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Chapter 1239: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (6)

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Actually, the Valley Lord had not been too worried about the Sky Sect Master's presence.

Based on his level of power, there was no need for the Valley Lord to fear him.

However, the Valley Lord never expected that the Charm Sect and Sky Sect would join forces to defeat him!

Feng Xiaoxiao was shocked as well. She had only asked the Charm Sect's Master to help her out and she never thought that the Sky Sect would lend a hand as well. This means that she has an even better chance at winning now!


"Valley Lord!"

Feng Yuqing and the other Wind Valley members turned very pale. They then hurriedly rushed to the Valley Lord's side and helped him up from the ground.

The Valley Lord coughed out another mouthful of blood. He then glared at the two people standing before him with an ugly look on his face and exclaimed, "I never thought that this day would come. Yue Ling, had you planned this out in advance? Besides, I'm guessing that you're not merely vying for the fire spiritual beast clan alone but the whole of Wind Valley instead!"

Yue Ling laughed before she replied, "That's right, you're absolutely right. The fire spiritual beast clan is not an attractive enough offer for me to take action. Indeed, I intend to take over the whole of Wind Valley. The funny thing was, Feng Xiaoxiao had thought that I was sincere when I offered to help her."


Feng Xiaoxiao's expression instantly turned pale and she stared at Yue Ling in dismay. "Sect Master, this is not what we had discussed. You had promised to help me ascend to the position of Valley Lord, why have you gone back on your word now?"

"Idiot!" Yue Ling sneered. She refused to spare Feng Xiaoxiao's pale face a second glance as she swept her gaze through the people around before fixing her gaze upon Grand Lord Hong Lian. She then licked her lips and laughed in fascination before saying, "I hear that Grand Lord Hong Lian is extremely devoted and has been searching for his beloved wife for more than twenty years. How touching."

Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily. His eyes were grim and cold as he replied, "You flatter me."

"I'm not paying you a compliment. Instead..." Yue Ling covered her lips and giggled coquettishly. Her beautiful eyes were now filled with a charming light. "My greatest fault is this; I can't bear to see lovers find a way to come together in this world! All lovers must be ripped apart! Do you know how the Valley Lord had fallen into a scheme that year? I had a part to play in that. Otherwise, did you really think that a mere servant girl would have been able to seduce him?"

The Valley Lord's eyes widened and he stared at Yue Ling's charming face in shock. His cold features were filled with disbelief.

Feng Xiaoxiao's existence was possible because this woman had secretly played tricks in the past?

Furthermore, this fact had been concealed from him for so many years! 

"Did a man abandon you? Is that why you're so bitter?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brows with a tight smile as she looked at Yue Ling's alluring face.

Clearly, she had hit the nail on the head, causing Yue Ling's expression to change drastically. However, she quickly recomposed herself and gently curled her lips. "Actually, I am rather jealous of that woman who is constantly in your mind. Do you know how blessed she is to have someone who loves her so deeply that they would refuse to remarry for the rest of their life for her sake? A woman who is blessed with a partner like hers are the ones I cannot tolerate most of all. Therefore, you must be separated!"

She licked the corner of her lips and her eyes became even more charming by the minute.

"Grand Lord Hong Lian, I am rather interested when it comes to you. Why don't you come back with me to the Charm Sect, how about that?" said Yue Ling as she raised her hand to touch Grand Lord Hong Lian's handsome face.

However, before her hand could reach Grand Lord Hong Lian, a rolling aura from within the latter's body caused her hand to stiffen in place.

Her movements gradually turned sluggish.

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Mama gu is enjoying the show and the fact that papa gu is still madly in love with her after all these yrs 😍


Yes ah!! Here comes mama gu. Daddy gu will be having stars in his eyes, calling his yu-er...


No touching allowed unless you want to lose the hand 😈😈😈 Not that a lost hand will matter much once she loses her head ☠️ Thanks for the chapter


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Chapter 1240: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (7)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Get lost!" The man's voice was cold as he roared angrily with a sharp and aggressive dominance.

Yue Ling's face lifted into a smile. "Grand Lord Hong Lian, why are you so angry? If you come with me, I can guarantee that I'm so much more powerful than the woman you've been yearning for! I would even give your daughter a chance to join the Charm Sect. She could even become my direct disciple. I can offer you such great benefits! Why don't you give it a careful consideration? Your wife is only one woman, she's not worth discarding your entire future for."

A cold smile had crept up onto Gu Ruoyun's face as she listened to Yue Ling's words and a murderous intent gradually appeared in her clear and cold eyes.

Obviously, Yu Ling was already tugging at her last nerve.

"Hehe, are all of you taking advantage of my absence and coveting my man? Do you all think that I'm dead?"

Just then, a cold and indifferent voice pierced the horizon and rang in every ear.

Grand Lord Hong Lian's body turned rigid the instant he heard that voice. He slowly raised his head and his eyes turned towards the direction where that voice had sounded from. His movements became extra cautious as if he was afraid that he was hearing things.

Or, perhaps, this was all a dream...

A woman in white robes appeared out of thin air before his very eyes like a celestial being from a painting...

His gaze no longer displayed his usual cold and grim air. A wave of excitement had slowly appeared in his dark eyes.

He had lost count of how many dreams he has had of that face. Each time he woke up, all he could see was an empty, lonely, and deserted home. Without her, all he could feel was an endless chill...

It has been more than twenty years!

Who could imagine how he had managed to endure her absence in those twenty years?

If it had not been for the thoughts of her which continued to drive and support him, he would have given up long ago!

Grand Lord Hong Lian's lips twitched a little, wishing that he could call out her name but he was afraid that this would become another dream. If he made any sound, perhaps she might disappear!

If this was really only a dream, he would willingly stay asleep for the rest of his life. As long as he could gaze upon her from afar, that was enough.

"Who are you?"

Yue Ling's eyes turned cold as she stared at the woman in the sky and asked.

"You're coveting my man and still you ask who I am?" The woman in white robes curled her lips in an indifferent manner. Her incomparably enchanting face was shrouded in a cold light. Her gaze then shifted from Yue Ling towards Grand Lord Hong Lian and Gu Ruoyun who were standing not too far away.

"Brother Tian."

She landed from the sky and walked towards the man in front of her with lithe and graceful steps.

The cold light dissipated and the woman's body seemed to be enveloped by a warm glow. All eyes were fixed upon her as the crowd followed her every move.

"I've finally found you, brother Tian..."

The woman in white stopped once she arrived face-to-face with Grand Lord Hong Lian. She then gazed at the man before her with a deeply loving and gentle smile.

The man reached his trembling hand out, yearning to touch the woman in white's face yet afraid that she would disappear. He did not have the courage to let his large, sturdy hands touch her face. His eyes were filled with passion as he stared at her. unblinkingly. It was as if no matter how long he stared at her, it would never be enough.

"Brother Tian, we haven't seen each other for over twenty years. Don't you have anything to say to me?"

The woman in white smiled gently as she took Grand Lord Hong Lian's hand and placed it on her face.

At that moment, she felt the great tremors in the man's hand very clearly, just like a heartbeat.


Grand Lord Hong Lian murmured gently. His voice clearly trembling as he said, "Is it really you? Yu'er..."



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I guess Gu Ruoyun can get married now that her parents are reunited


Hoping for mass release ! Ty Author !




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Chapter 1241: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (8)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Brother Tian," Dongfang Yu smiled and asked gently, "Do you not feel my warmth? It's really me. I'm not dead and I've come back to you now."


Grand Lord Hong Lian raised his hand and forcefully pulled the woman in white into his arms. He held her tightly as he let out all of his longing for her over the past years in that one embrace.

"Yu'er, my yu'er, you're back. You've finally come back to me. How wonderful, so wonderful..."

At that moment, Grand Lord Hong Lian was so emotional that he could barely form a full sentence. To him, everything and everyone in the heaven and earth has disappeared. They were the only two people left in the world...

Gu Ruoyun rolled her shoulders. Her clear and cold gaze was filled with joy as well.

As it turned out, the woman who had slain the black dragon a while ago was indeed her mother, Dongfang Yu. Unfortunately, Dongfang Yu had left too quickly back then so she had not managed to say a thing...

"Lady Gu, isn't that the cultivator who had slain the black dragon?" Feng Yuqing clearly recognized the woman and looked at Gu Ruoyun in shock.

Is this powerful woman her mother?

"Brother Tian, is this little girl our daughter?" Dongfang Yu wiggled out of the man's embrace before her gentle gaze turned towards Gu Ruoyun.

When their eyes met, a surge of connection rushed through her blood. It was a feeling which gave her a huge urge to pull the girl into her arms and shower her with affection.

Grand Lord Hong Lian was staring dazedly at Dongfang Yu's incomparably beautiful face. His eyes were following her every move and he did not even hear her question. He looked like a lovestruck fool who had fallen for someone for the first time. He could only see her and her alone.

"Father," Gu Ruoyun chuckled humorously, "Mother is back now. If you're going to stare at her, go to the bedroom tonight and stare at her as much as you want. Let's settle the matter at hand first before we talk."

Upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's remark, Grand Lord Hong Lian finally returned to his senses and laughed, "Little girl, you're actually making fun of your father. Ah, that's right. Yu'er, she's our daughter, Gu Ruoyun. We also have a son but 1 unfortunately, he is not here."

Grand Lord Hong Lian sighed when he thought about Gu Shengxiao who was currently not by his side. His voice filled with exasperation.

Our family is reunited but he's the only one who isn't here!

"Brother Tian," Dongfang Yu looked around Wind Valley which was now decked in red. She then chuckled softly and said, "I heard that you're getting married to the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, Feng Xiaoxiao. Is this true? Looks like you've fallen in love with another woman so quickly in my absence."

Dongfang Yu's voice carried a hint of rebuke yet her eyes were filled with joy as she asked her question with a forced smile.

Upon hearing this, Grand Lord Hong Lian was immediately plunged into a panic. He was so anxious that sweat began rolling down his forehead as he hurriedly clarified, "Yu'er, let me explain, this had nothing to do with me. I had never agreed to marry Feng Xiaoxiao, she had done this all on her own. I exist only to search for you in this lifetime, other women are not fit to hold my gaze."

It was true, he really never promised Feng Xiaoxiao to marry her.

Even when he had pretended to be under the control of her glamor spell, he had never said anything like that.

Feng Xiaoxiao had assumed that Grand Lord Hong Lian had lost his ability to think so she made the decision to organize this wedding which will soon become the laughing stock of First City.

"Hehe," sniggered Dongfang Yu. "Brother Tian, why are you so tense? I wasn't blaming you, I'm only angry that someone else... Had taken advantage of my absence and coveted you. She's really digging her own grave!"


Aww! It's adorable how much Gu Tian and Dongfang Yu love each other. This is true #relationshipgoals y'all. ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

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Finally they met.. Of course minus her brother and fiance.. Speaking of the devil.. Xiao Ye.. Come quickly!! Your parents in law is here.. Hurry up ask them for her hand 😁😁




This is absolutely priceless,😂🤣 GT became an incoherent puddle of goo once he saw his wife again. How is ready for Mama Gu to kick those horny women’s asses? 👊🏽 Someone pass the 🍿


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Chapter 1242: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (9)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dongfang Yu then turned her eyes towards Feng Xiaoxiao. Her gentle gaze instantly turned ten thousand times more chilly and her lips were curled into a cold smile.

Feng Xiaoxiao's expression became extremely pale as she staggered backward.

She had clearly been bothered by the affectionate exchange between the two of them and felt a great agony in her heart almost as if ants were gnawing on it. She bit her lip as she glared jealously at Dongfang Yu's incomparably beautiful features.

"Yu'er, Feng Xiaoxiao had previously tried to attack our daughter. I had come here to avenge our precious daughter."

Terrified that Dongfang Yu would have some sort of misunderstanding, Grand Lord Hong Lian quickly explained himself 1 .


Dongfang Yu raised her brows. "One tiny little Wind Valley has the audacity to touch my daughter?"

Dongfang Yu's heart was filled with extreme guilt when it comes to her children, the Gu siblings.

For the past twenty over years, she and Gu Tian had been unable to stay by the siblings' side and had to leave them in the Gu family home. Knowing the members of the Gu family, they would not have had an easy time over the years. They must have suffered an infinite amount of grief!

Hence, when Dongfang Yu heard that Wind Valley had dared to push Gu Ruoyun around, she was thoroughly enraged!

"Father," Feng Yuqing helped the Valley Lord move to the side and supported him as he sat down. He then turned his eyes towards Dongfang Yu who was dressed in white and standing in the middle of the courtyard. "This woman is very powerful!"

The Valley Lord turned towards Feng Yuqing in astonishment. "Do you know her?"

Feng Yuqing nodded, "I once watched her fight a black dragon. That black dragon couldn't even retaliate against her attack before it was slain. Lady Gu was there at the time as well but I never thought that this woman was actually Lady Gu's mother."

Feng Yuqing then sighed emotionally. At the time, he was still in shock over the woman in white's power yet he never thought that he would see her again so soon.


Feng Xiaoxiao laughed softly, "I really envy you, you've managed to get a man who would persistently wait for you for over twenty years! Even though I don't feel satisfied, I can't help but admire you! Unfortunately, no matter what, you'll never get to leave this place. The Charm Sect and the Sky Order will never let you escape. Besides, the Sect Master of the Charm Sect has already mentioned that she loves separating lovers most of all. Your man will soon walk into her bed."

Feng Xiaoxiao could not help but feel a cold aversion towards Yue Ling's wicked tastes. However, she really hoped that Yue Ling could break them up.

No one should have anything that she could not have!

"You don't have to worry too much about that because very soon, you will die here."


Dongfang Yu raised the longsword in her hand and aimed it squarely at Feng Xiaoxiao. Her voice was now as cold as ice, completely different from how she was when she had spoken to Grand Lord Hong Lian and Gu Ruoyun.

Feng Xiaoxiao's body shuddered and she slowly closed her eyes. Her pale features look as if she has chosen to face death with no regrets.

"I've done many things in this life but I've never regretted any of them! If you gave me another chance now, I would still choose to struggle for my future!"

"Eldest Lady!"

Elder Bai and the rest of the elders shook and cried out in panic. However, no one dared to run forward and block Dongfang Yu's sword.


The icy-cold sword pierced through Feng Xiaoxiao's throat. Fresh blood then began to spill out like a fountain before she slowly closed her eyes and he crumpled stiffly onto the ground...

The Valley Lord sighed and closed his eyes, unable to bear the sight of it.

Regardless of how great Feng Xiaoxiao's sins have been, a wave of unbearable agony still washed over his heart as he witnessed the moment of her death. Nevertheless, he still had to go through with the unbearable agony and he also understood that Feng Xiaoxiao had to die!

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The death was way toooooo fast food 😑 torture her 😈


Next, the Charm Sect and Sky Order will be served in the platter for slaying! Whoopee!


Karma (^∇^)


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Chapter 1243: A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao (10)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Based on everything she had done to Feng Yuqing, the valley Lord could never let her get away with it!

Even if Dongfang Yu had not reacted, he would have killed him in the end anyway!

"It's your turn now."

Dongfang Yu slowly turned around and looked at Yue Ling who was right behind her. "You have coveted my husband and hurt my daughter!" she said icily. "These two offenses are enough reason for me to not spare you! You can choose to surrender and await your fate or a fight to your death!


Yue Ling laughed icily and her lips curled into a sarcastic smile. "Even the Valley Lord is no match for the both of us, what makes you think you can take us on? I absolutely enjoy making lovers suffer so I'm going to kill your daughter in front of you. I will also make you watch your man beg for mercy beneath me. Only then will my anger be appeased!"


A sharp ray of sword-light with a dense and cold air rushed towards Yue Ling, carrying.

A cold smile flashed in Yue Ling's eyes and she dodged the attack in a flash.


The sword-light hit the wall and caused it to crumble, turning into a pile of ruins.

"Brother Tian, leave this woman to me!"

After Dongfang Yu had spoken, her white robes instantly flashed and appeared right in front of Yue Ling.

Yue Ling drew her weapon immediately and blocked Dongfang Yu's attack which was powerful enough to smash a bamboo.


Their swords clashed against each other and a powerful wind rose from the ground. The two weapons then released a great power, instantly destroying the stone tables around them into dust which were then blown away by the wind.

Yue Ling's heart instantly clenched and she stumbled several steps back. Her face no longer displayed her initial contempt and was now replaced with a wave of seriousness.

"I never expected you to have some pretty substantial powers." Yue Ling licked the corners of her lips and her voice was seductive and moving as she said, "With such great power, you're probably not from some average organization. I wonder where you've come from?"

Dongfang Yu laughed icily and replied indifferently, "I'm not from any order or faction. I work alone!"

She was not from any order or faction?

Yue Ling's eyes flickered. As long as she was not from that organization, killing her would not be much of a problem.

"Hehe," Yue Ling laughed icily at the thought of this. "If you're not from any organization, you can only blame it on your own bad luck for running into me! Sky Order Master, let's attack together and kill this woman!"


The Sky Order Master nodded before he shot into the sky and landed in front of Yue Ling.

"What, is this a power play now?" Dongfang Yu curled the corners of her lips indifferently as her eyes landed upon Yue Ling's alluring face. "However, I, Dongfang Yu, am born fearless of anyone who uses power play! No matter how many people come at me, I will kill them all!"


Instantly, her fluttery white robes shot into the sky once again. A light flashed and a ray of light from her sword slashed right down.

"Father, aren't you going to give Mother a hand?" Gu Ruoyun turned towards Grand Lord Hong Lian as she raised her brow and asked.

Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed, "Yun'er, while I don't know where your mother has been all these years, seeing the scale of her powers now, I can tell that she must have been increasing her powers over the course of these past few years. Just wait and see, those two are no match for your mother."

Gu Ruoyun lifted her lips into a slight smile. She had witnessed Dongfang Yu slaying the black dragon with her own eyes.

Hence, no one knows better than her of the true scale of Dongfang Yu's powers.


After hearing the amount of confidence Grand Lord Hong Lian has in Dongfang Yu, Gu Ruoyun's heart filled with relief. After so many years, these two sweethearts have finally met again.

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