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Yet, based on their interactions over the past few days, Murong Yan could already sense that Gu Ruoyun was the type of girl who would let things drift if they do not affect her personally. As long as the issue does not drag her down, she would not be a busybody. 

But now, she has raised her hand against Yeh Lin who had not really done anything to her...

Murong Yan felt a complicated emotion in her heart. At this moment, it was absolutely clear to her that Gu Ruoyun had done this for her!

"Bodyguard Gu, you're too cool."

Ye Nuo's eyes were sparkling with excitement. He had a strong urge to give Gu Ruoyun a kiss.

From now on, bodyguard Gu is my idol!

"Let's go."

She continued walking as if she did not notice the shock-filled eyes of the bystanders around her. Gu Ruoyun then continued to make her way towards the auction hall. 

Just as she began to walk away, she heard an angry yell from behind them. 

"You damned girl, you actually attacked me!" Yeh Lin wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun's figure. "Don't think that you can do as you please just because you're riding on the skirt tails of the Murong family! Let me tell you this, I, Ye Lin, has never been afraid of any f*cking person. You will now kneel before me and crawl your way towards me. I will let you off on account of the fact that you are a beautiful woman. Otherwise, I'd f*cking kill you even with Murong Yan and Lu Shaochen present!"

Ye Nuo nearly went mad with rage!

After all, Gu Ruoyun was his idol! That means, to a fanboy like him, she was greater than the Heavens! Yet this guy had actually dared to insult his idol. 

He must be tired of living!

"Stepping over? I'll make it so that you won't even have a crotch to do it!"


Ye Nuo aimed his foot directly at the lower half of Yeh Lin's body. Following that, a loud squeal which sounded a lot like a pig being slaughtered blared through everyone's ears.

The onlookers were thoroughly astonished. No one had expected that the ten-year-old doll-like Ye Nuo would be so fierce. From the looks of it, Yeh Lin can forget about his hopes for a prosperous life in the future.

"You damned b*stard!!!"

Yeh Lin glared at Ye Nuo with an ugly look on his face as he gritted his teeth, "You dared to kick me? Fine!! If I don't dismember your body and feed it to the dogs today then my name isn't Yeh Lin!"

Ye Nuo placed his hands on his hips and raised his chin arrogantly, "Come at me then if you think you can do it. Do you think that I would be so easily frightened?"

"You damned b*stard, you can f*cking go to hell!"

Yeh Lin bellowed angrily and charged towards Ye Nuo. 

Actually, it was also Yeh Lin's fault for not working hard in his cultivation. He had been engrossed in the pleasures of the flesh and had thus remained at the rank of a high-level Martial General even at this age. Hence, before he could even reach Ye Nuo, he was sent flying into the air before landing on a nearby stall with a loud crash. 

Meanwhile, at the rear hall of the auction. 

Ye Lan overheard the commotion from outside and frowned, "What's happening? Why is it so noisy?"

Hearing this, the elder in blue placed his last chess piece and smiled, "I've won! Ye Lan, seeing as our chess match has now ended, let us go and investigate. We'll find out who would be so daring as to cause trouble before the Black Cloud Auction can start."

Ye Lan paused before he nodded, "That's a good suggestion, I have nothing better to do anyway. Let's go have a look."

The two men then rose from their seats and headed outside the auction hall. 

A crowd was slowly gathering in the bustling streets in front of the auction hall, growing larger as more and more people stopped to gawk. They were pointing and goggled curiously at Ye Nuo as they gossiped amongst themselves.

"Yan'er, what are all of you doing?"

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded through the crowd. 

Just as Murong Yan began to frown, she noticed Murong Rou'er and an average-looking young man approaching the group. Murong Rou'er took one look and saw the reckless Yeh Lin who was lying in the middle of the broken stall. She widened her innocent-looking eyes with shock. 

"Sir Yeh, what happened to you? Who would be so vicious to have hurt you so horribly?"

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