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In the bustling streets of Black Rock City, Ye Nuo let out a sneeze just as he was rushing towards the auction hall. He rubbed his nose and mumbled to himself, "That's strange, why do I feel as if someone was just cursing at me?"

"What's wrong?"

Lu Shaochen asked as he looked puzzledly at Ye Nuo. 

Ye Nuo blinked, "It's just an old fart cursing silently at me behind my back. Big Brother Lu, do we need a name card when we enter the auction?"

"Little brother, you're overthinking things," Lu Shaochen smiled, "There's no need for name cards in the Black Rock City auction. Besides, with the position that the Murong family holds in Black Rock City, we can enter at will."

"Oh, that's good."

Ye Nuo heaved a sigh of relief. 

I had a lot of doubts about this, what if I needed to leave a name card when I enter the auction and I mentioned my name? I'd have to use a false name! After all, grandpa Yun Luo is good friends with my old man. If that old man finds out that I'm in Black Rock City, he'd drag me back home for sure!

Ye Nuo's body began to tremble all over as he thought of this!

Gu Ruoyun glanced at the young boy next to her and a glint flashed across her eyes. Nevertheless, she stayed silent.

Just as she was recollecting her thoughts, she heard a smug voice from not too far away.

"Oh, I was wondering who that was! It's the idiot Second Lady of the Murong family! Are you here to represent the Murong family in the auction? Unless I'm mistaken, the real representative of the Murong family should only be the Eldest Lady, Murong Rou'er. You're not even worth much!"

A man who was dressed in green robes waved the fan in his hand. He approached the group with his big, protruding belly. 

Gu Ruoyun gently wrinkled her eyebrows.  This feels really like... Running into a dog along the way! Why is it that everywhere I go, I'll definitely bump into a group of shameless idiots!

"Yeh Lin, you better speak clearly!" Murong Yan's expression darkened, "Who told you that Murong Rou'er was the only decision-maker of the Murong family?"

"Haha, isn't it obvious?"

Yeh Lin laughed smugly and curled his lips up with disdain, "Your talents aren't too bad, Murong Yan. Unfortunately, you're an idiot who doesn't know anything better than to use brute force and to stir up trouble! Murong Rou'er is completely unlike you, only an intelligent and sharp-witted woman like her deserve to sit in that position. More importantly, she's kinder and gentler than you are. She would never provoke any issues for the Murong family! As for power... Your Murong family already has the Elder's Office. They can completely assist her in becoming the heir. Murong Yan, there's no use in feeling unsatisfied with your situation. No one had asked you to turn out so unsuitable for your family."

"However..." Yeh Lin paused as he swept his eyes across Murong Yan's pretty face. He then continued with a creepy smile on his face, " If you're willing to serve me for one night, perhaps I can assist you in obtaining that position!"

Yeh Lin sneered as he thought,  I'm not interested in a malicious woman like her but it's not a bad idea to have some fun!

Besides, I would never marry her!

Lu Shaochen's face turned black. He took two steps forward and was just about to make his move when a clear and cold voice cut in.

"A good dog does not stand in the way! Get out of the way!!!"


A powerful force immediately erupted towards the man in green, hitting him squarely in the chest. Without any further warning, his body was thrown a great distance away before falling to the ground with a loud crash. 

Murong Yan stared blankly before turning towards Gu Ruoyun, feeling completely puzzled. 

Previously, she had slaughtered that herd of spiritual beasts out of self-defense, not because she wanted to save us!

Also, back in the Murong family home, she had stood up against Murong Rou'er because Murong Rou'er had implicated her... 

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