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Chapter 55 – Yuan Yuan

Dancing in the dark?

Feng Yu was not interested in dancing but when he heard “dancing in the dark”, it sounds interesting to him.

The girl pulled Feng Yu to the dance floor.

Seeing Feng Yu followed the girl to the dance floor, Song Xiaofeng smiled. He had not seen any guys who didn’t like “dancing in the dark”. Song Xiaofeng also pulls the girl beside him and headed towards the dance floor.

The girl placed Feng Yu’s hands on her waist and her hands on the Feng Yu’s shoulder. The girl was not tall and she needs to tilt her head upwards to look at Feng Yu.

Both of them danced slowly on the dance floor. Feng Yu was looking around and everyone was in the same position as them. So, this is dancing in the dark?

“What's your name?” Feng Yu asked.

“You can call me Yuan Yuan and I will call you brother, OK?” She looked at Feng Yu and smiled. Her eyes narrowed into a crescent.

The music suddenly changed and the lights on the dance floor slowly become dim. There was only strobe lights, one dim and one bright.

“Brother, let’s dance.” Yuan Yuan said.

Yuan Yuan stepped back, held Feng Yu hands and starts to twist her body.

To say this was dancing, in fact, It was just randomly twisting and turning their bodies. Feng Yu was also affected by the surrounding atmosphere and began to twist his body.

Feng Yu had been exercising and compared to him in his previous life, he was healthier and stronger. Feng Yu remembered some dance moves he saw in his previous life. Although those were not complicated dance moves, Feng Yu seems natural and confident.

“Brother, you dance very well!” Yuan Yuan said.

“You are also a good dancer. I don’t know how to dance. I am just a beginner.” Feng Yu said modestly. But in his heart, he wanted Yuan Yuan to carry on praising him.

After five minutes, Feng Yu started to become a bit breathless and sweaty. Yuan Yuan had already stopped dancing a long time ago but Feng Yu was still dancing and she dared not to go off.

“Yuan Yuan, we had danced for a while. I’m tired. Let's go and drink some juice.” Feng Yu said.

The music changed again. This time, it was classical jazz. The strobe lights suddenly stop flashing and there were only some dim lights on top. The visibility was only about one meter.

Yuan Yuan suddenly pulled Feng Yu’s hands and came close to Feng Yu. Feng Yu still don't know what's going on and soon, the lights became dimmer till they were all out.

Feng Yu felt a soft body leaning against his chest and a pair of arms hugging him around his waist.

“Brother, this is the “Dancing in the dark”.” Yuan Yuan said softly.

The voice of Yuan Yuan sounded in his ear and exhaled her hot breath. What surprised Feng Yu the most was Yuan Yuan placed Feng Yu’s hands from her waist to her butt.

Feng Yu hands became stiff and he moved his hands back to her waist. In both his lifetimes, he still had not experienced something like this.

“Brother, am I not pretty?” She felt Feng Yu's hand move away and couldn't help asking Feng Yu.

“No. I am just not used to this.” Feng Yu replied.

“Brother, you listen carefully to your surroundings. Listen carefully.” Yuan Yuan whispered into Feng Yu’s ears.

Feng Yu heard the sound of rubbing and moaning all around him. Those who came here for “dancing in the dark” were mostly couples, those looking for excitements and there were also some hostesses.

When the lights were off and everyone was out of sight, all the men were no longer restrained. These men really wished that they were born with four hands. The women, who were willing to “dance in the dark” with these men, were used to these touching and rubbings.

Maybe there were not any “real actions” happening there, but there will definitely some touching here and there.

It was summer time and everyone don't wear much clothing. Most of the women were wearing skirts and dresses, giving these men easy access.

In less than a minute, Feng Yu heard some heavy panting. Perhaps, some couples were doing more than kissing.

These sounds stimulated Feng Yu. Just by listening to these sounds was unbearable to him, not to mention he was still hugging a young girl.

Yuan Yuan suddenly placed her small hands under Feng Yu’s shirt and start to caress his back.

“Brother, I am wearing a short skirt and my top is loose. You can place your hands under my top.” Yuan Yuan said.

This was no longer hinting. This was an invitation!

Feng Yu can no longer control himself. His hands slowly moved under her top.

Yuan Yuan was leaning her head on Feng Yu’s shoulder and a soft moan came out from her mouth. Feng Yu can feel the heat from her breath through his clothes.

Feng Yu's hand slowly probed upwards. Although Yuan Yuan was still a teenager and her body was not fully developed, she still has a shapely body.

She was not wearing a bra?

Feng Yu's hand moved upwards and there was no obstruction. Seems like Yuan Yuan was prepared when she came here. Song Xiaofeng had asked her to accompany Feng Yu and to give him a good time. She dares not go against his order.

Her skirt was soon raised up by Feng Yu. His hand was caressing and squeezing her butt. Yuan Yuan’s butt was very smooth and Feng Yu can’t take his hands off her.

Everyone around was doing the same thing. Some even moaned loudly. The sounds from around him and the temptations from Yuan Yuan were stimulating Feng Yu even more.

“Brother, I think you are uncomfortable. I will help you unzip.” Yuan Yuan whispered into Feng Yu’s ears.

Before Feng Yu can refuse, Yuan Yuan unzipped Feng Yu and her small hand snaked her way into his pants and inside his underwear.

Feng Yu could not help but stepped back and accidentally brushed against others.

No, it was not brushed against someone. Feng Yu had accidentally brushed against someone’s head with his butt!

The people behind were ……

Yuan Yuan's hands were very gentle and skillfully slid into Feng Yu’s underwear from the waistbands.

“Yuan Yuan, let’s stop now. If they turn on the lights, others can see what we are doing.” Feng Yu tried to stop Yuan Yuan.

“Brother, “dancing in the dark” normally will last for about half an hour and before they switch on the lights, the music will stop first. No one can see.” Yuan Yuan replied.

Yuan Yuan was so familiar with this? It seems that this was not the first time she came here to “dance in the dark”.

“Why are you here? Why are you not at school?” Feng Yu asked suddenly.

“Why are you talking about this now? Besides, I need to be able to pass my exams if I were to be admitted to a school. Furthermore, my family cannot afford to send me to school.” Yuan Yuan replied.

Feng Yu was tongue-tied. He didn’t know what to see at that moment.

Yuan Yuan suddenly turned around with her back leaning against Feng Yu. She tiptoed and used her thighs to clamp Feng Yu’s manhood. She then slowly moved her perky butt to the music.

“Brother, you are still not cumming? Or, should I use my mouth to help you.” Yuan Yuan asked.

There was such service in this era?

A groan escaped from Feng Yu. He suddenly felt that it was not a bad idea to come to the nightclub today. With a more than 40-year-old mind and a teenager’s body, it was impossible for Feng Yu to reject Yuan Yuan.

Li Na was still young and Feng Yu does not intend to touch her now. But today, things had escalated to this point, Feng Yu was reluctant to push Yuan Yuan away.

When Feng Yu finally press Yuan Yuan’s head against him, he shivered and jerked a few times. Yuan Yuan slowly stood up and helped Feng Yu tidy up his clothes. Just then, the music stopped.

Feng Yu took out a 10 RMB note from his pocket and gave to Yuan Yuan: “You go and play yourself. I will chat with my friends for a while.”

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