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Xia Linyu stared foolishly at the face that he had yearned for day and night, and momentarily lost all of his senses. He was afraid that this was a hallucination; once he touched it, the person before him would disappear once again.

For over four years, this illusion had appeared before his eyes far too often. And now that the other person has truly appeared before him, he could not believe it...

Was it really her? He wondered. Big sister... She's still alive? She was able to escape and be reborn, together with me?

In that moment, he began to recall the moment of his death and the immense sorrow on his sister's face. At that time, he did not fear death and if it were not for his sister, who constantly risked her life to protect him, he probably would have been killed many times over.

His greatest worry was that once he died, his sister would be all alone...

"Yu'er, are you not happy to see me?" Receiving no reaction from Xia Linyu, Gu Ruoyun smiled.

Her question seemed to pull Xia Linyu back to reality. He threw himself onto Gu Ruoyun, his frail body somehow gathered immense strength and pushed the young girl a few steps back. His arms held her tightly and in that moment, tears streamed down his face like rain, staining the young boy's delicate face.

"Sister, I've missed you, I've missed you so much..."

It's been four years, he thought. I've finally managed to meet her. This time, we will not be apart, no matter what!

Luo Li remained behind the two, staring in a daze at their embrace. Suddenly, she felt sour and unbearably nervous. Ever since Brother Yu woke up four years ago, he had treated everyone with indifference, aside from Master Xia and the Young Master. He rarely placed anyone with importance.

However, even so, he rarely showed his true nature in front of Master Xia and the Young Master.

Only now did Xia Linyu show a side of himself that Luo Li has never seen before.

Logically speaking, the special place held by this woman in Xia Linyu's heart should have made Luo Li feel jealous. However, when she thought of how Xia Linyu would have died if she did not appear, Luo Li could not bring herself to hate her.

Because Gu Ruoyun had saved Xia Linyu!

Because of this, she could not hate her.

"Yu'er, I'm sorry. I arrived a little late."

Gu Ruoyun lowered her gaze and a murderous intent flashed briefly across her eyes.

In her past life, she was unable to protect her brother and witnessed him being mutilated alive. She herself then ended up dying a hateful death.

And in this life, I nearly lost him. I must not let this happen again! She thought.

No matter who I am faced with, if they dared to lay a single hand on him, I will make them... Regret!

"Brother Yu."

Luo Li suppressed the sourness in her heart and walked towards Xia Linyu. She smiled sweetly at Gu Ruoyun, "Is this elder sister the one whom you've been looking for? The Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun? If this is true, then we have hope in saving Uncle Xia. Let's go home."

"That's right."

Xia Linyu suddenly remembered his bedridden father, he pulled Gu Ruoyun's hand urgently and pitifully requested, "Sister, will you help me save my father? He's been taking care of me all these years. Even when I was unable to cultivate he never turned his back on me. I... I don't want him to die."

In his past life, he had never experienced the love of a father. It was in this life that he now knew the true meaning of a father's love.

A father's love means that he would shield you no matter what, like a big tree that shelters you during a storm, protecting you under his wing. Hence, Xia Linyu did not want to lose his present life father, no matter what.

"Very well."

Gu Ruoyun nodded, "The Ghost Doctor is on her way and will be reaching her destination soon. When she arrives, she will be able to save the Young Master of the Xia Family. Yu'er, for your sake, I will not let him die."

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