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Chapter 14 – School

Feng Danying and Li Shiqiang whispered sweet nothings for five minutes and then Feng Danying passed the phone to Feng Yu, telling Feng Yu to get 10,000 RMB back.

Both of them had chatted for so long but didn’t mention the 10,000 RMB? Feng Yu then asked Li Shiqiang to remit 10,000 RMB back. Although without this 10,000 RMB will let them earn lesser, but the impact is not big.

Hearing this, Li Shiqiang thought that there is risk. So, he also withdrew 5,000 RMB. In case something unexpected happen, he will not lose all his money.

Back home, Feng Yu told his parents that their savings had increased by a few thousands and Li Shiqiang will remit 10,000 RMB back. They are able to receive the money within three days and there should not be any delays for big Aunt to buy tractor.

What about the rest of the money? The rest of the money, of course, is still with Li Shiqiang. This business makes more money than farming.

Feng Yu even tried to persuade his parents to stop farming. Just by trading Treasury bonds, they can make at least a few hundred thousand a year. Farming is too tiring and doesn’t earn much.

But his parents refused. Firstly, Feng Yu is still attending the school in the village. Secondly, if this business fails, at least they still have land and the family will not go into poverty. Thirdly, they are used to the life here and does not want to move.

The beautiful picture painted by Feng Yu had slightly moved his parents. He told them that they are able afford to a few houses at any location in Bing city, own a brand-new car soon. Even if this business fails, they will still own those Treasury bonds which will mature in few years’ time.

Luckily, Feng Yu had been persuading clients to invest in his past life. Many people, especially farmers with little education, are willing to invest more if they believe that they are able to make a large sum of money. Feng Yu also saw his colleagues con some retirees to invest in high risky investments. When these retirees lost money, his colleagues would just push the responsibility to these retirees. Feng Yu really despise such people.

Once they receive the 10,000 RMB, his mother immediately remit 5,000 RMB to big aunt and save the rest.

One week later, Feng Danying returns to Bing city. Li Shiqiang had already contacted her internship hospital. The deputy Dean of the hospital is his father’s old comrade-in-arms and promised his father that his future daughter-in-law will definitely able to carry on working at the hospital after the internship.

Feng Danying had only brought 30 RMB with her to Bing city. If she needs money, she can just get from Li Shiqiang. Anyway, Li Shiqiang is holding on to almost all of Feng’s family savings.

During this time, Feng Yu is grounded at home to study. Feng Xingtai had threaten Feng Yu that if he is unable to enter a high school in Bing city, he will break his legs! As such, Feng Yu stayed at home and did revision obediently. He had almost forgotten his physics, chemistry and biology. Luckily for him, he is able to learn faster than a normal student.

Wen Dongjun had only came to look for him twice. This is because each time he visit, Feng Yu will start pestering him with physics questions.

Feng Yu’s parents are very pleased with Feng Yu attitude. This child is working hard and his foreign language is also very good. He can definitely get a place in Bing City high school and university in the future.

After the Lunar New Year holidays, school begins.

Feng Yu lives on the farm. Although it is not too far from the town, it still takes him more than half an hour to reach on bicycle. As his family are able to afford, he chose to live on campus.

On the first day of school, Feng Xingtai fire up his tractor. Today, 19 students from the village will go to school in town and they will be ridding his tractor.

Everyone is carrying their beddings in sacks and each of them have a wooden luggage containing their clothes.

The schools, like government organizations, have a rest day once per week. The students can choose to stay in school or go home.

The tractor cart is full of people. There are many others who are going to town to run errands.

Every year, the villagers take turns to send people to and fro the town. This year is Feng Xingtai’s turn. Feng Yu is very happy because he can sit in the driving area and not suffering in the cold like everyone else.

Of course, Wen Dongjun, as the leader’s son and Feng Yu’s good friend, also gets to sit in the driving compartment. It is more than -10 degrees Celsius now.

Less than 20 minutes, they reached and some passengers alighted.

Feng Xingtai then go to the primary school first. Feng Yu and the rest of junior high school students, help those students whose parents did not come, carry their luggage to the dormitory.

Seeing his son so eager to help a small boy carry his luggage and spread the beddings, Feng Xingtai feels satisfied. ”See, my son is help and fast, just like me.” He thought to himself. But in reality, he does not do any housework at home. Everything is done by his wife.

Half an hour later, Feng Xingtai brought the junior high school students to their school.

These Junior High School parents did not accompany them. They are old enough to take care of themselves. They help each other unload their luggage and carry to the dormitory.

The dormitory is a three-storey building. The third floor is reserved for females and the males stayed on the second floor. The teachers dormitory is on the first floor.

Feng Xingtai carried the sacks of beddings and Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun only carry their own wooden luggage.

Looking at the other students struggling to move their luggage, Feng Yu felt relived. Fortunately, this time it is his father’s turn to send these students. His father is a great help.

There are eight students in a dormitory room. The students are separated according to their grade and class. So Feng Yu is assigned to the same dormitory with Wen Dongjun and Wen Dongjun sleeps on the lower bunk under Feng Yu.

Everyone in this dormitory is from the same class but are from 3 different village.

Their village is the first to arrive but these two did not unpack their luggage. Once every arrives, they will have to clean up the dormitory.

After locking up the dormitory, they went to other dormitories to find other children.

There is nothing delicious at the school canteen. Feng Xingtai brought all the junior high school students from the same village out for lunch. Anyway, there are only seven of them.

They drove to a small restaurant and ordered a table full of dishes. The lunch cost less than 20 RMB.

Feng Xingtai left after paying the bill. Wen Dongjun, the little leader wiped his mouth and said: “Let’s go to the video lounge later in the afternoon. Who is going?”

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