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"My good Sister," Murong Rou'er moved closer to Murong Yan's ear before curling her lips into a smile and whispering, "Isn't it a bit too late for you to realize my true colors? Ever since we were children, you've always received Grandfather's favor all because you were the daughter of the first wife and I was only the daughter of a little concubine. As such, he never even gave me a second look! Especially since..."

She paused and laughed icily, "You have always been a talented genius from a young age. Your bright light has always eclipsed my gentleness. In order to avoid being bullied by others, I tried to get close to you. Unfortunately, you were an idiot! You clearly had a knack for business yet you had given me all of the credit and concealed all of your light! But did you know this? I've never liked you ever since we were children. On what basis should I give way to you just because you're the daughter of the first wife and I'm the daughter of a mere concubine!"

I hate her!

How could I not hate her?!

We're both the daughters of the same father but because her mother was the first wife and I was a b*stard, we were worlds apart.

I may not be able to choose my own mother but I had the ability to plan out a bright future for myself!

Murong Rou'er laughed as if she enjoyed seeing the rage from within Murong Yan's eyes. Her smile was filled with hatred and murderous intent, "Murong Yan, why had all those spiritual beasts not managed to kill you? What right do you have to remain alive on this earth? If only you were dead then we wouldn't have so many issues! The Murong family would not be plagued by so many disputes!"

"Murong Rou'er, don't forget, Senior Brother had accompanied me on the journey as well. You had plotted to have those spiritual beasts attack us but did you even think of Senior Brother's safety? Don't you have feelings for him?"

Murong Yan clenched her fists as her eyes spat fire. 

"I had not wanted Big Brother Lu to go at all but he wanted to follow you so I had no other way. However, Big Brother Lu is a smart man and he knows what he should do so don't be mistaken to think that he cares for you that much! Humans are all pretty much alike. No matter how much they love a person, they will never sacrifice themselves for another's sake. No one would be so stupid to give so much to another person!"

Murong Rou'er sneered and her gaze landed on Murong Yan's body. At this very moment, she was letting out all of her suppressed anger and dissatisfaction in full force.

"Murong Yan, don't think that I don't know about you letting your friend into Grandfather's room for the past five days. Elder Er should probably have been informed of this by now and is on his way to cause trouble for her as we speak. However, I'm going to give you one last chance. I want you to go out and prove that you had something to do with Grandfather's illness and that it was you who had collaborated with those two outsiders to harm Grandfather. Finally, in remorse, you will surrender the Master's seal to me and end your life! Only then will I let Grandfather off the hook!"

Murong Yan trembled and she slowly closed her eyes. She then opened them again and slowly replied, "It's been almost five days and Lady Gu should have cured Grandfather by now. Murong Rou'er, your threats are useless to me."

"Cured? Hahaha!" Murong Rou'er laughed maniacally. Her expression no longer held her usual gentleness, "Murong Yan, I know that you've taken a silver needle from the Murong family medicine cabinet and given it to that woman. I don't think that you know this but the poison coursing through Grandfather's veins cannot be touched by needles. Otherwise, the poison will be further aggravated and spread throughout his entire system, causing inevitable death in five days! Why do you think I've waited for five days before confronting you?"

Her face was filled with a disdainful smile as she stared contemptuously at the girl before her. 

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