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Five days?

Murong Yan simply had not expected this result as this illness was something which many skilled doctors in Black Rock City had been unable to cure. Nevertheless, Gu Ruoyun has just said that she only needed five days!

How could she not feel excited?

"Lady Gu, as long as you can save my grandfather, I will guarantee that the Murong family will listen to your every order!"

"Alright, then prepare the silver needles for me and come back in five days. Also, do not let anyone disturb me during this period of time. Otherwise, we might fall short of success at the last stage!" Gu Ruoyun's gaze darkened as she spoke with resolution.

Murong Yan nodded with excitement, "Lady Gu, Senior Brother and I will keep watch outside. We will not let anyone disturb you."

"There's no need." Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "If my guess is right, Murong Rou'er will make her move within these few days. You must give her a chance to seek you out alone. Let Lu Shaochen keep watch, that will be enough. You can go."

Hearing this, Murong Yan's eyes were filled with disappointment but she did not argue. 

"I understand. I'll make my move then. Senior Brother, it's up to you now. When the time comes, I'll send aid."

Murong Yan slowly closed her eyes before opening them again, displaying a new resolve from within. 

No matter what, I must trust in Lady Gu. If she says that she can save Grandfather, then she will definitely be able to do it. 

She took a deep breath at the thought of this before taking one last look at the girl's calm and collected face. She then turned around and left.

Five days!

It was particularly hard for Murong Yan to endure this.

So, at first light on the fifth day, Murong Yan hurriedly prepared to rush off to her grandfather's bedchamber. 

However, before she could step out of her room, a lily-white hand pushed the door open and a disgusting and irritating figure slowly stepped into the room, appearing before Murong Yan.

"What are you doing here?" Murong Yan frowned as she spoke irritably.

"My good Little Sister, I'm here to see you of course."

Murong Rou'er smiled gently and shut the door. She stepped closer towards Murong Yan and curled her lips into a smile, "Little Sister, I don't think that Grandfather has given you the family seal which you hold in your hand at all. You must have stolen it. I want you to go out and confess this to everyone! I also want you to admit that it was you who had harmed Grandfather in order to obtain the seat of being the next Master Murong!"

Murong Yan sneered, "It was Grandfather who had given me this seal. What proof do you have to say that I had snatched it away?"

"Proof?" Murong Rou'er curled her lips and narrowed her pretty eyes. A malicious light flashed from within her gaze as she laughed, "Are you not the proof? As long as you confess, everyone will believe it. Little Sister, why don't you give me a hand?"

"On what basis?" Murong Yan scoffed coldly and spoke emotionlessly. 

"On the basis of..." Murong Rou'er paused, "Your desire to save Grandfather!"


A blazing flame erupted from within Murong Yan as she glared coldly at Murong Rou'er, "What do you mean by this?"

"The meaning is very simple. Once you've confessed to everything, I will ensure that Grandfather's injuries will be completely healed! If you refuse, then I'm sorry, my good Sister. For after having lost your father, you'll also lose your grandfather who loved you most of all!"

Murong Rou'er's lips curled menacingly as she spoke steadily. 

"Murong Rou'er!!!" Murong Yan gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, "So you've finally decided to drop your little charade. Also, tell me this, are you in any way connected with Grandfather's poisoning?"

I simply cannot recall anyone else who would have been allowed to approach Grandfather without anyone not knowing about it besides this woman. She would have been able to poison him out of the blue! 

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