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Chapter 1234: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (1)

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The Valley Lord's expression filled with anger. He then turned his gaze turned towards the pale-looking Feng Xiaoxiao and asked, "What's the meaning of this?

Feng Xiaoxiao continued to stagger backward. She had never expected that her glamor spell would be useless on this man.  Could it be that he was more powerful than me? Feng Xiaoxiao wondered.

That's simply impossible!

She quickly shook her head, denying that possibility.

Grand Lord Hong Lian has only managed to break through to an early-stage Martial Saint over a year ago. He could not possibly have received another promotion in power so quickly. How had he managed to resist the power of the glamor spell?

"This matter has been brought on by Feng Xiaoxiao alone, it has nothing to do with Wind Valley."

Just as the crowd was reeling over the shock of Feng Xiaoxiao's deeds, a clear, cold and calm voice suddenly chimed in. Instantly, all eyes turned their attention to an immaculate, lucid and elegant face.

"However," Gu Ruoyun paused and smiled gently before she exclaimed, "I never thought that you would come here and make such an impressive entrance. Your presence had stunned everyone as soon as you've arrived. Have you ever experienced scaring so many people to the point of speechlessness?"

The crowd was in shock, they never thought that Gu Ruoyun would speak to Grand Lord Hong Lian in this manner. They could not help but to make guesses their identities.


Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into laughter in front of the crowd. His laughter was carefree and uninhibited, very different from his usual grim and merciless air.

"You, little girl, is that any way to talk to your father? Come to me and let me see if you've gotten any thinner!"


This was like a shocking stroke of lightning, turning everyone dumbfounded.

Even Feng Yuqing, who was standing by Gu Ruoyun's side, was in a daze. He stared at Gu Ruoyun in astonishment and his eyes were filled with shock.

Lady Gu is Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter?

No wonder she would make such a solemn vow, she's actually his biological daughter! The funny thing is, Feng Xiaoxiao had been secretly plotting in front of Gu Ruoyun to become her stepmother all along.

Feng Xiaoxiao has also been thoroughly shocked to the point of confusion by this piece of news. She bit her increasingly pale lips and shifted her eyes, now full of disbelief, from Grand Lord Hong Lian to Gu Ruoyun's face. One could imagine the shock she was feeling.

She now knows that this would be the typical ending for her unrequited love of many years.

Simply because she had once plotted to kill the love of her life's daughter!

If she had found out about Gu Ruoyun's identity a little sooner, she would never have committed such an unforgivable mistake!


Gu Ruoyun dashed towards Grand Lord Hong Lian's arms in a flash and held the man in a tight hug. Her face then lit up into a smile, "You're finally here..."

"How could I not come here?" Grand Lord Hong Lian chucked as he gently patted her head. His grim eyes then softened as he said, "If I don't show up, who's going to vent your frustrations for you? Feng Xiaoxiao had the audacity to cause trouble for you back at the Medicine Sect! Now, she still has the audacity to claim that I was going to marry her! When have I ever agreed to marry her? She had only used a glamor spell and she thought that I would do as she says. What a joke, what a great joke indeed!"

In the beginning, Feng Xiaoxiao could not understand the situation. There was no grudge between her and Grand Lord Hong Lian. Even if he disliked her, there was no need for him to hurt her this way.

However, now she knows the reason why; he was Gu Ruoyun's father!

That was the explanation for this entire matter!

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mass release please!!, please let us see the wife and the reunion 😍😍😍


Please Spinny just a few more chapters, I really want to see the whole reunion with Mama Gu 😊...and maybe some more face slaps for Xiaoxiao 😈😈😈 Thanks for the chapter


Daddy Gu, you are too sweet on your daughter ! I can imagine more burst of sweetness from you on your wife !


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Chapter 1235: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Hong Lian," Feng Xiaoxiao raised her pretty brows and stared hurtfully at the red-robed man's handsome face. "Have you truly forgotten about when we had first met a few years ago? I've never forgotten about you after all these years. Why did you forget about me?"

She would never forget it. That very year, when she had received news of unearthed ruins in the secular world, that was the first time she had left the First City and journeyed out towards the ruins.

That was also the place where she had met Grand Lord Hong Lian! She had been attracted to his peerless magnificence at the time.

A man like that would be delightful no matter where he was. He would also be the center of focus.

Yet, after her unrequited love of so many years, he has forgotten all about her...

"I did not forget you."

The man's voice was cold and grim. His red robes looked stern and domineering amidst the great winds.

Just as Feng Xiaoxiao was beginning to rejoice, the red-robed man spoke again, "You had made things difficult for my precious daughter back at the Medicine Sect. I would remember you even if you have turned to ashes! As for everything else you've just said... Apologies, in this world, I have no need to remember an insignificant person or matter!"

An insignificant person or matter...

Those words were like a sharp needle piercing fiercely into Feng Xiaoxiao's heart and caused her to stumble backward. She shook her head and smiled bitterly as she stared at Grand Lord Hong Lian.

"If you didn't have a wife, would you have married me?"

She was holding on to one last hope and wished that she could hear the answer she dearly wanted to hear.

If she could have that one answer, she would not make things difficult for Gu Ruoyun today for Grand Lord Hong Lian's sake. She would even let the father and daughter go.


However, the man's voice was just as cold and grim as ever and crushed her one last hope into nothingness.

Feng Xiaoxiao closed her eyes in agony. After a long pause, she opened them again. Her beautiful eyes no longer displayed their initial gentleness and her gaze was now filled with a cold light. She glared icily at the handsome face before her.

Hong Lian, since you insist on being heartless, don't blame me for being unjust!

I've already given you a chance yet you do not appreciate it. Since that's the case, I won't spare that daughter of yours! As for you... I will bind you to me for the rest of your life so that you will never know freedom again!

"Hehe," The Sky Sect Master laughed icily and sneered with disdain. "Valley Lord, I see that Grand Lord Hong Lian simply does not like your daughter at all. He never even knew that he would be a groom today. Could it be possible that you are forcing him to marry your daughter?"

The Valley Lord's expression was an extremely ugly sight as he glared icily at Feng Xiaoxiao. There was a disappointed look in his eyes along with a formidable domineering light.

Clearly, Feng Xiaoxiao has thoroughly let him down today!

"Feng Xiaoxiao, you had solemnly made a vow before me earlier on and swore that Grand Lord Hong Lian would most certainly marry you. If the outcome does not turn out as such, you would surrender your position as the Young Valley Lord. Now, you are no longer the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley! This position shall be returned to Qing'er."

The Valley Lord straightened his sleeves as he declared this statement firmly.

Feng Xiaoxiao's expression has now turned even whiter than before. Suddenly, she burst into laughter. Her laugh was extremely harsh and sounded like a ghost weeping in the forest.

"Father, no matter what I do, I cannot be compared to Feng Yuqing in your heart."

She lifted her head and looked at the Valley Lord as her eyes filled with deep agony.

If her father had not removed her position as the Young Valley Lord due to her defeat, perhaps she would never have broken down like that. Yet, no matter what she does, she could not change his cold, hard heart!

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Grand Lord hong Lian's answer was just superb "I did not forget you." "You had made things difficult for my precious daughter back at the Medicine Sect. I would remember you even if you have turned to ashes! As for everything else you've just said... Apologies, in this world, I have no need to remember an insignificant person or matter!"


Mother is crazy strong. Much stronger than the father. I don’t really like the group that made her wait 20 years after they helped her to just go and look for her family. It’s not like they said “Your family is fine. We are keeping an eye on them. When you are strong enough, you can meet up with them. “. Instead they said “We are your benefactors and our assistance is worth 20 years of your life. During this time you will not be able to leave and we will stand on the side while you are distracted by the loss of your family and don’t even know if they are alive or how they are doing. Now love us!”


Try to harm the father and daughter and for sure mother will appear to kill you


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Chapter 1236: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (3)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Aside from Feng Yuqing, no one else could touch this man's cold heart.

"Feng Xiaoxiao, you've become too much of a disappointment." The Valley Lord then shook his head as glanced at Feng Xiaoxiao and said, "No matter what I say, you refuse to listen and you insist on your stubborn ways. Now, as a result, you've dragged Wind Valley down as a joke for everyone in the world. We've become the laughing stock of First City!"

Feng Xiaoxiao laughed bitterly before saying, "If I were Feng Yuqing instead, I doubt that you would be as furious as this. You would forgive him in the end but it's not the same for me. You will never treat me the same way you've treated him. We are both your children so why do you treat us so differently?"

"It's very simple!" The Valley Lord laughed icily. "Because Qing'er is born of my beloved and you are a product that I never wished to have! If your mother had not schemed against me, do you think that you would have come into existence?"

Obviously, Feng Xiaoxiao had angered the Valley Lord into madness until he had exposed Wind Valley's dark secret.

Didn't she ask for an answer?

Alright then, I shall tell the world why I'm not fond of Feng Xiaoxiao! Even better, now would be a good time to give Feng Yuqing a chance to officially reclaim his title!

"Xiaoxiao, even though your birth was not what I wanted, I have never treated you poorly in all these years!" The Valley Lord sighed as he spoke exasperatedly, "If you had not created such a huge issue, I would not have removed your title as the Young Valley Lord either. You only have yourself to blame for the price you've paid today!"

You only have yourself to blame for the price you've paid today!

Those words made Feng Xiaoxiao's entire body tremble. She then burst into maniacal laughter, tearing up as she laughed. Her face was now filled with madness. "You say that you've never treated me poorly? Why didn't you marry my mother back then and instead pushed me into being raised by Feng Yuqing's mother? Why was Feng Yuqing's mother allowed to be the official wife and my mother... Did not even have the position of a lowly concubine? We are both your children yet you favored him! Even if he was hedonistic, even when he was a good-for-nothing, you still cared for him. You've never shown me your care, not even a bit!"

She held back her laughter. Her pretty eyes no longer displayed their initial calmness. Instead, her gaze was icy as she stared at the Valley Lord.

"That's right, I may have failed today but so what? From now on, the seat of Valley Lord shall be mine! You and that damned son of yours can go to hell!"

The Valley Lord was shocked and he stared at Feng Xiaoxiao's vicious gaze with disbelief. "What did you just say? Say it again!"

"Hmph!" Feng Xiaoxiao scoffed icily. "Don't think that I don't know this but ever since Feng Yuqing has managed to recover his powers, you've been wanting to hand the position of Young Valley Lord to him. I've formed an alliance with the Charm Sect so that both of you can follow each other into hell. Don't worry, in my hands, Wind Valley will grow stronger than ever! I will nurture it into a first-rate organization in the First City!"

"Feng Xiaoxiao, do you know what you're saying?!"

Elder Feng was enraged and he rose to his feet immediately. He gathered a ball of wind in his hand before he fiercely slammed it towards Feng Xiaoxiao's back. His eyes were filled with rage as he roared, "Kneel down and apologize to the Valley Lord!"


Just as Elder Feng's hand was about to land on Feng Xiaoxiao's back, a figure flashed in front of him and blocked his attack from landing. That figure glared icily at Elder Feng and said, "Elder Feng, you are just as brash as ever. Unfortunately, after today, Elder Feng will no longer exist in Wind Valley!"

"Elder Bai, do you want to commit treason as well?" Elder Feng gritted his teeth and asked in grief.

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My popcorn is ready but the chapters are still on its way. Lmao




Elder Bai and Xiaoxiao deserves each other


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Chapter 1237: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (4)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

No matter how much he and Elder Bai do not get along, he never thought that Elder Bai would become a traitor!

Besides, in his heart, Feng Xiaoxiao would never have done something like this before.

"Hehe," Elder Bai laughed icily. "So what if I'm a traitor? Elder Feng, do you think you can stop all of us on your own?"

At that moment, the elders which Feng Xiaoxiao had pulled to her side long ago rose to their feet and stood collectively in front of Elder Bai, blocking elder Feng and protecting Feng Xiaoxiao behind them.

"You..." Elder Feng's eyes turned red with anger. His gaze pierced through the crowd and onto Feng Xiaoxiao's back, holding one last hope upon her. "Eldest Lady, I know that you are unsatisfied over the Valley Lord's biased behavior, that's why you have betrayed us. As long as you apologize to the Valley Lord, I will beg him to be merciful to you. Despite everything else, the Valley Lord is your father. He's your father who had given you life, nurtured you, and has never punished you! He might favor Feng Yuqing but he's treated you very well all these years. He has even made painstaking efforts to bring you up."

To Elder Feng, Feng Xiaoxiao was like a child who was acting out. A child like that could be forgiven.

Unfortunately, he did not understand that Feng Xiao would never turn back now, no matter what.

"Elder Feng, I've always wanted to rope you over to my side all these years but you were much too loyal to my father." Feng Xiaoxiao slowly turned around and faced Elder Feng as she curled her lips. "I can give you a chance now. Serve me, or follow my father and his son to hell!"

Elder Feng flared with anger and he clenched his fist in a tight grip. "Feng Xiaoxiao, is this what you really want?"

"That's right, I've waited a long time for this day to come! If Father did not give the position of Young Valley Lord to Feng Yuqing, I wouldn't need to take such an extreme measure! His favoritism is to blame for all of this. Even if he dies by my hand, it would be his own fault!"

"Eldest Lady, you've misunderstood the Valley Lord's sentiments. Even though he favors the Second Young Master, he would never have stripped you of your title as the Young Valley Lord before you made that mistake." Elder Feng shook his head and sighed. "A few days ago, the Valley Lord and I had discussed that he would hand over the position of Valley Lord to you. However, you've disappointed him too much now."

"Do really expect me to believe that?" Feng Xiaoxiao laughed icily and sneered with disdain. "So what if you're speaking the truth? It has come to this stage now and I can't turn back. Furthermore, I can tell you one more thing. Feng Yuqing's heavy injuries that year? I was behind it all! Only, I never thought that you would manage to save his life. Still, what was the use in that? He had been reduced to a good-for-nothing and was of no threat to me."

Her gaze then shifted and she turned towards Gu Ruoyun. Murderous intent flickered in her eyes as she said, "Yet you had led this woman here and allowed her to restore Feng Yuqing's powers! If he had remained as a good-for-nothing, I would still have let him live for the time being. Hence, the person who has really caused harm to Feng Yuqing is her!"


Just as she said those words, a hand was flung straight towards her and her body was sent flying out of the way with one slap. She then landed with a crash into the middle of the crowd.

The Valley Lord was clenching his fist so hard that a cracking sound could be heard. His eyes no longer displayed their initial uneasiness. Instead, they were now filled with rage.

"You were the one who had tried to kill Qing'er that year. The funny thing was, I never realized this and I even handed the title of Young Valley Lord over to you!" The awe-inspiring presence from his aura has spread throughout the area as he glared at her with eyes spitting fire, "Feng Xiaoxiao, he's your little brother. For the sake of obtaining the title of Young Valley Lord, you've tried to murder your little brother whose blood also flows in your veins!"

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This is like watching an action movie with PowerPoint slides. I could really do with a mass release🙇


Time to kill her off. Next!


Yeah old man Feng sure is loyal ... still trying at the very end to get through to Xiao Xiao and work things out. Maybe ***** but he has heart!


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Chapter 1238: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Valley Lord was in grief. Even though Feng Xiaoxiao's birth was not what he had wanted, he still showered her with endless wonders and honors. He had never treated her unfairly either. He never expected that, in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes, this was what she was thinking all along.

Until she had even crippled her own brother!

Grand Lord Hong Lian raised his brows but his grim eyes showed no sign of emotion. He never thought that he would have the chance to witness such a good show upon his arrival in Wind Valley.


Feng Xiaoxiao burst into laughter and her laugh was like that of a deranged maniac. She no longer had the image of her once gentle and noble self.

"So what if I had killed him? I will never spare anyone who stands in my way! Father, this is the last time I will address you in this manner! From now on, you will disappear from this world, never to be seen again!"

"And you're going to achieve that?"

Elder Feng has lost all intentions of persuading her and he glared icily at the deranged Feng Xiaoxiao. "Feng Xiaoxiao, even if you've roped in so many elders to your side, it's of no use! These people alone are not enough to defeat the Valley Lord and me!"

"Oh, really?"

Just as Elder Feng had spoken, an alluring voice chimed in, causing his furious heart to tremble.

"If you include me, I wonder if you would still be able to defeat us?"

A seductive figure then stepped out from the crowd. The woman's gorgeous face carried an entrancing and seductive smile, her footsteps were lithe and graceful, and her posture was elegant and coquettish. The crowd unconsciously turned their attention towards her.

"Are you telling me that the Charm Sect intends to intrude on Wind Valley's matters?" The Valley Lord's expression was an ugly sight to behold. His cold and distant eyes were now turned towards the peerlessly beautiful lady.

The beautiful lady puckered her lips into a gentle smile as she shifted her charming eyes towards the Valley Lord in a sideways glance. "I've promised Feng Xiaoxiao that I would ensure her ascension to the position of Valley Lord. As a prerequisite, she would present the fire spiritual beast clan as a gift to me."

"Yue Ling!"

The Valley Lord was furious and his expression has turned chilly. "My powers aren't very different from yours. Do you really think that you can defeat me? If you insist on helping Feng Xiaoxiao, don't be surprised if I act discourteously!"

"Hehe." The beautiful woman named Yue Ling pouted her lips and giggled before she sent the Valley Lord a coquettish glance. "Honestly, I am reluctant to kill you. After all, the Charm Sect and Wind Valley have enjoyed a good relationship for so many years. If you agree to warm my bed, perhaps I might spare your life."

Yue Ling's words were a great insult to the Valley Lord. 


A powerful energy exploded from within him. Wind gathered into his fist as he charged towards Yue Ling at top speed and flung his fist towards her beautiful face.

"Did you really think that I would step forward without any guarantee after having the boldness to make an enemy of you?" Yue Ling calmly curled her lips. A then light flashed across her beautiful eyes. "It is true that I cannot kill you on my own based on your level of power. However, what if we had included him as well?"


The Valley Lord was stunned when a heavy attack slammed fiercely onto his back. Unable to defend himself in time, his body was flung downwards and landed on the ground with a crash. A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth and his grim features grew extremely pale.

"I'm sorry." The Sky Sect Master laughed icily. "I love watching Wind Vally under these circumstances the most so I've made an agreement with the Charm Sect, that I would help them out. Originally, Wind Valley has numerous traps so I could never have caused trouble here. However, if there's anyone to blame, blame Feng Xiaoxiao's wedding today. After all, she had given me an invitation as well. How could I have given up on such a great opportunity?"

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