormitory to create trouble. The dormitory had security guards and there were those jobless young lads, which numbered close to hundred staying there. These young lads were fierce when it comes to fighting. Also, the Motor Factory produces products for the Military and had close ties with the military. Song Laosi dare not to offend the Military.

Feng Yu also went back to his apartment in the city to avoid Song Xiaofeng’s revenge. Feng Yu believed that the Crippled King will start the war soon.

When that happens, Feng Yu will find ways to report this matter in the newspaper for the higher authorities to take note of this matter.

After Cripple Wang crippled Toad, he was still not satisfied. He waited for Song Laosi to give him an answer for his men actions but to no avail.

However, Song Laosi was still in the dark of what had happened. Song Xiaofeng had kept this matter from him. Toad had been by Song Xiaofeng’s side all this while and if Song Xiaofeng didn’t report this matter, Song Laosi also won’t know.

Song Laosi was not a low-key person. He had built a large villa in Jiangbei last year. The villa was more than 1,000 Sq/m and the construction cost alone were more than 5 million RMB. There was ballroom, bar, chess rooms saunas, gym, etc in his villa. With the renovation costs included in, the total cost for the villa was astronomic.

Song Laosi was playing mahjong with three other triad bosses from other provinces at his villa when someone entered the room.

Song Laosi looked up and saw his nephew Song Xiaofeng entering the room.

“Xiao Feng, come over and meet your uncles.” Song Laosi waved.

Song Xiaofeng greeted Song Laosi’s friends obediently and stood behind Song Laosi. Song Laosi saw Song Xiaofeng’s actions, and he knew that Song Xiaofeng had something to tell him.

“Guangzheng, come and play for me. I am going to the toilet.” Song Laosi said to his right-hand man.

Song Laosi’s right-hand man sat down at the mahjong table while Song Laosi left the room with Song Xiaofeng.

“Xiao Feng, today so many uncles came to see me. You should be happy for me.” Song Laosi said.

Song Laosi was very happy. These triad bosses came to see him today means that they had acknowledged him as the underworld leader in Longjiang province. He will be the one and only triad boss of the whole province soon.

“Uncle, Toad’s legs were broken today.” Song Xiaofeng said.

“Toad? The one who had been following you? Who did this to him?” Song Laosi’s face changed. It doesn’t matter if Toad was in the right or wrong. Toad was a member of his gang and his follower. For someone to break his legs, it means that someone was not respecting him.

Those that do not respect him must be taught a lesson!

“It was Cripple Wang.” Song Xiaofeng said.

“Cripple Wang?” Song Laosi lit a cigarette. Cripple Wang was a ruthless person. During their last meeting, they had both agreed to not meddle with each other business and Cripple Wang will not vie the number one position in the underground world with him. Why did Cripple Wang break Toad’s legs?

Song Xiaofeng explained the whole matter to Song Laosi. Of course, Song Xiaofeng had exaggerated the story and missed out some portions of it. He said that Toad had gone to Cripple Wang’s territory to help him buy a car and Cripple Wang broke both of his legs without listening to his explanations. Additionally, Toad had said that it was a misunderstanding and he was Song Laosi’s men and Cripple Wang still carry on breaking his legs.

Song Laosi’s eyes narrowed and pressed out his cigarette in the ashtray: “So, that Cripple Wang wants to start a war with me? It must be Cripple Wang had heard news of these bosses visiting me today and he was not happy.” 

The timing was too coincidental which resulted in Song Laosi to misunderstood Cripple Wang.

Actually, Cripple Wang knows that these people will be visiting Song Laosi today. But he doesn’t care. Cripple Wang’s business was mainly in Bing City and he doesn’t care about the other cities in the province. He also doesn’t have the intentions of expanding his territory to other cities.

He was not like Song Laosi, who was in construction and demolition business. Song Laosi wanted to expand his business throughout the province and slowly enter other provinces. As such, Song Laosi needs to have a title, such as “Boss of Longjiang”, in order to expand his territory to other provinces.

Song Laosi knew that Cripple Wang had been unhappy with him Although Song Laosi’s power was bigger than Cripple Wang, he could not eliminate him in one go. Also, he can’t use his close ties with the government against Cripple Wang. If he asked the government to act against Cripple Wang, he would lose the respect of others.

Song Laosi had just come to an agreement with Brother Ke with regards to his position as the number one boss of Longjiang and now, Cripple Wang is creating trouble for him when bosses of other triads came to visit him.

If the bosses from other cities knew that he can’t even take care of his own backyard, they would not acknowledge his status as the number one.

Song Laosi proclaimed that everyone is afraid and respected him in Bing City. He even has the intention to get a position in the provincial government in future.

But now, Cripple Wang came and gave him a slap on his face. This matter will not be forgotten so easily. Cripple Wang needs to give him an explanation!

“Ok. I know. You go back first. I will not let this matter rest so easily. I will personally get revenge for you.” Song Laosi said.

Song Xiaofeng said: “Thank you, Uncle.”

“OK. No need to thank me. Later accompany those uncles for a few drinks. In future, you might need their help.” Song Laosi said.

That night, Song Xiaofeng drank till he was drunk and he instructed his men to smash up Tai Hua Trading Company. He was in no position to meddle with the issues between Song Laosi and Cripple Wang, but he can just vent his anger on a small trading company.


“What? The company was smashed? Don’t be anxious. We will split into three groups. Brother Li, you go and report to the police. We had sent gifts to the Police station and they are obliged to act if we encounter any trouble. We might not expect them to arrest anyone but they have to protect us from this happening again. We can promise them to sponsor more money in future.

Ask Wu Zhigang to look for Motor Factory’s Director Li. Just tell him that the corporation between Tai Hua Trading and the Motor Factory will stop because our company was smashed and we will close our business. The Motor Factory still have some authority in Bing City. If the Motor Factory is able to get the Government to act, then Song Laosi might not dare to create any more trouble.

 Ask Sunliang to come to my house. He will accompany me to look for Cripple Wang and ask Cripple Wang to deal with Song Laosi. I want to see what can Song Laosi do to us! Oh yes, we need to rearrange the warehouse. Smashed those empty bottles all over the warehouse and make our warehouse look worse than before.” Feng Yu instructed.

Feng Yu and Sunliang went to seven to eight entertainment outlets before he found Cripple Wang n a bath centre.

“Master Crutches, I came to you to ask for your help.” Feng yu said with a sad expression.

Cripple Wang thought for a while and said: “You are Xiao Feng from the trading company in the warehouse area? What happened? Did someone create trouble at your company?”

Cripple Wang was surprised. Yesterday he had instructed his men to keep low and don’t create unnecessary trouble. But the next day, something happened. Who was the one who had to defy his instructions?

“Master Crutches, I had prepared a 100,000 RMB red packet. Please help me to talk to Master Song. We did not do anything to Toad and there was no reason for them to smash up our warehouse and company.” Feng Yu said.

‘What did you say? That bastard Song Xiaofeng send his men to smashed your company?” Cripple Wang’s trembled in anger. This Song Xiaofeng. Instead of coming over to apologise to him, he still dares to create trouble in his territory? This means declaring war on him!

“Yes. We suffered great losses. All my goods in the warehouse were destroyed. Master Crutches,  am unable to continue my business. Feng Yu said. He took out a stack of 100,000 RMB notes and place it on the table, pushing it towards Cripple Wang.

However, Cripple Wang pushed the stake of RMB back to Feng Yu. If he accepted this 100,000 RMB, it would be against the rules he set. How will he command respect from his followers in future?

“You take this money back. I promise you I will settle this matter for you!” Cripple Wang said.

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