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Chapter 54 - Nightclub

Feng Yu eyes narrowed and his expression turned back to normal. He continued to smile and said: “People always praise Master Si (Feng Yu is referring to Song Laosi) for having loyalty and will never suppress normal commoners. Seems like these rumors were false.”

“You dare to speak ill of my uncle?” Song Xiaofeng suddenly stood up and grabbed Feng Yu by the collar.

“If you want a car, you have to wait. There is nothing I can do if all my cars were sold. However, I still have a Land Rover. If Master Song doesn’t mind, I can give it to you in exchange for a promise! Feng Yu said calmly.

“Hahaha. You are an interesting young man! You got guts! But you are said was right. We, from Jiang Hua Company, are reasonable people. Where is the Rover car? I would like to see if it is worth a promise from me.” Song Xiaofeng said.

Song Xiaofeng was influenced by Song Laosi and spoke like a gangster. Song Laosi had always taught him to be reasonable to others. But if the other party doesn’t listen to their “reasons”, then use fists, knives, and guns to “speak” to them.

Since this Feng Yu was being so “reasonable” and even want to give him a car, he will not beat Feng Yu up.

“Here it is.” Feng Yu pointed to the Land Rover parked outside the door.

“This Land Rover looks nicer than the Jeep, but it is still a big jeep. Why should I drive this car? Since you don’t have any sports cars, then get me a luxury car. I heard you are able to get Rolls-Royce. Don’t tell me you are keeping the Rolls-Royce for yourself.” Song Xiaofeng asked.

“Big Jeep? Land Rover really can be considered as big Jeeps. But this Jeep is not for the average people. In the United Kingdom, only the Royal Guards can drive this Land Rover. This Land Rover is very sturdy. Master Song is driving a BMW, right? I bet you if these two cars collided, the BMW will fall apart and the Land Rover will just get scratches.” Feng Yu said.

“Are you serious?” Song Xiaofeng asked.

If the Land Rover was really so sturdy, he would want to get one. The last time he went to catch a rival boss, his car was crashed by his rival and the rival boss escaped. If he were to encounter such incident again, he will just drive the Land Rover head on.

“You! Go and try if this car is really so sturdy.” Song Xiaofeng handed the key to one of his followers standing behind.


Feng Yu’s heart skipped a beat. This fucking madman! Song Xiaofeng asked his follower to drive the Land Rover into Tai Hua Trading’s rented warehouse big Iron Gate!

Luckily Feng Yu intent to dive this Land Rover and he had reinforced the front bumper deliberately. The Land Rover was really unscathed from the crash!

“Hahaha. Good car! This is a really good car! I will accept it. What promise do you want from me?” Song Xiaofeng said happily. He decided to accept the Land Rover without hesitation.

Feng Yu pointed to his staffs and said: “These are my staffs. I hope that if they inadvertently offended Master Si or Master Song’s followers in future, you will go lightly on them.”

Song Xiaofeng raised his eyebrows and asked: “Only this?”

He thought Feng Yu would have what difficult conditions. He never expects that Feng Yu only wanted some protection from him. If Feng Yu don’t provoke them, they are also lazy to create trouble for Feng Yu.

“That's it. Master Song, you agree?” Feng Yu replied.

“No problem. There is a newly opened nightclub not far from here. I will treat you tonight.” Song Xiaofeng said.

Song Laosi like to go to nightclubs, bar and other places. Song Xiaofeng used to go with him to such places and he had got used to these places.

“Master Song, I don’t know how to dance.” Feng Yu said.

“You are rejecting me?” Song Xiaofeng sneered. No one in Bing City can reject his invitation!

“No. I really don’t know how to dance. Ok. I will be there.” Feng Yu replied.

“Hahaha, that's right. You guys will go too. Seven o'clock today. I will buy you all drinks!” Song Xiaofeng said happily.

After Song Xiaofeng and his men left, Wu Zhigang and the rest crowded around Feng Yu.

“Manager Feng, we should be mixing around with this kind of person. Song Laosi did all sorts of bad things and will definitely be shot if he was caught! This Song Xiaofeng is also not a good person. This will affect the company.” We Zhigang said.

Feng Yu waved his hand to stop Wu Zhigang. Feng Yu also know about this, but can he really not go? These people are lawless and they even dare to beat up government officials. Feng Yu is just a small businessman!

Feng Yu is starting to miss his previous life. At least, his previous life was a much safer place and there were not many triads around. But since Song Laosi and his nephew were not far from death, Feng Yu will just stay low and let them do whatever they want.

“We will just go and play tonight. Just treat it as some form of relaxation. But don’t mix with them too much. Treat them as strangers. This Land Rover in exchange for a piece of mind. At least, if you guys inadvertently offended their gang members, we can look for Song Xiaofeng for help.” Feng Yu said.

After dinner, Feng Yu and his staff went to the nightclub.

Song Xiaofeng’s men had been waiting at the door. They had bought the 10 RMB tickets for them and when Feng Yu arrived, they were lead inside.

This nightclub was much better than what Feng Yu imagined. He could see hints of the future nightclubs in his previous life. There were long rotating lights, mirror-reflective ball, scanning lights, lantern chain, mushroom lights, UFO lights and strobe lights.

There were many sofas surrounding the dance floor and stage. There was also a live band and dance performances on the stage. Many young men and women were dancing on the dance floor. At one corner, there was a bar counter selling drinks and finger food.

Song Xiaofeng was sitting in a corner. There were many empty sofas beside him. No one dares to sit near to him.

“Come, sit down. Just order what you want. Today, I am buying!” Song Xiaofeng said.

Feng Yu was very uncomfortable. The Land Rover was worth at least a few hundred thousand RMB. Treating them to drinks and food here only cost a few hundred RMB. Song Xiaofeng was still acting generously now?

“Go and dance. I will sit here for awhile.” Feng Yu told his staffs.

Feng Yu was not very fond of such noisy places, especially the dance floor. So, he was not interested in joining them. He asked for a glass of orange juice and drank slowly.

A heavy make-up girl suddenly sat beside Feng Yu and held onto Feng Yu’s arms: “Why are you sitting here? Come and dance with me.”

Feng Yu pulled his hand from her and said: “You go and dance. I don’t know how to dance.”

“It's easy. You just twist about. I will teach you.” The girl pulled Feng Yu's hand again.

“Brother Feng, you must be open at this sort of places. You don’t like this girl? Never mind. Just tell me which girl you like and I will bring her over!” Song Xiaofeng said while hugging a girl.

The girl beside Feng Yu looked at him imploringly. Master Song had asked her to accompany Feng Yu and if she does not do a good job, the consequents will be dire.

Feng Yu sighed and put his hands around the girl’s shoulders: “Master Song, this girl is fine for me. I will drink something first, and then dance later.”

The girl beside Feng Yu was just a teenager. At her age, she should be still schooling and not be here. It seems that there was no difference in these types of places between now and the future years.

“Brother, it will be “dancing in the dark soon” soon. Come and dance with me.” The girl said to Feng Yu.

Author’s notes: Airbags were only installed in cars after 1988. Europe's earlier models of Mercedes Benz were the first few models to be installed with airbags.


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