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Chapter 12 – All the money is gone

Feng Xingtai eagerly look at Feng Yu when came back and asked him when can he collect back all the money and how much did they make this time.

Feng Yu said: “Dad, all the money is used to buy Treasury bonds.”

“What did you say? You use more than 100,000 RMB to buy Treasury bill? You this good-for-nothing son. Is Li Shiqiang the one who coax you into buying Treasury bonds?” Feng Xingtai asked angrily.

Feng Xingtai’s blood rushed to his brain. What is he going to grow on the farm now? He raised his hand to slap Feng Yu, but stopped.

Eh? There is no beating this time?

“Dad, this is all my idea and got nothing to do with Li Shiqiang. I heard from Teacher Sun that Treasury bonds will be allowed to trade on the open market soon. Imagine this. Brother Li uses 9.5 RMB to buy a 10 RMB Treasury bill and a 100 RMB Treasury bill can be brought with 95 RMB now. Once the Treasury bonds is allowed to trade openly, we can make tens of thousands of profit” Feng Yu explained.

Feng Xingtai sighed: “Son, Dad had neglected you. I didn’t even know that you are so good with Russian and can even converse with Russians fluently. You and Li Shiqiang really did make money by trading foreign currencies. Now you are saying to buy Treasury bonds. Dad don’t understand about all these but I will trust you.”

“Dad, do you really believe me?” Feng Yu asked.

Feng Xingtai replied: “What else can I do? Even if I beat you up, can you get the money back? Xiao Li is a good man with a good family. Your elder sister also likes him a lot. If I were to go and get the money back from them, how would Xiao Li’s family look at us? What is done, is done. We also survived in the past when we had no money.”

“Dad, are we in need of money now?” Feng Yu asked cautiously.

“Your sister will be going to the hospital for internship soon. You are going to start school as well. Spring is here soon and we need to prepare seeds, fertilizers, etc. Which of these don’t need money? You this good-for-nothing. You will be the death of me.” Feng Xingtai replied.

Feng Xingtai is getting more and more angry as he speaks.

“Dad, there’s enough time. Treasury bonds will be allowed to start trading in April. It will not delay our purchase of seeds and fertilizers. As for my school fees, accommodation fees, etc, we can owe the school for two months. Nothing will happen. Sister shouldn’t have anything to worry. Brother Li will certainly put aside some money and it should be enough for sister to last two months.”

“Things better turn out this way! We will keep this from your mother. If she knows about this, she will beat you to death. I will think of a way to get some money for both your sister and your school fees.” Feng Xingtai said.

“Old Feng, Xiaoyu, what are you two whispering about in the room? Dinner is ready!” Feng’s mother shouted.

“Ok. We are coming, mom.” Feng Yu shouted back.


“Danying will be starting her internship in two days’ time. Whether if she is able to get a job at the big hospital will depends on her performance. Old Feng, should we give Danying get some money and let her buy some gifts for her superiors?” Zhang Muhua said while eating.

“Mom, giving gifts to superiors is unethical. That hospital have a shortage of nurses. Definitely I am able to work there after my internship.” Danying shouted.

“I agree. Mom, it’s not necessary to give gifts. It will be better if the hospital does not employ sister. I will build a hospital and let sister run it. It is better than being a nurse!” Feng Yu said while stuffing rice into his mouth.

Zhang Muhua knocked Feng Yu’s head with chopsticks: “You are just like your father, only know how to brag. Build a hospital? Just look at our village’s clinic. Do you know how much it costs? Do you know how many years Aunt Zhao worked in the clinic before she gets the chance to run it?”

Feng Yu curl his lip. It’s only a hospital. In three years’ time, he will be able to build a big hospital and let his sister run it. Then he will poach some experienced doctors and nurses from other hospitals and make them work for sister!

“Old Feng, I’m talking to you.” Zhang Muhua said.

“What? I also feel that there is no hurry. We can just send some gifts before her internship ends.” Feng Xingtai said. He would also like to let her daughter send gifts but he does not have the money to do so now.

“What do you know? She can be posted to some better departments if we give the gifts now. According to Zhaojie from the clinic, some nurses often need to work night shifts and in emergency room which can be very tiring. It’s best to get posted to a less busy department like the dentistry.” Zhang Muhua said.

Feng Danying also looked to father. She did not want to work in the emergency room and do not want to work on the night shifts.

Feng Xingtai look at Feng Yu. All the money is gone. Your mother will be taking out the passbook in a while and this matter will be exposed!

“Cough, Mom, sis, both of you don’t have to worry. Brother Li told me that he have the connections at the hospital. Sister will be posted to the orthopedics and her job only requires her to pass some splint, bandages or something to the doctors. It is a very easy department as there are even lesser people at the orthopedics compared to dentistry.” Feng Yu lied.

Sigh. One lie after another. This evening must remember to give Brother Li a phone call and let him focus the acquisition of Treasury bonds at sister’s internship Hospital. Hopefully, this will let them know someone who is able to let sister go through backdoors.

Zhang Muhua said: “Really? Can’t tell this Xiao Li is so considerate.”

Feng Yu immediately said: “Mom, Sister have good taste in man, just like you!”

With one sentence, everyone in the family smiled.

“Old Feng, my eldest sister family wants to borrow some money from us to buy a 55-horsepower tractor. They will return us the money in fall after they harvest.” Zhang Muhua suddenly said.

Feng Xingtai asked: “How much does she needs?”

“5,000 RMB.” Zhang Muhua replied.

Feng Xingtai have a big headache now. If he has the money in his hands now, even if eldest sister needs 10,000 RMB, is not a problem. But now, his son and prospective son-in-law had invested all the money into Treasury bonds. How is he going to answer to his wife?

Feng Yu can tell his dad is about to sell him out. It will be better for Feng Yu to confess. If Aunt needs to borrow money, let them wait two months then.

“Mom, I need to tell you something?”

Zhang Muhua looked at her husband and son. Earlier these two had been making eye contacts with each other. It is obvious that they are hiding something from her!

“what happened?” Zhang Muhua asked.

“Can we let big aunt wait for one or two months? Anyway, even if they buy the tractor now, they can’t use it now. Buying the tractor two months later will not delay the planting of farmland also.” Feng Yu said.


Zhang Muhua banged on the table: “What are the both of you hiding? Earlier both of you stopped me from giving your sister some money to buy gifts. Now, you are trying to stop me from lending money to my eldest sister. Could it be…?”

Zhang Muhua hurriedly put down the chopsticks and ran to the room. After searching for a while, she discovered that the Passbook is missing. There are more than 20,000 RMB in it!

“Where’s the money? Where did you two hide the passbook?” Zhang Muhua asked angrily. This father and son had spent their entire savings of 20,000 RMB!

Feng Yu tried to calm his mother down:“Mom, don’t worry. The money is not missing. I just used it.”

The Zhang Muhua froze for a moment, then jumps up and picked up the feather duster hanging from the wall: “You this good-for-nothing son. How dare you steal money from home. I will beat you to death!”

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