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"Rou'er, don't you worry. I may not like that idiot, the Second Lady, but she is still a member of the Murong family at the end of the day. I will not allow anyone to string her along! As for those two... If their intentions are indeed horrible, I will make them regret their actions!"

As glint of murderous intent flashed across Elder Er's eyes as a cold smile formed on his elderly face. 

I will never allow anyone to lay a single hand on the Murong family!

For the safety of the Murong family, even if the Master and the Second Lady were to blame me, I will never give up! It's nothing compared to me resigning from my position as an elder and leaving this place.

The Black Cloud Auction is the largest auction in Black Rock City. While it has been around for over ten years, no one knew its true origins. 

At this moment, in the rear hall of the auction venue, two elders were seated opposite one another as they played chess. One was dressed in red and had white hair. If one could look beyond the white beard on his saggy cheeks and his wrinkles, he had rather handsome features. It wasn't difficult to imagine that he was once a cassanova in his youth. 

The other elder, dressed in blue robes, looked more refined and cultured. His elderly face was poised with a warm smile and his aura was as calm as still waters, absolutely comforting. 

"Hehe, Ye Lan, as the saying goes: 'One does not visit a temple without a cause'. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit to the Black Cloud Auction?"

The elder in blue smiled and placed his black chess piece in anticipation. His gentle eyes, filled with good humor, were looking at his friend.

Ye Lan rolled his eyes and replied impatiently, "What else could it be? It's that damned b*stard from my family!"

"Oh?" The elder in blue raised an eyebrow, "What has Ye Nuo done this time to have angered you so?"


Ye Lan turned into a ball of anger at the very mention of this, "That damned b*stard certainly has some gall. He had ran away from the people whom I've hired to protect him! Now I've just received news that he's headed in the direction of Black Rock City. So, I'm here to find the damned b*stard!"

Every time Ye Nuo has come up as a topic of conversation,  thought the elder in blue.  This old man would look so angry that he looked as if he was ready to choke him to death. 

However, no one knows better than I, how much my old friend truly loves his one and only grandson! He certainly spoils him and cherishes him greatly. He can't even bring himself to scold him. He would only ever complain about him in front of me. 

"Hehe, Ye Nuo, I haven't seen that boy in ages. It would be good if he's now in Black Rock City. If we can find out where he is, perhaps we can invite him to the Black Cloud Auction as a guest."

"Forget it."

Ye Lan stared scornfully at the elder in blue, "Don't think that I don't know what you're up to. You think I don't know you well enough? You're always trying to snatch my grandson away from me. Let me give you a piece of advice - give it up! My precious grandson isn't going anywhere!"

"Cough, cough!" The elder in blue robes cleared his throat and looked thoroughly chastised as if his friend had seen right through him, "I'm certainly envious of you for having such a talented grandson. If I remember correctly, Ye Nuo should be about ten years old this year. A low-level Martial King at ten years old... Tsk tsk, he'd be considered a peerless genius no matter where he goes!"


Upon hearing praises of his own grandson, Ye Lan immediately puffed his chest and raised his head with pride, "Just look at whose grandson he is! Born with naturally great talent, along with the nurturing of my Ye family. It would be a great humiliation to me if he still hasn't reached the rank of Martial King!"

Except that this kid absolutely loves making others worry about him! He had actually slipped away!

Ye Lan felt his teeth itch at the thought of this.  No matter what, once I get my hands on him, I'm going to teach him a real good lesson. We'll see if he dares to run away again next time!

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