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Chapter 56 – Too much!

Feng Yu was in a good mood. He thought that this Song Xiaofeng was actually not bad. If not for Song Xiaofeng dying soon, they might even become friends. After all, Song Xiaofeng was the first person to invite him to such places.

When Feng Yu went back to the sofa, he saw Yuan Yuan waving the ten RMB note proudly at Song Xiaofeng. Feng Yu’s good mood was instantly gone.

“Hahaha, Brother Feng, they made a bet with me just now. I said that you were someone with strong determination and will not submit to their temptations. But it seems like they were right. Men are all the same.” Song Xiaofeng said.

Feng Yu smiled and said: “Yes. Men are all the same.”

“How can you compare yourself to Master Song? He came here is only to drink and dance. If he wants to play, we will get to a hotel later.” The girl sitting beside Song Xiaofeng said arrogantly.

“Brother, was it comfortable? Do you want me to accompany at night?” Yuan Yuan asked happily and stretched out her hands to touch Feng Yu’s face.

Feng Yu’s face turned red. He had never expected that with his 40-year-old mind and yet he was fooled by a teenage girl. Feng Yu find this humiliation harder to swallow than someone spitting on his face.

Fortunately, the rest of the company did not come over or perhaps still do not know what happens. If they were to know what happened, the trust and respect towards Feng Yu will be gone.

Feng Yu had thought that Yuan Yuan was some pitiful girl who must do such things at this age to survive, but it seems Feng Yu was wrong. Yuan Yuan was actually proud of what she did to Feng Yu and even made fun of Feng Yu. Feng Yu had some good feelings towards Yuan Yuan but it was gone in an instant.

“Master Song, I am tired from dancing. I want to go back first.” Feng Yu pushed away Yuan Yuan and wanted to leave that place.

“So early? It seems that you are not as fit as what you appear to be.” Yuan Yuan said. She was still making fun of Feng Yu.

Song Xiaofeng and his girl also laughed loudly. Song Xiaofeng asked: “Brother Feng, do you want to eat some “good stuff” to increase your stamina?”

Feng Yu replied: “I got something on in the morning. I need to go off first.”

Feng Yu got up to leave. He wants to go back and think of the ways to get evidence against this Song Xiaofeng and let him go to jail for the rest of his life! But Song Laosi was good friends with the Police Chief from the city. So, it will not be easy to touch him.

“Wait, did I said that you can go? I am still here and yet you are leaving? Are you disrespecting me?” Song Xiaofeng said arrogantly.

“Master Song, what do you want?” Feng Yu asked.

“Nothing much. Today, I had treated you to food, drinks and even get you a girl. Don’t you think you should give something in return?” Song Xiaofeng said.

Feng Yu thought: “Fuck. Today you took my Land Rover which was worth more than 500,000 RMB. 500,000 RMB! There are lots of people who can never make 500,000 RMB in their whole life. The drinks and dance were only worth a few hundred RMB. Got me a girl or got me a girl to humiliate me?” 

“Ok. Today is my treat. Here is 1000 RMB” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu had afraid that things will go wrong so he brought more money. He needs to get out of this place and find a way to get back at Song Xiaofeng.

“Brother Feng, what do you mean by this? How can I ask you to pay?” Song Xiaofeng asked.

Feng Yu’s heart sank. 1000 RMB was too little. This was too much!

“Master Song, what do you mean?” Feng Yu replied.

“Nothing much. Recently, my company is not very busy. My staffs had nothing much to do. I heard that Tai Hua Trading’s businesses were not bad. I intend to ask my staffs to go over to help you. You don’t need to thank me. Your company have ten staffs? I will also send 10 staffs over to help you. Then the profits we will share 50-50. Isn’t this fair?” Song Xiaofeng replied.

Sure enough, this was Song Xiaofeng’s agenda for this invitation. He wanted Feng Yu to give him half of his profits.

Without coming out with a single cent and wands to spilt half of his profits? Impossible!

But Song Laosi’s men were all used to using violence to settle things. Even weapons were used and people had been disabled and some even disappeared. If Feng Yu does not agree, this Song Xiaofeng will be going to use force on Feng Yu.

Initially, Feng Yu intended to wait for two months. This Song Xiaofeng will be killed by Song Laosi’s enemies anyway.

But now, Feng Yu changed his mind. This Song Xiaofeng was digging his own grave. Took his car, humiliated him and now want to take away his goose which lays golden eggs! Feng Yu can no longer tolerate him!

“Master Song, send your men to my company tomorrow. We can discuss further.” Feng Yu said.

“Hahaha. Good! Here, let me offer you a toast.” Song Xiaofeng said happily.

Feng Yu finished a mug of beer.

“Very good. Brother Feng, one more mug. Toast to our business!” Song Xiaofeng said.

Song Xiaofeng is too much! Song Xiaofeng’s actions lead to Feng Yu’s face became gloomier. Feng Yu decided to fall out with Song Xiaofeng tomorrow and he is not going to entertain Song Xiaofeng anymore.

“Master Song Less, I am a bit drunk. Tomorrow I will be at my company waiting for you!” Feng Yu said and stood up.

Feng Yu got up and went out. Wu Zhigang and the rest of his staffs followed. The smile on Song Xiaofeng’s disappeared and he threw the mug he was holding onto the ground.

The girl beside him was startled. She tried to wipe the beer on Song Xiaofeng clothes with her hands.

“Get lost!” Song Xiaofeng shouted.

Song Xiaofeng kicked the girl. The girl sat on the ground but she did not dare to go off. Instead, she crawled back and continue to help Song wipe his trousers.

“Master Song, do we need to teach this Feng Yu a lesson? His company only had so few people. Tomorrow I will bring a group of people over and smash up his company. If he still doesn’t relent, we can burn down his company!” One of Song Xiaofeng’s followers came over and said.

“Nonsense! We own this company too. Tomorrow sends someone over to negotiate. We are able to get quite a big sum of money every month from them. This type of smart people who can make money must be pulled over to our side. If he is disabled or died, who is going to make money for us?” Song Xiaofeng said.

“Master Song is right. So I will go over tomorrow?” the follower asked.

“Ok. You will go. I trust your ability.” Song Xiaofeng nodded and turned to the girls: “Go to the hotel. I will teach you all a lesson today!”

“We were all waiting for Master Song to punish us.” The girls laughed.


After leaving the ballroom, Li Shiqiang walked over and asked: “Xiaoyu, I saw you and Song Xiaofeng quarrelled. This Song family are crazy. You have to be careful.”

Crazy? One might be afraid of a living madman, but a dead madman? It is not so scary.

“Brother Li, I remembered our company's warehouse is located in Crippled Wang’s territory?” Feng Yu remembered that in Bing City, there were another two gangs around. Although these two gangs were not as powerful as Song Laosi, they were not afraid of them.

According to what was about to happen from Feng Yu’s previous life, Song Laosi’s nephew was killed by Crippled Wang in two years’ time. Now, Feng Yu wants to bring forward this event.


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