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Regardless of the situation, she has only just arrived in the Banished lands. If she wishes to search for the Hell's Lotus in the vast landscape of the Banished Lands, it would be impossible for her to do it alone. Hence, she needed to build an organization!

Murong Yan was stunned and the excitement on her face slowly disappeared. She hesitated and seemed to be unable to make a decision. 

"Lady Gu, I may be the next in line to inherit the Murong family but Grandfather has yet to pass on. I cannot make this decision."

If this were any other request, Murong Yan would have agreed to it in a heartbeat. However, the implications involving this request were far too great. In fact, it involves the entire Murong household. She could not make this decision on her own!

"You've misunderstood me." Gu Ruoyun saw right through Murong Yan and smiled calmly, "I do not wish to take over the Murong family, the seat of power will remain with Master Murong! I only ask for the Murong family to follow me! Everything else will remain the same." 

Murong Yan fell silent. She had initially hesitated because she was worried that Gu Ruoyun would absorb the Murong family into her own organization. If that were to happen, the Murong family would cease to exist.

Seeing as the Murong family will still be around, I will agree to this in Grandfather's place to save his life.

"Alright, I agree."

Murong Yan raised her head at the thought of this and spoke with absolute determination, "But I also have a request - the Murong family name must remain unchanged!"

This girl is far too talented, following her will only bring benefits to the Murong family. Nothing bad could happen!

"Take me to your grandfather." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "If I see him in time, there's a higher chance for him to be cured. If we prolong his affliction, not even the Gods can save him then."

Murong Yan's chest tightened and she nodded, "Alright, Lady Gu. Come with me."

She then turned and led Gu Ruoyun towards Master Murong's bedchamber.

In a large, bright bedroom, a pale old man lay silently on his bed.

This old man had wasted away until he was so skinny that he was the literal personification of skin and bones. If it were not for the shallow breaths from his nostrils, no one would believe that he was still alive!

"Lady Gu, can my grandfather still be saved?"

Murong Yan asked anxiously as she stared at Gu Ruoyun with a worried look on her face.

Slowly, Gu Ruoyun relaxed her knitted eyebrows and calmly replied, "He has been poisoned."


Murong Yan and Lu Shaochen looked at each other and saw shock in each other's gaze.

Grandfather has always remained inside the Murong family and he hardly ever goes out. How could he have been poisoned?

"Lady Gu, are you certain that he's been poisoned?"

Murong Yan simply could not believe this conclusion. 

"That's right, he has been poisoned by a medicine that nibbles away at his bones. This poison causes an individual to slowly waste away, leading to an inevitable death. In nearly half a month, the effect will be irreversible."

Gu Ruoyun replied calmly. 

Murong Yan still held some belief over Gu Ruoyun's words, she could not possibly make a mistake about this. 

"Who would be so cruel to harm my grandfather? Lady Gu, can my grandfather be saved?" Murong Yan raised her gaze as she spoke, staring up at the girl in green with anticipation.

Gu Ruoyun paused for a moment before slowly nodding, "I can save him but I will need to spend a bit of time. I will draw the poison from his body with a silver needle in a moment. We would probably need about five days for him to recover completely."

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