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The middle-aged man quickly steadied himself and fiercely replied, "Lies! How dare you, just who do you think the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall is? Did you think that she could be easily impersonated by a person like you? This is a crime that should be punished by a thousand deaths! Guards, take her away."

According to rumors, Gu Ruoyun was only a high-level Martial General. This woman was clearly a Martial King and hence, she could not possibly be Gu Ruoyun.

Seeing as he had easily masqueraded as her foster father, it's plausible that someone else would be able to impersonate her as well.

Gu Ruoyun calmly swept her gaze across the advancing men who were surrounding her, everyone immediately felt as if their brains had exploded and their minds went blank.

Then, the young woman's clear and calm voice was heard throughout the hill.

"Yunyao, since you've awakened, I'll leave these people to you now."

Wha... What? Everyone had regained their senses and heard her words. Before they could react, they heard a loud roar piercing through the quiet hill. They turned their heads to find a beautiful and graceful white tiger appearing out of thin air.

Yunyao's body gradually grew before their very eyes and was enveloped by a layer of white celestial light. Her long black hair was like a cascading waterfall and her robes were a beautiful shade of lily-white. A small smile hung on her extremely beautiful face, she looked like a true aristocrat, graceful and elegant.

"Simply an insignificant mid-level Martial King, yet he dares to act with such arrogance!"

Yunyao smiled faintly and slowly approached the Middle-aged man, "Furthermore, you've had the gall to claim yourself to be my Master's foster father! My Master holds a rather prestigious position, yet a man like you dares to offend her? Seeing as you've made such an unforgivable mistake, then... You should bear the consequences."

This man dared to masquerade as my Master's foster father, what an insult! Yunyao thought. She is the Master of the great White Tiger, how could she possibly have such a revolting foster father? This was unforgivable!


An angry growl escaped from Yunyao's beautiful lips, causing the entire landscape of the hill to tremble. Then, an infinite amount of white light gathered within her body and bubbled towards the crowd.

The white light enveloped their shocked and horrified faced, covering everyone entirely.

Then, the world was finally quiet!

No one was sure what had happened to the attackers but all of them were now dead and gone, not even their bones remained.

Yunyao turned around and her graceful figure strolled towards Gu Ruoyun. She went down on one knee, with one hand resting on it. Her eyes displayed great gratitude, "I thank you, Master, for saving me. I am truly grateful. If it were not for you, I would never have broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial King."

At the beginning, Yunyao had stayed out of fear of Zixie's great powers until she finally had her breakthrough, she was entirely grateful towards Gu Ruoyun.

If it were not for her she might have had to wait a hundred years before breaking through, and she might not even have managed to find Tianqiong.

"Yunyao, you can go back for now."

Gu Ruoyun waved her hand and put Yunyao away. She turned to face the startled young boy with a big smile on her lips and addressed him in a familiar manner that only Xia Linyu would recognize.

"Yu'er, long time no see."

Seeing the expression on Xia Linyu's face in that moment, Gu Ruoyun was able to confirm the boy's true identity.

After taking a large detour, she has finally reunited with him...

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