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Chapter 57 - Making use of others part 1

In Bing City, other than Song Laosi, there were two other forces. The two forces were Crippled Wang and Brother Ke. Song Laosi mainly does demolition business. Cripple Wang focuses on nightclubs, bars and massage parlours. Brother Ke’s business was mainly gambling.

These three gangs had lots of men. There were rumours that they even had hitmen and they own more than 90% of the hunting rifles and pistols in Bing City. Ironically, it was also because of them, the law and order were much better than before.

Normally, these three gangs were at peace with each other. But since the beginning of last year, Song Laosi started to frequent nightclubs and bars. To Cripple Wang, the was a sign of Song Laosi stepping into his territory.

Although Cripple Wang was crippled, he had a large number of ruthless people under him and he was also not afraid of Song Laosi.

If Song Laosi wants to be the biggest boss in Bing City, he will have to eliminate Cripple Wang and Brother Ke. Now, Brother Ke was being neutral. He does not mention anything about surrendering to Song Laosi and he was not willing to have any confrontation.

But Cripple Wang was not happy with Song Laosi. He wants to challenge Song Laosi. The grudges between these two were said to have started because of a cinema ticket seller.

Both men had liked that cinema ticket seller and when Cripple Wang was about to make his move, Song Laosi sent his men to abduct that girl. After Song Laosi raped her, he gave her 10,000 RMB and left.

Cripple Wang felt insulted. The girl had told Song Laosi that she was Cripple Wang’s girl and yet, Song Laosi still raped her. This was a slap to Cripple Wang’s face.

Cripple Wang was also ruthless. He sent his men to kill Song Laosi’s brother. This brother of Song Laosi was the only surviving brother of his. The rest of his family were killed by his other enemies’ long time ago. Of course, Song Laosi had his revenge on his enemies.

Song Laosi had no concrete evidence that Cripple Wang was the one who had instigated the killing of his brother. He also does not want to have a confrontation with Cripple Wang, especially he had his only surviving family member, Song Xiaofeng by his side. Song Laosi intends to slowly erode Cripple Wang’s turf. But first, Song Laosi needs to support of Brother Ke. However, Brother Ke still remains as a neutral party. 

Feng Yu also did not know that it was Cripple Song who had killed Song Laosi’s last family member, Song Xiaofeng, in the future. There was another rumour that it was Brother Ke, who had killed Song Xiaofeng and then frame Cripple Wang.

In any case, Cripple Wang and Song Laosi were enemies. Feng Yu does not need to join Cripple Wang’s gang. All he needs to do was to create some “coincidental events” between both parties and there will be an all-out war between the two fractions.

These three bosses had an unspoken rule between them. They can have guns, but the other smaller gangs can’t. They can fight and slash each other, but the other smaller gangs can’t. They also seldom target the innocents. Instead of targeting these people, they even offered protection for them. In their words, these innocent people were for them to make money from. As such, these three bosses will help out if they encounter any problems.

For example, Song Laosi had a business. 100,000 RMB for a leg! As long as one has the money and the other party does not have any backings, Song Laosi will make sure that person will become crippled.

This business, also angered Cripple Wang. Although Cripple Wang’s condition was due to congenital paralysis, he hates people calling him a crippled. Crippled Wang prefers everyone to call him “Master Crutches”. However, every time he met Song Laosi, Song Laosi will purposely address him as Cripple Wang loudly.

When Li Shiqiang and the rest learned of Feng Yu’s plan to borrow the power of Cripple Wang, they tried to persuade Feng Yu to give up. Anyway, the Land Rover was given to Song Xiaofeng and he had promised to create trouble for them at Tai Hua Trading.

Feng Yu smiled and shook his head. This Song Xiaofeng will not be coming to create trouble for them. But instead, he wanted half of the company and money.

If they were to give Song Xiaofeng half of the company’s money, the company will close down. When Li Shiqiang and the rest heard this, they also can’t accept this. Their days just have gotten better and two days ago, Feng Yu had brought everyone lots of rice, flour and cooking oil for everyone as company’s reward. Now someone is taking away everything from them?

Only Li Shiqiang does not think like that. He advised Feng Yu: “Xiaoyu, you can make use of Cripple Wang to drive Song Laosi away. But what if Cripple Wang turns around and bites you?”

Feng Yu winked and said: “What if we did not ask Cripple Wang for help and he came over on his own accord?”

Cripple Wang come over on his own accord? Li Shiqiang didn't get it.

Feng Yu asked everyone to come over. Today they got to sleep later. They must plan well and let Cripple Wang come over to their company tomorrow. If Song Xiaofeng’s men did not come over tomorrow, then it’s fine. But if they really appear, then the fun will begin!


Song Xiaofeng woke up at nine o'clock in the morning. Last night, he had three rounds with this girl. They only fall asleep in the early hours.

Song Xiaofeng slapped the girl’s butt and said: “Go out. I got things to do today. I will look for you another day.”

The girl got up and hurriedly got dressed. She doesn’t even dare to wash up at the hotel and left. She knows that Song Xiaofeng was ruthless and she will be in big trouble Song Xiaofeng gets unhappy.

Although the girl was not paid for her services every time she accompanies Song Xiaofeng, she dare not reject him. Her only hope was for Song Xiaofeng to get a new target and forgets her.

Song Xiaofeng washed up and ate his breakfast downstairs. His followers had been waiting at the door for him.

“Good morning Master Song.”

“Hmm. Good morning. Have Toad come back yet?” Toad was his follower which he had sent to Feng Yu’s company.

“Master Song, let's talk about it in the car.” His follower said.

Song Xiaofeng looked at this follower suspiciously. Did something happen to Toad? From Feng Yu’s attitude yesterday, he doesn’t seem to be the type that dares to go against him.

In the car, the follower quickly said: “Master Song, both of Toad's legs were broken. He is not lying in the hospital.”

“Who dares to touch my men? Call everyone here. We will now go and smash up that company!” Song Xiaofeng shouted. He didn’t expect Feng Yu to have this courage.

“Master Song, I have not finished. Toad’s legs were not broken by Feng Yu. It was Cripple Wang who did it.” The follower said.

“What? Cripple Wang? How did Toad offend Cripple Wang? Could it be that Toad did not pay for last night at the nightclub?” Song Xiaofeng asked. He was not afraid of his uncle, Song Laosi, and the police. But he was afraid of Cripple Wang.

This Cripple Wang was someone who dares to go against his uncle and he had lots of grudges with his uncle. Could it be that Cripple Wang intends to have an all-out war against Song Laosi?

“Of course, we paid yesterday.  Old master Song had instructed us to pay when we go to such places. We must not be looked down by others. Not only we got to pay, we got to give them more.” The follower replied.

“All right. Then why did Toad offend that Cripple Wang?” Song Xiaofeng asked.

“I heard that Toad went to Tai Hua Trading this morning and was ready to collect the first sum of money from them. But he got into an argument with Feng Yu. Toad claims that he wants to break Feng Yu and make him a crippled for the rest of his life. Just happen, Cripple Wang walked passed and heard what Toad said. Crippled Wang got angry and got four of his men to pin Toad down. Crippled Wang then personally used his iron clutches to break both of Toad’s legs. Crippled Wang even announced that, in future, that warehouse area will be his territory and Song Laosi men are not allowed to enter there. Toad was the first example for the rest!” The follower said.

“Cripple Wang, we'll see about this!”

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