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Chapter 13 – Increase manpower

After a while, the Feng family sits down amicably again. Of course, this is at expense of Feng Yu’s suffering. His body is covered with red bruises from the feather duster.

“I thought Xiao Li is not bad, but it seems that I am wrong! He is a grown up and yet he followed along with Xiao Yu’s idea. What does Xiao Yu know about Treasury bonds? Making money from Treasury bonds? Tell me who else have ever made money with Treasury bonds? Even if one can make money from these bonds, it is also speculation!” Zhang Muhua scolded. She still did not get over it and continued to scold her son and Li Shiqiang.

“Mom, Shiqiang is also influenced by Xiao Yu and Xiao Yu also said told him that this was dad’s idea. Shiqiang also had no choice but to go along with this.” Feng Danying tried to explain.

“Go and call them now and get the money back!” Zhang Muhua said.

“Mom, just trust me. We can really make a huge profit out of this. Even Teacher Sun said so. Besides, this is not speculation. According to the newspaper, we have to develop a planned commodity economy and this is commodity economy.” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu said some investment jargons which his mother could not understand. His mother’s anger died down after Feng Yu promised to call Li Shiqiang to keep at least 10,000 RMB immediately.

On the way to the village office phone, Feng Danying is still scolding Feng Yu: “How can you push everything to Shiqiang?”

“You are my sister and you are not even his wife yet. Why are you helping outsiders! As you can see, Mon and dad didn’t get too angry because Brother Li is involved in this. Also, we can absolutely make money from this. Dad also need a sum of money to buy you a house in Bing city.” Feng Yu retorted.

“To sum it up, you are the scheming one and Shiqiang is a honest person who was con by you.”

“Fine, fine. I am the worst. Don’t forget it was because of me, you and Brother Li are able to meet the parents.” Feng Yu muttered.

At village office, before the two pick up the phone, the phone rang. Just happened Li Shiqiang called up.

“Hello. Brother Li? You had just met my sister a few days ago and now you are missing her?” Feng Yu joked.

“Xiaoyu, actually I’m looking for you. I had just found out that the Treasury bond is more profitable than we expected!” Li Shiqiang said excitedly.

Eh? What does he mean? We can make money from Treasury bonds now?

Feng Yu had only considered the issue of trading Treasury bonds and forgot about the maturity value. There are many people holding on to 5 RMB and 10 RMB bonds. Some had already matured. Most of the bonds at that time are 5 years maturity bonds and there is a 4% annual interest. This means that when a 10 RMB Treasury bond matures, they would have 12 RMB.

Just like Li Shiqiang said before. When the Treasury bonds were issued, they met with a lot of resistances. The government then forced the workers in government agencies and businesses buy these bonds.

Many people had even forgot that they own Treasury bonds. When they heard that Li Shiqiang is acquiring Treasury bonds, they went back and look for their bonds. It is only then, some of them realized that their Treasury bonds had matured.

For these people, going to the bank for a 2 RMB return is troublesome. Over the years, wages had been raising. 2 RMB is not worth the trip to the bank.

Li Shiqiang was not very successful when he went door to door to buy Treasury bonds. He offered 9.5 RMB for 10 RMB Treasury bonds and most people refuse to sell their bonds to Li Shiqiang.

Occasionally Li Shiqiang will meet someone whose bonds had matured and can be redeem for cash at the bank. Li Shiqiang would offer the original value for these bonds. He would offer 10 RMB for a 10 RMB Treasury bond. He is able to make a 2 RMB when he redeems at the bank.

But this way, these people can feel the pinch even more. The offer for a 10 RMB bond should at least be 11 RMB. Li Shiqiang think to himself, “Even if I use 11 RMB to buy a 10 RMB bond, I can still redeem it for 12 RMB when I go to the bank. If I use 110,000 RMB to acquire these bonds and bring it to the bank, I can get 120,000 RMB back!”

As such, he called Feng Yu to ask if it was fine this way. He feels that they don’t need to wait for the Treasury bonds to be traded publicly. Feng Yu is shocked. He did not expect Li Shiqiang to be so smart and flexible. Of course, they can do this business!

In his past life, he had also heard that some people also do this. They went door-to-door to buy maturing Treasury bonds. For 10 RMB bonds, they would offer 11 RMB. They would just profit from extra interest. But this requires a lot of cost.

Feng Yu had not expected that there are people who did not go to the bank to redeem the matured Treasury bonds.  was due, and no one knew to change it. There are some who knew that their bonds had matured but can’t be bothered to go queue up at the bank. Their time is worth more than the measly 2 RMB returns.

“Brother Li, you are a genius! We can offer higher price for those bonds that are maturing in three months. But not for those that matures more than three months! We will wait for the Treasury bonds to be traded openly and I guarantee that we can make thousands of dollars every day!”

“What? Make thousands every day? Isn’t that at least 30,000 RMB a month and more than 300,000 RMB a year?” Li Shiqiang’s hands began to tremble. To have 300,000 RM, he would have to save all his salary and not spend a single cent for the rest of his life.

In fact, 300,000 RMB is just Li Shiqiang’s share. Feng Yu can earn at least a few million! But he will have to wait for cities to open up the trading of bonds. If it is only one city, there will not be a
difference in the price of the market.

“Brother Li, how much bonds have you acquire today?” Feng Yu asked.

“Er ~ ~ Only around 1000RMB.”

Feng Yu is speechless. One day can only acquire around 1000 RMB Treasury bonds? How long will it take to acquire 100,000?

“How come it is so little?” Feng Yu asked.

“No choice. It is all 50 RMB bonds. There are very few big denomination bonds. The weather is cold and I, alone have only a bicycle for transportation.” Li Shiqiang replied.

Li Shiqiang had returned the Jeep and had been running around by bicycle.

“Brother Li, this is not like exchanging foreign currencies. You cannot do it alone. How much can you acquire if you are doing it alone? Do you have any trustworthy friends, who have time and energy? Ask them to help you acquire Treasury bonds. We pay them 100 RMB a month!” Feng Yu said.

Li Shiqiang felt the salary was too high: “100 RMB?” I am only earning slightly more than 80 RMB a month!”

“Brother Li, you also mentioned that you still have to work. Where can you find time do this? You can’t be skipping work every day. Hire them to help you go door-to-door to acquire Treasury bonds. The rules are what we had discussed earlier. Higher price for those bonds that are maturing in three months’ time, same price for those bonds that is maturing in less than a year and for bonds that are maturing more than a year later, we offer 95% of the bond value.” Feng Yu said.

“Ok. There is a motor factory dormitory behind my house. There are many seventeen to eighteen years old teenagers there. These kids are jobless and all they did was to loiter around. I will let them collect these bonds. If the salary is 100 RMB, they will certainly take up the job.” Li Shiqiang replied excitedly.

Li Shiqiang had started working for less than a year and his position is right at the bottom. He didn’t expect that he can lead a team of people just by doing some small business.

“Ok, Brother Li. Ah, ah, ah ~ Sister, don’t snatch the phone. I have not finished.”

*During that era, not many households have telephone. Most village will have only one phone in the village office. If someone call up, the office will announce using the village’s P.A system.

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