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At the courtyard of the Xia Family Estate.

The Master paced back and forth anxiously, occasionally raising his head towards the gate, his face displayed great nervousness and worry.

"The Gu girl has personally gone off to take care of the matter so there should not be any issues. Even if the opposition is not a member of the Hundred Herb Hall, she should be able to protect Yu'er, based on her capabilities..."

But the Master could not understand this — how was Gu Ruoyun so enraged upon hearing that something had happened to Xia Linyu? Did they know each other?

Thinking of this, Master Xia chuckled and shook his head.

Yu'er has never left Heaven City ever since he was a child so how could he have met her? It's probably because she had heard that this was caused by the members of the Hundred Herb Hall. That's why she was so angry.

Besides, anyone would be enraged if a person masquerades as a member of one's organization and committed crimes under their name...

"Don't worry, Master. I'm sure that the Little Master is fine." Elder Huiyi assured him.

After everything that has happened, he would not arbitrarily push the blame onto Gu Ruoyun. Even if the opposition was utilizing the good name of the Hundred Herb Hall, it might simply be a big misunderstanding.

All will be revealed when they return.

Just as they were talking about this, Master Xia noticed the pair, chatting happily with each other. His eyes widened.

What... What is this? He wondered.

One should know that ever since Xia Linyu had recuperated from his illness, he would only ever smile in front of Master Xia and Xia Zixi. So what's up with the happiness on his face? Has something that he had been unaware of happened? That's very possible!

Master Xia blinked, and his eyes darted back and forth. He's taken a great liking towards Gu Ruoyun and if she ended up with his own grandson, he would be ecstatic.


Master Xia laughed at the thought of this and made his way towards Gu Ruoyun and Xia Linyu. His old eyes observed them both as he laughed heartily, "Yu'er, you seem to be alright. And you're already acquainted with the Gu girl..."

Xia Linyu's face darkened, the look on Master Xia's face has revealed his true intentions.

Even though he and Gu Ruoyun had been reborn at the same time, deep down, they were flesh and blood. If the situation played out according to Master Xia's intentions, then wouldn't it be... Incestuous?

"Grandfather, don't concern yourself with such matters," Xia Linyu rolled his eyes, "I'm going to see father."

He then pulled Gu Ruoyun's hand and led her to the back of the courtyard.

Master Xia was in a daze and staring blankly at the young man. He turned his head in astonishment to Elder Huiyi, "Did he just roll his eyes at me?"

Elder Huiyi nodded, "It would seem so, Master..."

Hearing this, Master Xia began to cry profusely, "After so many years, Yu'er is finally acting like a normal person! He has always been a quiet child due to the condition of his frail body. Even after his recovery four years ago, he hardly ever showed his true feelings. Usually, if he wasn't cultivating, he would be daydreaming. Now he's finally able to express himself..."

Master Xia wailed and wiped his eyes with his sleeves. Only the Heavens knew how much hurt he had felt at the sight of his grandson's condition. Now he's finally acting like an actual human being.

Of course, if Xia Linyu knew what Master Xia was thinking, he probably would have the urge to smack the old man.

Indeed, in the eyes of this old man, was he not human?

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